Codename:Phoenix Chapter 194: 7/15


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Wang Reiji had just finished changing her clothes and was now combing Europa's hair. Whilst Wang Reiji was fixing her daughter's hair, she can't help but notice how her princess kept on staring and smiling at her in the mirror.

"Hmm... Looks like the princess of the family is in a good mood. Would you mind telling your mama what is making you happy?" Wang Reiji lowered herself a bit to level her gaze with her daughter's.

Europa sniggered as she answered her mother's question with much enthusiasm. 

"I am happy because I am going to have lunch with you and uncle. I really missed us eating together." Europa looked at her mother without her smile leaving her face. 

Seeing the unfeigned happiness in her daughter's eyes, Wang Reiji can't help but feel a surge of warmth poked her heart. She then lovingly hugged her daughter and planted small kisses on her head. 

"Don't worry, sweetie. After everything in the hotel has settled down, we will be spending more time together. We can also invite your uncle's new girl friend to spend time with us." Wang Reiji winked at the giggling Europa whose eyes bulged out when her mind gave a different meaning to her mother's words.  

"Girlfriend?" Europa asked, her mouth partly opened and her eyes sparkling brightly. 

"Yes a girl friend." Wang Reiji quickly retorted. 

"Mmm... Aunt Leilei is my uncle's girlfriend." Europa mumbled to herself.

"Alright! We are now ready to go down." Wang Reiji announced as she did the finishing touch of Europa's hair. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"I looked so pretty, mama. Thank you!" Europa exclaimed as she stared at herself in the mirror and flashed a bright smile.

"Of course! I shared my good looks to you." Wang Reiji said with pride and joy as she assisted her daughter from getting off the vanity chair. 

"Mama,if I were a boy, would I still look like you or someone else?" Europa asked as the soles of her shoes touched the floor of the room.

Caught off guard by her daughter's sudden question, Wang Reiji paused for a long time that Europa had to call her out to regain her attention. 

"Mama? What's wrong?" Europa asked, curiosity evident on her face.

"Huh? Sorry, I was spacing out a bit. What was your question again, sweetie?" Wang Reiji asked, feigning ignorance. 

"It is okay, mama. I was just asking if I were a boy, do you think I'll still look like you or will I look like somebody else?" 

"O-of course! You will still look like me, silly girl." Wang Reiji answered in a hearbeat, hoping that her reply satisfied her daughter's quench for curiosity.

"But a boy should be handsome not pretty!" Europa protested, seemingly dissatisfied with her mother's answer. 

"Aww okay then, who do you think you'll look like if you were a boy?" Wang Reiji asked, placing her hand across her forehead. 

"Mmm... I think I will look like papa. But I haven't seen him yet. Mama, where is papa?" Europa asked, her eyes full of anticipation. 

'Where is papa?' These three words that came out from Europa's mouth seemed like three speeding bullets shot through Wang Reiji's core. Alas! The question she did not want her daughter to ask was thrown into her face unexpectedly.

"Y-your papa..." Wang Reiji's nervousness made her stumble over her words. Slightly shaking her head and reminding herself that her daughter was staring at her, she took a deep breath and kneeled down. With arms wide open she asked her daughter to come to her.

"Give mama a big hug first then I'll answer."

"Sure!" Europa ran into Wang Reiji's arms and wrapped her chubby arms around her mother's neck and even showered her with kisses.

"Woah! My princess so extra sweet!" Europa's hug and kisses seemed to soothe her worried heart. Pulling herself away from the hug, Wang Reiji suddenly began to feel guilty, especially when she actually thought of lying to her daughter. Smiling bitterly, she strengthened her resolve and was now ready to give Europa an answer. Just when Wang Reiji was about to open her mouth, three consecutive knocks jolted her.

"Excuse me, CEO Wang. The chef had already arrived. He requested everyone's presence before he started cooking." Bai said out loud as she halted knocking on her master's door.

"Okay! We'll be there in a minute. You heard that, sweetie? The chef has arrived. But mama still needs to put some make up on, can you go ahead without me and help your uncle entertain the guests?" Wang Reiji was still trying to dodge Europa's question. 

"Sure, mama! You can count on me." Europa did not wait for her mother's reply as she begun to rush to the direction of the door and hurriedly went outside. 

"Sister Bai! Sister Bai!  Mama still needs to put some make up on. But she asked me to help my uncle entertain the guests. Let's go down now. Mama will follow shortly after us." And just like that, Europa seemed to had already forgotten her question making Wang Reiji sighed in relief. 
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