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"I think I have to hang up now. I can't keep my guests waiting for me for too long. Also, I have to inform sis about this matter before doing any move." Wang Yuvin said, hinting to end the call. 

"Aww, why so soon, Master Yuvin? Oh, by the way, I tried calling big sister earlier, but she did not pick up my calls." Gianna seemed sulking over at how she missed the opportunity to speak with her idol.

"As what I've said, there are guests here in the villa now. Sis Reiji is busy with the preparations." Wang Yuvin replied.

"If it can't be helped then, let us just talk later. Have fun and enjoy, Yuvin." Hanzo had firmly understood Wang Yuvin's concern.

"Yeah, right! Have fun and enjoy with your girl!" Gianna yelled out loud that Wang Yuvin had to move his phone away from his ear to avoid his ear drums from breaking.

"You are as lively as ever, Gianna. Glad to hear from you again. I am looking forward to when all of this is over so we can finally take some time for ourselves and live in peace." Wang Yuvin said as a broad grin spread on to his cheeks. 

"Glad that you are doing well, Master Yuvin. See you soon. Bye." 

"Good bye." Wang Yuvin answered as his fingers moved to tap on the end call button.

Hearing the words good bye from Wang Yuvin's mouth, Kiang Leilei took it as a signal to quietly drew some steps back and quickly distance herself from him. She then went back to the pavilion and sat at one of the chairs, looking as if she was patiently waiting for Wang Yuvin to return. 

'Why did you run away, Kiang Leilei?! Idiot! What if Wang Yuvin saw you ran away?! How are you going to face him now?' Kiang Leilei shrugged her shoulders as she scolded herself.

Wang Yuvin was about to walk his way back to the pavilion when he noticed a fresh set of footprints in the lawn. Looking closely at them, Wang Yuvin noticed that they resembled the soles of a pair of cone heel shoes. 

"It seemed like someone had been here. Could it be Lei?" Wang Yuvin mumbled softly unto himself, feeling worried as he turned his gaze to the pavilion.

Taking a lung of air into his chest, he begun to direct himself back. Soon as his eyes fell on the lady sitting inside the pavilion, his heartbeat began to pound rapidly, making him unconsciously place his palm against his chest. 

"M-Mr. Wang? Y-you're back." Kiang Leilei felt that someone was staring at her. Turning her head towards its source, she saw Wang Yuvin standing some steps away from her. She then noticed that Wang Yuvin had his hand on his chest, was he ill or something? Worried, she stood up from her seat and rushed to his side. With a concerned look in her eyes, Kiang Leilei cupped Wang Yuvin's face in her hands and asked, "Hey, what's wrong?"  

As soon as Wang Yuvin's eyes set on Kiang Leilei's, his arms started to move on their own accord. He then found himself hugging Kiang Leilei.

"Can you trust me, Lei?" He asked as he breathed in Kiang Leilei's scent.

"Mr Wang... I- I don't understand..." Kiang Leilei's stomach began to flutter then her heart started to beat faster.

"Please call me Yuvin..." He said, his voice sweet and alluring.

"If it pleases you then I shall address you by your name." Kiang Leilei replied, her flushed face hidden from Wang Yuvin's view. 

"Thank you, Lei... I hope we can get to know each other more. But I cannot tell you everything about me just yet... I am sorry." Wang Yuvin replied.

"Y-you knew?"Kiang Leilei asked as she lifted her up to establish an eye to eye contact with Wang Yuvin.

"En. I noticed your footprints in the lawn." Wang Yuvin replied as he took a quick peek at Kiang Leilei's footwear which was a pair of brown cone heel shoes.

Feeling embarrassed, Kiang Leilei instinctively looked away, avoiding Wang Yuvin's eyes. And in an undertone voice she said, "Sorry, I did not mean to eavesdrop." 

"I know." Wang Yuvin said as he placed his hand above Kiang Leilei's head and gently caressed her hair.

"You're not angry at me, right?" Kiang Leilei asked as she snuggled into Wang Yuvin's arms and felt his heartbeat against her ear. 

"Well, I am now thinking about your punishment." Wang Yuvin replied with a low chuckle. He then added, "Just kidding. I will never get angry at you." Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"That's a relief... Don't worry, your secrets are safe with me. I will not mention what I heard to anyone. I completely trust you. You see, if it weren't for you I probably died that day." 

"Thank you, Lei. Thank you for trusting me. I promise, when the right time comes, I will tell you everything you need to know about me." 

"Glad to hear that. Anyway, I think it is alright to let go now. No need to hug me. I will not run and report to the police." Kiang Leilei said with a bitter smile on her face when the thought of him locking her in his arms to calm her down and earn her sympathy suddenly crossed her mind.

"Please don't think that way. Look, I am sorry. I just can't help but hug you when the idea that you hate me entered my head. I don't want you to fear me just because of the things you heard." Wang Yuvin sounded very apologetic, his embrace tightened, his steady heartbeat became rapid.

For a moment, Kiang Leilei closed her eyes, it seemed like she was experiencing a déjà vu. A scenario like this had already happened in the past, but with a different man. The moment she recalled that terrible day, her body started to tremble.

Sensing the trembling body of Kiang Leilei, Wang Yuvin thought that she was now scared of him. So, he decided to quit hugging her as to acknowledge her request.

"Sorry." Wang Yuvin uttered as he turned around and walked away from Kiang Leilei who now wore a cold expression on her face. 
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