Codename:Phoenix Chapter 180: A group photo


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As the black SUV entered the now Wang Villa premises, Chairman Xu and Kiang Leilei started to roam their eyes around the vicinity. Kiang Leilei can't help but gasp at the inviting beauty of the place. It was as if she was transported to a mystical land. The cluster of tall trees that lined up on the sides of the road did not just provide decent shade but also allowed streams of sunlight to pass through the spaces between the branches and leaves. Stretching her sight further into the horizon, she had caught a glimpse of the mansion ahead.

'No wonder Chairman Xu badly wanted to buy this villa!' Kiang Leilei thought to herself as she continued to admire the mansion ahead.

"How nostalgic. Brings back memories, some bad some good." Chairman Xu said as he fixed his sight to the Chinese style gazebo on the left side part of the villa.

Intrigued by Chairman Xu's words, both Kiang Leilei and Wang Yuvin turned their heads to the old man.

"So you have been in this place already, Chairman, Xu?" Wang Yuvin asked as he tried to read the Chairman's facial expression.

"Hmmm... Yes. A couple of times with my wife. But that was so many years ago. Way back when the Madam Xing was still alive." Chairman Xu replied as he averted his eye from the gazebo.

Did Chairman Xu mention Madam Xing? Did he refer to Wang Reiji's mother Skyla? The muscles of Wang Yuvin's body suddenly tensed when he realized that Chairman Xu knew the Xing family. He wasn't sure if how much the chairman knew about the family though.

"Interesting. Is it possible that the reason you wanted to buy the villa because you were friends with the original owners?" Wang Yuvin retorted as he stared at the chairman.

"Not exactly my friends but my wife's. Actually, Madam Xing's wedding gown was made by my wife. Since then they became good friends."

Hearing the Chairman's narrative, that was when everything sank into Wang Yuvin's head.

'Chairman Xu's wife, Lady Tong was a friend of Aunt Skyla!' Wang Yuvin thought to himself as he hurriedly pulled his phone out to warn his sister to be careful around the Chairman.

Unfortunately, right when he had successfully pulled his phone out of the pocket of his coat, it started to ring. Though the number calling him wasn't a registered contact, Wang Yuvin still picked the call up.

"Hello? Good morning! Is Miss Kiang with you?" The voice was from a female who could probably be the secretary of Chairman Kiang.

"Ah, yes. She's with me. May I know who's on the line, please?"

However, instead of the female voice, an angry voice of an aged adult talked back at him.

"Who the hell are you? Where is my precious granddaughter? What did you do to her?!" Chairman Kiang seemed like a wild beast ready to devour his prey.

The voice that came from the other line was so loud that Wang Yuvin had to put his phone some inches away from his ear to save his eardrum from exploding. He then decided to put the call on loudspeaker so that everyone else inside SUV can hear the person.

"Chairman Kiang? Please calm down. This is Wang Yuvin. Don't worry about your granddaughter she's safe with us." Wang Yuvin replied in a calm voice.

"Gramps! I am okay. Mr. Wang here saved me from a forced engagement staged by your ex son in law! Did you not read the text message I sent you?" Kiang Leilei quickly gave the Chairman an explanation.

"I had read the text message of course! But I have to verify the contents as well, right?! Where are you? I am going to pick you up! Haist Kiang Leilei! This will be the last time you are going out without any bodyguards!"

"Aigo! You are too loud for a lawyer!" Chairman Xu had no intentions of keeping his thoughts to himself.

"Was that Xu Yi?!" Chairman Kiang immediately recognized the owner of the voice.

"Yes, gramps. Chairman Xu is also with us. We are actually on our way to Wang Villa. Mr. Wang invited us to have lunch with them."

"As long as you are safe! Anyway, I got you a new phone. Please tell Mr. Wang to bring you to our building after you had your lunch." Chairman Kiang said, his voice was now calm and relaxed.

"Don't worry, Chairman Kiang I will definitely bring home Lei safely."

Chairman Kiang's eyes bulged out as his brain processed Wang Yuvin's answer. Did that weirdo (or what he thought) just address his granddaughter as Lei? When did his granddaughter take a liking to nerd-looking boys??

"Ah, Lei... Even though gramps had already heard your voice. Gramps is still worried. Can you take a photo? I just want to make sure you are okay." Chairman Kiang was dumbfounded at how his picky granddaughter allowed a nerdy guy who had no sense of fashion to call her by her first name!

"Hahaha! That's hilarious! Let me take our photo!" Chairman Xu volunteered to take their group picture. As the chairman stretched his arm to take a pic, Wang Yuvin and Kiang Leilei then had no choice but to make an awkward pose.

"Done! Sending the photo to you now attorney!" Chairman Xu said as he hit the send button.


Chairman Kiang's phone buzzed. He then hurriedly reached out for his phone to check the photo out. Soon as his eyes landed on the image, specifically on Wang Yuvin, he was shocked. The guy on the photo wasn't the Wang Yuvin he met! Or what he thought.
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