Codename:Phoenix Chapter 179: Original Buyer


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Chairman Xu's question rocked Wang Yuvin's mind. The momentary shock that registered on his face clearly revealed that he was not prepared for the situation he was currently in.

How foolish of him! Why did he assume that the chairman was not acquainted with the Xing family? And to make things worse, he even told the chairman the way to their home! What if Chairman Xu was not really a nice person? What if he was actually the enemy?

Wang Yuvin's heart started to race fast as his brain cells begun to think of a plausible answer to Chairman Xu's query. But before he can open his mouth to give his answer, his phone rang.

"For a while, Chairman Xu I have to take this call." Thanks to sudden call, Wang Yuvin had found a way to temporarily evade the chairman's question.

"Okay, go ahead." Chairman Xu replied as he contemplated how the Wang family was able to acquire the Xing Villa. As far as he can remember, the person who originally purchased the villa had no intentions of reselling the property. He can still recall how he did everything within his influence to buy the Xing Villa from the original buyer. But no matter how much he offered, he got rejected. Now, he can only wonder how much did the Wangs paid to acquire the villa.

"Bro, are you already on your way back? I just read your text messages. Well, even though I am not sure if our guests are to be trusted or not. We shall still welcome them and make them feel at home. See you later." Wang Reiji said as she abruptly ended the call without even giving her brother a chance to speak.

"Okay, see you, sis." Wang Yuvin still uttered a reply even when the call had already ended. He then put his phone back inside his coat's pocket before he looked at Chairman Xu and asked, "What was your question again, Chairman? Were you asking how the Xing Villa came into our possession?"

"Ah, yes. I am curious to know how did the Xing Villa end up in your family's possession. My wife and I did everything we could to acquire it ever since it was put on sale." There was a trace of sadness and disappointment in the eyes of the Chairman when he gave Wang Yuvin his answer.

"One of the board members suggested the villa to us. My sister immediately fell in love with it so she decided to buy it right away. With regards to the complete details of the transaction, I don't have any idea about it." Parts of his answer were lies while some parts were indeed true.

"Well, what can I say? As a top hotelier, your sister probably had no time to personally handle the purchasing of a property. Of course, she hired someone to do it for her." Chairman Xu gently nodded his head, seemingly convinced that Wang Yuvin really had no idea how they were able to acquire the house of Skyla and her family.

"Do you want to know about it badly?,
I will talk to my sister's assistant to find out how he had convinced the previous owner to sell the entire villa to us." Wang Yuvin offered the chairman a possible solution to help him satisfy his curiosity.

"Yes, please. I really want to know who was the first owner and why the person did not sell the villa to us despite all our generous offers." Chairman Xu's face brightened as they now passed the gates of the Villa.
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