Codename:Phoenix Chapter 178: Villa Xing or Villa Wang?


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Wang Yuvin stared at Kiang Leilei in awe as he felt his arm being squeezed by the beauty beside him.
He did not expect that Kiang Leilei's reaction towards his real identity was this positive. Actually what he had in mind was the complete opposite. He thought that Kiang Leilei will be upset or mad about how he had concealed his identity.

"You are not angry or something?" Wang Yuvin asked as his eyes fixed their gaze at Kiang Leilei.

"Huh? Why would I be? I am rather thankful to you! Now I have a reason to attend the party." Kiang Leilei smiled widely at Wang Yuvin.

"What do you mean? You were at Lady Tong's boutique last time, right? And my niece even damaged your gown." Wang Yuvin was confused when he recalled that Kiang Leilei had already made the preparations to attend the event of Oriental Europa.

"I really don't want to attend such a boring event. But if you are there, I think the event will not be that boring after all." Kiang Leilei said as she slightly looked away from Wang Yuvin to hide her blushing face.

"Ehem!" The coughing sound came from Chairman Xu who was silently listening to their conversation until he heard Wang Yuvin mentioned his wife's name.

"What's the problem, Chairman Xu?" Wang Yuvin asked as he focused his eyes to the old man.

"You knew my wife? Hmmm, now I remember! Your energetic niece told me that her mama was in a gown shop across the street!" Though he was already passed his prime, Chairman Xu's memory was still sharp as ever.

"So, that beautiful woman was CEO Wang?" Kiang Leilei asked as she now understood how the woman was able to pay for such a huge amount of compensation for a damaged gown.

"Hmmm, yes she's CEO Wang." Wang Yuvin answered reluctantly as he silently contemplated whether he did right and revealed that the woman with him that day was his sister who actually introduced herself as the newbie actress Jing Yizhi.

"Do you mind telling me what exactly happened that day? If my memory serves me right, when she got home she talked about not working with the people from Oriental Europa ever again. I did not pay attention actually, I thought that was just her usual meltdown." Chairman Xu gently stroked his beard whilst he spoke.

"She was in a bad mood? I don't recall seeing her in a bad mood that day before I went home. I doubt the issue would involve the gowns since CEO Wang had paid for all the expenses." Kiang Leilei had a confused look on her face when she told her what she had remembered.

"I think I might have an idea." Chairman Xu and Kiang Leilei both turned their sight to Wang Yuvin at the same time.

"It had something to do with the gowns obviously. It was all about my sister bringing the gown home. Hmm... I think it was the Soar Elena? I am not sure about the name though. But it sounded similar to that." Wang Yuvin slightly furrowed his brows as he tried to recall the correct name.

"Ah, the Soar Eterna! It is her favorite masterpiece! Made for a very dear friend." A quick display of sadness flashed in the Chairman's eyes.

"I think things did not end up well. Cause if they did, my sister wouldn't be seeing a new designer today." Wang Yuvin said as he threw a quick glance at his watch to check the time. As he turned his attention to Kiang Leilei that was when he realized that he still had his arm wrapped around her and Kiang Leilei hands were also squeezing his arm. They looked like a couple!

Not wanting Kiang Leilei to think that he took advantage of her sudden fright caused by the explosion earlier, Wang Yuvin slowly pulled his arm away from Kiang Leilei's body. He then smiled at her as he fixed the sleeves of his coat.

"Sorry, I wrinkled your coat." Kiang Leilei quickly replied.

"Not your fault. It was already wrinkled before we got here."

Kiang Leilei nodded her head as she slightly pursed her lips to refrain herself from giving any more comments.

"Can I borrow my phone for a sec? I will just send my sister a message."

"Sure, here." Kiang Leilei handed Wang Yuvin's phone to him.

Right after he got his hands on his phone, Wang Yuvin immediately sent Wang Reiji a text message. He told his sister that he invited Kiang Leilei to have lunch with them. Shortly after he sent the message, he then thought to invite Chairman Xu for lunch as well, considering the fact that he exerted effort to save them.

Shortly after Wang Yuvin had hit the send button, Chairman Xu asked him a question all of a sudden.

"Are you sure this is the way to your house?" Chairman Xu asked when he realized that he was quite familiar with the road they were currently on.

"Of course, Chairman Xu. Why would I lie about it?" Wang Yuvin quickly replied as he wandered his eyes outside the window, making sure that they were indeed on the right path.

"When did Xing's Villa become Wang's Villa?" The chairman asked as he fixed his eyes steady at Wang Yuvin.
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