Chuunibyou in Cultivation World Chapter 116: Unknown Feeling


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Two people stand in the main hall. One is looking outside the window while the other is holding a black flame whip, looking warily at the girl in front of her.

The girl who is holding the black flame whip is obviously Lan Yiyan who is confronting the girl standing in front of her warily, not letting her guard down at all.

Still, the girl or maybe the boy who is standing in front of her didn't feel offended by her action at all. In fact, she even smiles after she saw her action. "Yiyan, are you still half asleep? who am I, if I'm not Yin Yu?" Yin Yue reply with a smile and voice that is as gentle as a melody, making those who hear his voice feel as if they're attending an immortal musical. Yet, not only did Lan Yiyan let her guard down, she even starts to form more weapon with her black flame as she gazes at Yin Yu.

"Student can't say their surname without getting any punishment…and believe me or not... Yin Yu wouldn't be able to talk gently like that! I ask once again….who are you?"

"Ouch…that hurts….I can at least do that kind of things you know…and believe me or not... you can say your surname inside of your private quarters such as the dorm without getting punished for it, but not within school grounds." Yin Yue shrugged and shook her heads while replying. Still, the moment she stops shrugging, a massive cold aura can be felt from the depths of her body and the smile that is still plastered on her face seems to turn into a cold smile that can pierce through the hearts.

Seeing Yin Yue new expression scare Lan Yiyan a bit. She even feels her resolve wavered by a lot when she saw her face.

It's heavy...

The pressure from her aura alone is so heavy that she can hardly stand while looking at her. Yet somewhere in her heart, she has somehow felt relief, which confuses even herself.

The relief that she unexpectedly feel somehow make her able to resist her aura, even so, all she can do is more no less. All of the weapons she creates with her black flame has all disappeared together.

"Not bad...since when do you awaken it?"

Yin Yue voices have turned a little cold after she unleashes her aura, yet Lan Yiyan somehow feels some closeness to if they had met a long time ago...

'Why did I feel like this...!?'

Relief, happiness, sadness, guilt, and trust.

Lan Yiyan didn't know why she feel like that toward her...she feels that she somehow know the source of this feeling... it's a feeling she had once felt a long time ago. She didn't know when is it as if it's blocked by something invisible.

"I...don't know...I just feel it...My feeling told me're not Yin Yu...who are you? Although Yin Yu is irritating at the very least...she's my friend...return her!" Lan Yiyan didn't know the unknown emotion she feels toward the one in front of her, yet she did know that she's here to confront her, to save her only friend in this school.

'She's afraid, yet still stand bravely for her friends…at least this kind of part hasn't changed, even after some slight change happened…' Yin Yue concluded as such after seeing that Lan Yiyan feel at least some fear toward her. Still, it really makes her relieved when she knows that Lan Yiyan is still the same as before.

Yin Yue keep her aura under warp with satisfaction after hearing Lan Yiyan answer. Still, to think that it's not because of her eyes awakened, but because of her feeling, somehow makes her feels a little jealous toward Yin Yu to earn her trust much faster than she is.

Yin Yue shook her head not long after she feels that jealousy.

Both she and Yin Yu is like a full moon when combined and half moon when separated. She's ultimately Yin Yu, and Yin Yu is ultimately her. Both of them, from the start till the end is one and the same person, which means if Yin Yu were able to win her hearts, it will also mean that she will win her heart too!

Thinking up to that point make her let out a giggle which makes Lan Yiyan feels confused, yet familiar at the same times, still, she didn't know why did it feels familiar which makes her even more confused than ever.

Lan Yiyan stops giggling soon after that and walks toward Lan Yiyan. Extending her hands, she starts to console Lan Yiyan while petting her head.

"You don't need to worry...Yin Yu as of now is training inside the special space I made. Since he's going to train at that place, I decided to borrow his body to feel like living once again, but looking at you makes me kind of relieved that he has a kind friend beside him."

In usual times, Lan Yiyan would reject getting approached and petted by some stranger. Especially not someone who possess other person bodies as much as she wanted, even so, Lan Yiyan somehow unable to reject Yin Yue advances and let her pet her as much as she wanted.

It feels like she has experienced it before...but when did it happen?

Although she didn't know who possessed Yin Yu, or whether or not the word she said is true or false. She somehow feels she can trust her a little bit...just a little bit...

She somehow feels like she forgets something important as soon as she meets with this unknown stranger who's strangely attached to her. But as for what...she didn't know that answer yet...

"As an apology and thanks, I'll give you a very special gift. I hope you will use your time to comprehend it today. don't need to worry about not going to school today or two student missing from class isn't a problem at all..." Yin Yue tap Lan Yiyan glabella after she said that words.

Information after information enter Lan Yiyan mind...her once flustered expression from being petted change into fervent expression as soon as she accessed about that information.

Lan Yiyan immediately sits cross-legged uncaring whether there's a class later or not. But at the very least, she knows that this information is much more important than a class.
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