Chuunibyou in Cultivation World Chapter 115: Who are you?


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That's the only thing Yin Yu can think of when he looks at his surroundings. Everything is black no matter where he turns to look. He can't even see his own body!

Even so, luckily or unluckily, there's still one thing which isn't all black in this place.

That thing is a book. The book float in the middle of the room, surrounded with a thick aura of darkness, making no one dare to approach the book.

Just one look is enough to make Yin Yu recognize the book. It can be said that he's the one who's most familiar with the book. It's the book that he always has with him, and has turn into one of his most precious treasure. The Dark Yin Cultivation Technique — that's the title of the book that has been floating in the middle of the room, waiting for someone to read it.

"Why is the book seems so…evil." Yin Yu unconsciously muttered not long after he observed the book from afar.

That book is usually gentle like that of a mother, yet it has quite a lot of negative aura around it right now. Anger, unwillingness, sadness, regret, bloodthirsty, despair, desire and many others. All of it surrounds the book, making Yin Yu feel sad yet scared to the book. He feels that the book is telling him that it will do anything as long as it can get the result it desired.

"It's because that book is Dark Yin Cultivation Technique…"

A voice can be heard from behind Yin Yu. Turning around, he saw a child, no…to be exact; he saw himself…or herself if that is more fitting.

The child is the same as the book. Yin Yu can see her clearly, unlike the surrounding that's full of black. The child is the same height as him, no not only height…even her hair color, eyes color, and face are the same as him! If one were to ask what were different, then it will be the small mound that exists on the child body, except that, everything is the same no matter where you look at!


"Me? What a silly question…I'm…"

"…your ancestor, the founder of Yin family, the one who you know of as Yin Yin whiles my real name is…"

"…Yin Yue."


Morning has come once again. Whereas Yin Yu opened his eyes once again and the next thing he saw as soon as he awake is Lan Yiyan sleeping face. The pretty and defenseless girl sleeping next to him genuinely make one wonder what kind of good deed has he done in the past life to enjoy such a blessing.


Seeing her sleeping face make him want to poke her cheeks to wake her up, but that kind of thought only pass for a while before he shook his head and got up from his bed.

Yin Yu get up from the bed and open the window, looking at the sun which is just about to rise. There's still a lot of time before class start…

With that kind of thought, Yin Yu go and sit on his desk, before taking out the school manual, the book he lends from the library, and his other school book before to give it all a read.

He or it should be she, kind of miss this kind of life…

Yes, the one who is controlling the body now isn't Yin Yu, but Yin Yue. Yin Yu are still inside the space created by the Dark Yin Cultivation Technique with some tweak on her part, trying to comprehend, what Yin really is…and why did the book focus on Dark Yin.

Reading Yin Yu book is also an excellent way to give Yin Yu knowledge. Truth to be told, most of Yin Yu knowledge come from the fact that she browsed every book from science, physics, biology, math, and so on so forth while Yin Yu is sleeping, giving Yin Yu knowledge that he hasn't read yet without him making any effort, as if he has that knowledge from the start just that he didn't remember where and when did he read the book.

In the past, possessing Yin Yu body is quite dangerous, mostly because he isn't cultivator. Although his body compatibility with her soul is good enough, her soul is after all too strong for him, which will result in a weakened body if she over possesses him. It's alright now though since Yin Yu have trained into a cultivator, even so, if she overdoes it, she might cause some irreplaceable damage on his body, which makes unwilling to possess his body unless necessary.

Today, she will try to get some time to enjoy life again while Yin Yu is training hard. Possessing a bit shouldn't be too much of a problem! Even if there's a problem, who is she?

Unlike Yin Yu, she's a full-fledged and skilled alchemist! Although she can't concoct some pill in the modern world because of lack of ingredients, this is after all the cultivation world! Even if she lacks money, she can earn it again with ease!

Reading some books, take a bath, doing some training, absorbing qi, she does all of the things she once did in such a short time to fulfill some of her desire. She even tries to cook once again, but as luck would have it, her skill in cooking is bad like Yin Yu skill, as if they're cursed not to be able to cook for the rest of their life.

While doing all of that, she silently looks at Yin Yu progress and nod.

His progress is swift, unlike the useless her from before. After all said and done, she didn't really have the drive to cultivate before. Which result in her lost against Qin Ming and unluckily become one of his fiancées. Still, she didn't regret becoming his fiancée as that's also how she meet Lan Yiyan. Even so, the personality of the Lan Yiyan of the past and this Lan Yiyan truly differ by a lot...

Her princess syndrome is gone, her affection to Qin Ming is not existent, her jealousness toward Yin Yu is close to zero, and she has even tried to become a boy now! Just thinking of that make her smile inside…

It seems that Yin Yu action has somehow influenced the flow of future, making the future she know of to be useless…but the major event that happens, later on, wouldn't be changed right? If that's also changed, she might not need this much of effort to groom Yin Yu.

It's because of that one reason that she chooses to withhold her real identity and use Yin Yin name instead.

The future may not be what she suspected. Telling him the future she experienced is unneeded, all he needs to do now is train and train!

That future where blood will flow no matter where one is…is definitely not the future she wishes for…

Turning around, Yin Yue looks at the girl who has silently arrive behind her and look at her warily. Of course, the movement of a mere Qi Condensation cultivator wouldn't go unnoticed by her. Still, she let her come close to her while she's holding a weapon, showing how confident she is against her opponent.

"You awake?" Yin Yue flash her a smile, yet all she receive is a glare from her as she shouts at her.

"Answer my question! Who are you...?"
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