Chrysalis Chapter 483: The real master of magic


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The second I put a leg within twenty metres of the demon, it suddenly acts. One of its dangling arms flicked in my direction and three of the red balls flew in my direction at once!


Arrrgh! Pain blossoms along the side of my abdomen as I manage to turn my body at the last moment, protecting my head. The unfortunate result is that my legs are exposed and as the three balls detonate alongside me they are immediately ravaged with pain. That little beast has been acting weak this whole time! I should have known that throwing one spell at a time was way too easy. I've fallen for his trap again. His stupid spells are so fast that I barely have a chance to start breaking them apart before they land. Not to mention he weaves them together with such speed that the moment I sense the mana build-up he's almost ready to shoot. This stupid little gremlin is giving me a headache!

[You have it. I will taaaake it! Give it to meeeeeee!]

[Get bent!]

I've no choice but to trigger the regeneration gland. Two legs on my left side are heavily crippled and are impeding my mobility. If I leave it like this I'm only going to be food for more of those ridiculous explosion balls. Just what sort of magic is that anyway?! Once again put on the defensive I focus on dodging and moving in unpredictable patterns as the healing fluid rockets through my system, creating new tissues and connecting them at an absurd pace. To speed the process I fire off my latest Ice Spears and then begin to weave a healing spell to lay onto myself.

Of course, the little demon doesn't want to make life easy for me. Now that the jig is up, he's more than willing to toss multiple spells at the same time but with greater distance between us, I've got much more time to dodge. I watch the demon carefully each moment and I can see he's enjoying this. The sadistic little imp. Even now I can't be sure that he's not toying with me. Regardless, I've managed to survive long enough to get the healing spell off and combined with the effect of my healing gland, my body is knitting itself together at a stupidly fast pace. Watching my HP climb so fast is certainly a good feeling. Granin was right. Stacking effects on top of each other is the way to produce a better effect!

With my legs back under me, I take my distance from the beast to prepare my next offensive. Sensing my defensive posture the monster takes the pressure off and starts talking some smack.

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[Come back to meeee. Is it better where you are? I want iiiit!]

[Oh, don't worry eyeball, I'm commin' back over there. Don't worry about it.]

The creature's wings do a little wriggle of glee as I talk back to it and the eye widens even further if that's at all possible. I swear that eye is starting to become darker and it looks a little .. Broken. As if it were a window that was starting to crack. No matter. If it means something, I don't know what and there's little point guessing. I just need to focus on my next offensive.

Keeping an eye on my opponent and making sure that I never stop moving, I focus my main mind and strongest sub mind on shaping my next offensive ice spell. Handling the condensed ice mana is difficult and it takes quite a bit of work to put this spell together. Hopefully, it's strong enough to make it difficult for the mini-demon to break it apart.

Once I have the spell ready, I don't fire it immediately. It takes about ten seconds to ready that magic, enough time for my enemy to weave any number of hideous constructs to inflict on me. I've no doubt that he can sense the magic I've built up and he must be ready to retaliate the second I unleash it, so instead, I hold onto it and begin to close the distance between us bit by bit.

Dashing head-on is just asking to get a death ball to the noggin, so instead I angle my dashes to bring me a little closer after each one as the monster and I engage in a little game of chicken. If I can bait out his counterspells whilst still being at a reasonable range then the chances of a successful dodge are much greater, the closer I get the less time he'll have to break my spell apart. My heart is right in my mandibles as the gap between us continues to shrink. The sand flies out from beneath me and out behind me as my legs kick up a trail as I run, getting closer every time I move.

The monster finally decides to act and flicks its hand out once more as I close within thirty metres. The second it does I kick my legs hard and rise into the air, the moment I do so I unleash the spell I've held onto. The spell drops down into the ground in the form of a bright ice blue light that starts to race through the sand toward the monster as I raise my legs high to keep them from the inevitable explosion. The monster unleashed four of the deadly balls of death this time and threw them out in an arc that would have surely caught me had I continued to run forward, instead they detonate beneath me, throwing me further into the air.

The concussive force is absorbed by my carapace plating but even so, I take some internal damage from the blast. Those spells pack a punch! Still, my spell should distract the monster long enough for me to get back onto my feet and close in for a juicy chomp!

I reorient my body and catch sight of my opponent and my spell racing through the ground toward him. To my surprise, the imp doesn't seem too concerned with the ice magic making its way to the sand beneath it, instead, its eye glares at me even harder. At this range I can see that the eye isn't broken but filled with thick, pulsing capillaries that appear like cracks in a mirror, threading their way through the iris. Just as I make this disgusting discovery, something else happens.

The air beneath the flapping eyeball ripples before it seems to unfold, revealing a huge grinning mouth suspended in mid-air, full of gnashing teeth. Just before my spell erupts the mouth opens wide to reveal a bright green, fleshy tongue that unfolds to taste the air as the eye flashes dangerously.

Not good!


Angling my body I unload a barrage of acid toward the monster as the eye flares dazzlingly bright. The ice magic flares in the ground and a sharp pillar of ice spears out of the ground to thrust toward the flying monster just as a searing beam of bright green light lances out from that eye and pierces my body. The ice pillar stabs home and scrapes the side of the monster, unleashing a spray of sizzling black blood into the air. The shock of the strike throws the monster off balance and the beam sears through my body, cutting a deep gash in me before glancing off into the stands.

OUCH! That stings!


Hitting the ground stings even worse! Desperation explodes in my mind as I take stock. I'm hurt, I'm hurt real bad. It's only been a minute since I last used my healing gland and there's precious little juice recharged back in there but I fire it off anyway. Every little bit helps! My legs feel weak as I push them beneath myself and start to haul my body behind a rock. Healing mana, do your thing!

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