Cherry“s first kiss Chapter 129: Your boyfriend helped me


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Cherry was halping her mother in the kitchen, Mrs Wang Chen was making dinner. Cherry's granny was sitting near the dining table.

Cherry was often sharing few words with her granny from kitchen.

" Little Cherry,please give me a cup of milk tea, I am feeling a little sleepy."said granny with a little loud voice.

Cherry come out from the kitchen with a glass of warm water and stood beside granny, " My lovely granny it's almost dinner time, you should not drink milk tea now, it will hamper your appetite and health . "Said Cherry.

Granny took the glass from Cherry's hand and put it on the dining table, she took a big deep breathing with disappointment and held Cherry's hand, " What is the point of having a healthy life when my only son is suffering under the jail. I just want to die." Granny couldn't hold her eyes from being wet.

Cherry hugged her tightly as she said, " Don't worry granny, we all know dad is innocent, he will be released soon,believe me granny."

Granny looked at Cherry's eyes with a worried expression " Really? " granny asked like a kid.

Before Cherry could answer her question, a sudden deep voice came from behind, "Really."

Cherry and granny both looked at the door of dining area and saw Wang Chen standing there with a smiling face beside uncle Qing.

Cherry ran toward the door and jumped on her father's embrace "Dad, I missed you so much dad," She was sobbing. "

Wang Chen patted her head softly as he said, " I missed you too my darling."

Wang Chen looked at her mother and hugged her tightly, his mother started crying like a baby.

Hearing the conversation in dining room, Cherry's mom also came out from the kitchen and got stunned.

Her eyes were getting wet but lips were covered with smile.

Wang Chen looked at her wife with a loving expression and slowly stood in front of her.

He put her hand on her cheek lovingly as he said," I am sorry honey, you have to suffer for me. I am also sorry for shouting at you that day, please forgive me."

Mrs Wang Chen got more emotional hearing her husband's loving words. she grabbed his hand and kissed it lightly. " I am also sorry for not understanding you."she said.

Uncle Qing said with a fake angry voice, " Well you all forgot about me already, this old man is also present here." hearing his childish complain everybody started laughing.

Mrs Wang Chen suddenly asked her husband, " But how did you get released? You lawyer said it was impossible to get your bailing order. "

Wang Chen smiled as he said, " I changed my lawyer, my new lawyer is Barrister

Lin Sheng, he got my bailing order within thirty minutes."

Hearing the name Barrister Lin Sheng Mrs Wang Chen got surprised, she couldn't believe how can they got such big lawyer. Mrs Wang Chen asked her husband with disbelieve, " How did you manage to get such a lawyer for you?"

Wang Chen gave a quick glance at her daughter as he replied with a little smile, " Well, ask your daughter, her boyfriend helped me to get barrister Lin."

The moment Cherry heard the word" Boyfriend!! " she got shocked, she started coughing violently.

But her mother and granny became more shocked, Mrs Wang Che looked at her daughter with disbelief, " You have a boyfriend? "

Granny also looked at Cherry with a question mark.

Cherry didn't know how to answer them, she just kept lowering her eyes without any words, her face was full of guilt.

Wang Chen could really understand the shocking feeling of his wife,he was also shock at the beginning. Whatever he looked at her daughter's guilty expression and laughed, " What is that guilty face, you found a good man, I like him already "he said.

" By the way that kid is waiting outside with his friend, go cherry bring them inside, it was a long journey for them too." He added.

Cherry's eyes become bigger hearing the news of Daniel's arriving. She didn't expect all these at all.Cherry silently looked at her mother and granny.

" Go first, bring then inside, I want to see him" Said granny.

Cherry's mother kept a a poker face as she said, " Well, bring them inside, I am going to make extra dinner then. "

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