Cherry“s first kiss Chapter 128: My piece of ar


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Although Wang chen was a little hesitated about the fact of getting a son in law over night, still he decided to take Daniel with him for visiting his village home.

" This boy helped me a lot, I guess my naive daughter finally found a good man."he thought in his mind.

It took totally 6 hours for them to reach the village home of wang family.

Daniel was driving with a happy face, each second made him more excited and happy.

Finally they have reached Wang family village home after 6 hours of car journey.

Wang Chen indicated Daniel to stop his car in front of a big wooden gate.

It was an old fashioned wooden gate.

Daniel stopped his car and step out from his car, he opened the back door to show his politeness toward his would be father in law.

Wang Chen came out from the car as he said with satisfaction, " You are such a polite young man, its rare to find a polite young star like you now days who knows how to respect older people."

Daniel smiled more politely.

Ximeng coughed loudly hearing the statements of Wang Chen about Daniel 's being respectful. 😂😂

Daniel gave Ximeng a deadly look only then he stopped coughing.

Wang Chen slowly knocked the wooden gate few times, after that a old man who might be in his mid seventy opened the gate.

The moment that old man opened the gate Wang Chen gave him a hug, " Uncle Qing how are you?"

Uncle Qing looked at Wang Chen with disbelief and got emotional, " I thought I would die without meeting you my dear. " he cried.

" How did you get release so suddenly? I heard there is not much hope with your lawyer."Uncle Qing asked Wang Chen with carrying tears in his eyes.

Wang Chen tapped his shoulder lightly as he replied while smiling, " Its a long story, I will tell you later. Let's go inside first."

Uncle Qing suddenly noticed two handsome young men behind Wang Chen, " Who are they? " he asked.

Wang Chen didn't reply to uncle Qing's question and looked at Daniel with a little smile as he indicated him, " Lets go inside first."

As they entered inside, a large flower garden with a wooden one storey building with beautiful design appeared before them.

Ximeng couldn't not help but opened his mount with surprised, " Aaa!!, This kind of house only I have seen In traditional Tv drama."

Uncle Qing couldn't help laughing happily hearing Ximeng's words, " Young man, My grandfather built this house hundred years ago." Uncle Qing said proudly.Wang Chen nodded his head following his words.

Ximeng tapped on Daniel's shoulder with excitement, " Isn't it amezing to see such a piece of art unexpectedly? "

Daniel didn't answered him with words, he just simply put on a smile on his face while gritting his teeth, he was getting impatient to see his Cherry flower after five days.Literally he has no time to admirer the beauty a piece of art. " I am dying to see my only piece of art." Daniel thought in his mind.

Wang Chen waked through the garden with uncle Qing inside the wooden building. Daniel wanted to go inside with them immediately but Ximeng held him back. " Be a little patient, don't go inside now, give them some personal emotional family moments. " Ximeng whispered.

Daniel looked at Ximeng with a disgusted expression, " What about my emotion? " he asked with a angry cold voice.

Daniel was waiting in front the large garden impatiently, after five minutes he saw a familiar figure coming slowly toward him.

His eyes were sparkling with joy and happiness. His legs were shaking witn excitement.

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