Cherry“s first kiss Chapter 127: Potential Husband


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He indicated his finger on Ximeng as he spoke out shamelessly , " Uncle Wang, he is Cherry's collegemate, I am her boyfriend."




This word echoed inside Wang Cheng's brain few times before he came back to his sense.

Meeting her daughter's boyfriend was the biggest shock for Wang Chen.

He had no idea how his super introvert daughter end up getting such a handsome boyfriend.

Wang Chen coughed violently..

Seeing him coughing like that Daniel asked him woth worried expression, " Uncle Wang, are you all right? Should we take you to hospital first? "

Wang Chen controlled his coughing as he looked at Daniel, " No need, I am all right."

Daniel again delivered his charming smile.

The more Wang Chen looked at Daniel the more he got shocked. He really couldn't understand how come his naive daughter got to know a man like this.His mind was puzzled.

Wang Chen smiled at Daniel with a little hesitation as he asked him, " Thanks for helping me. By the way, how do you manage Barrister Lin Sheng? He is not someone who will take my case. "

Ximeng was about say that Daniel is the heir of Liy corporation, but before he could say anything Daniel pressed his mouth with his palm tightly as he looked at Wang Chen, " Uncle Chen Barrister Lin Shen is my relative, I requested him to take your case."

Wang Chen felt very warm hearing Daniel's words, he smiled brightly and tapped Daniel's shoulder with affection. " Young man, I am really thankful to you for this help. "

Daniel shook his head, " No No Uncle Wang, helping you is my responsibility. After all Cherry's father is also my father.One day I will become your Son in law. "

Son in law!

Son in Law!!!!!

Wang Chen again started coughing violently.

"Look like this handsome boy is not only my daughter's boyfriend, he is also a potential husband. " He though in his mind.

Wang Chen looked at Daniel with a little hesitation as he said, " Well I have to go home now."

Daniel spoke ought directly, ".... But uncle Wang, Cherry and Her mother are not at home for five days."

Wang Chen nodded his head as he said, " I know, they are at my village home with my mother. "

Village? Hearing the word Daniel felt a big dear was jumping inside his heart.

He couldn't hold his excitement as he hugged Wang Chen suddenly, " Father in Law, I love You."

The sudden hugging along with love confession made Wang Chen almost faint.

He couldn't understand what to do, he paused for a moment then slowly patted Daniel's back while saying, " Well , I must go to visit them now. "

Daniel released Wang Chen and delivered the biggest smile on his stock as he said, " I will take you there." Then he paused for a moment while looking at Ximeng, " We will take you there. " He said.

Ximeng screamed in him mind, " No!!!! I just can't witness your in laws loving moments anymore, Fu*k it." But in reality he simply couldn't bring those words from his mouth. He put on a forceful smile on his face and said, " Of course we will take you there. "


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