Chelsea's journey Chapter 1: Chelsea


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Chelsea came out of the airplane really tired, she sighed as she picked up her luggage and tried his number one more time but he didn't pick up the phone. she looked at her screen and smiled as she wiped it with her hand so she could look at his picture which was her wallpaper , it didn't matter if he wasn't picking her call soon they will be together and no one will be able to separate them .Tony was her boyfriend since high school they had been together ever since tony confessed his feelings and kissed her under the mango tree . After their kiss Chelsea formed an obsession over mangoes she believed they brought her luck so she carried one everywhere she went ,plus it was Tony's favourite fruit . Just the thought of seeing tony again made her so excited she could barely breath , she tried to imagine his reaction when he saw her even though he had strictly warned her never to come visit him she didn't care he would understand once he hears how much she missed him, besides it was his fault for not replying her text messages or answering his phone , she had sent over 200 messages the past three months but he completely ignored them . she thought of how she will punish him for making her worry and miss him so much . She smiled as she hailed a cab and gave him the paper that had Tony's address . as she sat in the cab she remembered how sad she was the day he left to secure an employment , he had promised to come take her once he had enough savings for the two of them to start a family , she laughed out loud , the thought of her and tony getting married and having children had that effect on her it always made her laugh ,seeing the look the driver gave her through the mirror made her stop . But she remembered how she had gone against her family and left home because of tony whom her parents believed wasn't worthy of her ,but Chelsea couldn't see herself with anyone else , for her Tony was perfect for her even though she had to drop out of high school and work part time jobs so she could help tony with his college fund and other expenses as his parents couldn't afford it and believed being a high school graduate wasn't so bad , even though Chelsea had received multiple offers of scholarship from different college's , she gave up her dream of wanting to become a vet and in exchange got a new one being Tony's wife . and she believed being a wife meant being supportive of Tony's dream and ambition's over her own so she gave up her dream and worked part time to earn enough money for Tony's school fees and take care of his mum, dad and little brother while tony studied in new York before finding a job there . She smiled at how brave she was then making those life changing decisions even though she was just 18 . she surprised herself at times with her bravery , taking on Tony's college fee and his brothers was hard enough and still finding time to take care of his parents maybe she was indeed superwoman ,she smilled at that thought , that was Tony's nickname for her , he always told her that she was the best thing that ever happened to him and that she surprised him with how brave she could be and that he loved her with all his heart , before calling her superwoman and after the confession they made love and became one with one another , the thought of them making love made Chelsea shudder , she realized how much she missed Tony's touch and his kiss before she could go further into her thought , her phone rang she quickly brought it out from her bag hoping it was tony so she could tell him the good news , she was in new York but she it wasn't it was drake Tony's brother , she took a deep breath then answered his call
drake: hello , Chelsea are you there yet
Chelsea :yes I'm in new York and on my way to see your brother do u want me to tell him anything
drake: no thanks , its just a shame you won't get to see me graduate
Chelsea: I'm sorry I promise we'll celebrate once I get back okay
drake : I miss you already so come back soon
Chelsea : I haven't been gone for too long and you miss me , this is y you should get a girlfriend
drake: just come back soon
Chelsea: OK I will
Chelsea ends the call and smiled she knew she didn't want to go back so soon she hoped tony will hold onto her and not let her go ,and ask her to marry him she didn't care about where they lived even though it was a small apartment as long as they were together it didn't matter .she could find a job and they could save together so tony could reach his goal faster, which was his reason for postponing their marriage. but tony had kicked against the idea saying she had suffered enough and he wants her to live the rest of her life in comfort. but he didn't understand that comfort to her was being by his side ,she hoped he will reach his goal faster so they could be together . she hoped her parents will at least come for her wedding even though they were against her decision and blamed her for her grandfather's death they wouldn't miss their own daughter's wedding right . truth is a times she did blame herself for her grandfather's death, he died not long after she moved out to be with tony which her parents believed was because of grief as she and her grandfather were very close, they didn't let her pay her last respect to her grandfather unless she left tony which she disagreed to do so . she sometimes had regrets but there was no use now everything was in the past , she believed her grandfather will understand as he had once told her that true love comes only once in once lifetime and to hold onto it . she said a quick prayer in her heart for her grandfather to rest in peace . she said her parents will regret saying tony wasn't worthy of her , if anything she was the one not worthy of tony who was now an executive director of one of the biggest companies in new York and she was just an ordinary high school dropout , a times she felt out of place when tony came home to visit with his friends the only thing she could wow them with was her cooking which tony was very proud of , even though she felt awkward tony never felt ashamed to show her off, he was the best . she thought of how she was going to make a delicious meal for tony when she got there with a recipe she had stolen from drakes cooking book . drake was a chef he had decided to go to a catering academy where he received a scholarship for his award winning mango pie . he didn't want to go to college as he knew the expenses will be too much for Chelsea as Mrs brown (Tony's mum ) was sick at that time and they used all available resources on her hospital bills Even though chelsea had reassured him she could take it , he still refused . Chelsea was sorry she couldn't see him graduate but she could make it up to him when she got back, although Chelsea and drake were the same age he still acted like a child around Chelsea. she smiled as she thought of how cute he could be and slowly drifted off to sleep , only to be woken up by the driver .Finally they had reached their destination she was at Tony's house
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