Chaos Saga Chapter 10: Meeting Jin Shi


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Shaun Ji, jin shi, kong Ji, tara they all were stunned. Kong ji was dumbstruck " How is this possible, they were not weak. In fact, these robots were all capable to compete for the battle royal and to be the rank holders".

Kong ji could not believe what just happened. Don ji's performance was overpowering. Jin shi was also out of words, but he was calm, speaking to Kong Ji " Interesting, I never expected this. kong your robots were powerful, even for immortals at the beginning stage, they may not be able to defeat these three robots at once. I guess Don Ji has also realized this fact so with all power he got and borrowed power from his gadget he went all out, from the beginning. I really like how clear head he is. Though his power is overwhelming for someone in the mortal realm but he lacks powerful attack techniques and movement training, he is simply wasting his Yuan qi, he needs to be trained. What do you think ?".

After listening to Jin Shi words Kong Ji came back to his senses. He simply nodded his head. Jin shi continued " Ok, lets head back, later I will meet nephew of yours". Soon Jin Shi and Kong ji left the place.

From the void, Tara was also spectating the battle, she was speechless, looking at the Z street with her mouth open.

On the other side, Don ji investigated those huge robots, after some time he retrieve some of the drives from the red head robot and return to his lab carrying his robotic avatar.

Don ji won the battle but he looks extremely tired since his life was on the line he gave his all in one go.

Now the Z street is empty but Tara didn't leave the space. She was just rethinking on what just happened? She was planning to act at the last moment, like a savior, eager to display her power and to show Don Ji that he is just a frog in a well. Considering, the speed of his cultivation and how he boost his power with the support of gadgets, soon he can catch her in terms of power. One thing he lacks is proper guidance from the Expert. Tara was not arrogant, she was unrivaled, young talented princess of her clan. This even definitely hurt her ego, what Don Ji had done today.

She would not capable to accomplish what Don Ji has accomplished today when she was at the peak of the mortal realm. She sighed, I was naive, the world is too big. Thank you, grandpa, for sending me here, I have long way to go. From now onwards I will cultivate diligently, I won't lose to anyone of my generation.

Shaun Ji was staring at Z street, he was excited and happy. Talking to himself " I like how you have grown up to be the fine young man. You are diligent, you value your people. From now on it depends on you whether you succeed or perish, your fight is with yourself not with the world".Once you meet your mother, she will let you know everything about the past".

Shaun Ji can feel a powerful aura, " I know you are there. I think you are contempt now. What are you planning to do now? ", as soon as Shaun Ji speaks a figure appears behind him. That figure was Jin Shi, with a leechers smile. Jin Shi starts the conversation, " Why so offended? I have done what I need to do. Don Ji is not bad at all. I guess he is cultivating "Divine Breathe", that allows him to expand his dantain and his system, he can absorb the vast amount of energy within him in comparison to other cultivators. But it seems he doesn't have any powerful attack, he confronted his opponent just on the basis of his power. If he doesn't have those toys, story could be another way. Of course, he needs to be trained, I feel he still is not ready. I will guide him for some time". Shaun Ji nodded his head " Ok, i agree. Let's see how much he progresses".

Don Ji is back to his lab, he is trying to retrieve data from the drives that he has collected from the red head huge robot. He wants to find two major things, first, he wants to track the source code of the programme. Second, he wants to study the functionality system of those robots. He was impressed by the defense of those robots, only vulnerable part was its head and he was able to win the battle because he exploits that weak spot with his full power. Power of those robots was tyrannical, obviously, he could figure out that those robots were powered by black star stones. Finally, he tracks the source code of the programmes. He was surprised that those source codes were quite similar to his way of coding, only scientists of his prefecture could able to write such codes. After some digging, he found out that the source system belongs to his Uncle Kong. He was confused but he was hundred percent certain that his Uncle Kong won't do anything to harm him or his clan, that's the trust that he has for his every clan members.

While Don Ji was trying to figure out some logic from today's event. A figure appeared out of nowhere, that figure was Jin Shi. Don Ji had never seen the old man, who is standing in front of him. But he can feel familiar aura that he can feel from his Uncle Shaun Ji and he doesn't feel any killing intent from that man but still he is being suppressed by the unfathomable power of the man in front of him. Don Ji with respect and polite tone asks "May I know why senior is here?", Jin Shi stroking his beard replies," Have you heard about the ancestors of your clan, I am one of them". Don Ji was aware of the fact that they are protected by their powerful ancestors and they prefer to tour around the world. Don Ji was surprised for his ancestor to appear so suddenly and out of all in his lab. Without any delay, Don Ji slightly bows down and greets his ancestor, " Junior greets Ancestor". Jin Shi was pleased and he nodded his head.
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