Chained Fate Chapter 10: Chapter 9


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On reaching the dinner hall, my eyes immediately fall on the feast spread out on the wide table. Unable to resist, I speed over towards the table and take a seat.

There were many delicacies, that too all of them were familiar to me. Not minding my manners, I grab a plate and serve myself a generous amount of each variety. My hands move in a speed unbelievably fast and the food in front of me dissappears in ten minutes.

"Wha-!?" I hear a voice in front of me. A girl in a maid uniform stood there, her mouth agape. "Miss, even though you are a guest here, the food you just ate was also meant for other guests. You can't jus-" she says before being interrupted by someone.

"It's alright. I'll pay for the extra food she ate. How much did it cost?" says Sensei, his face showing no interest.

For some reason, the girl blushes on seeing Sensei and opens her mouth to say "This miss here ate forty dishes and out of these, only one was meant for her. It's a buffet after all."

Sensei's eyes widen and immediately fix themselves on me. I only look away, whistling while wiping my dirty hands on the napkin provided there.

"Miss, why are you wiping your hands on the tablecloth!?" shrieks the girl while rushing to examine the stains.
I could only shrug helplessly, because what was done, was done. I can't change it now right?

The hair on the back of my neck stood up as I feel a chilling gaze on me. I turn my head slightly, only to see Sensei with a scary look on his face, his eyes fixed on me. I involuntarily shiver.

"I'll pay for that too." His words were cold enough to make even the girl jump in fright. He then says to me "And you! It seems I need to have a talk with you." He walks away to the reception.

Now that I notice it, he walks pretty gracefully, like a duck. Oh sorry, I meant a swan. Ah, but ducks were also quite funny, they would hobble on the ground, shaking their cute butts, that too in rhythm. Sensei definitely wouldn't do that. Maybe.

He looks like a girl though. Never mind his muscles, but his figure was thin and his face was beautiful. He looked too pretty! Wonder how he would look if I put makeup on him and made him wear a dre-
"Oi! You coming or not!?" My thoughts were broken as I hear Sensei's irritated voice call out.

I stumble up and follow him.

After he paid the money, which I discovered was in a totally different currency, we left the hotel.

He leads me to a building that was spherical on the sides but flattened at the top and bottom. It was covered with marble and was a pretty red in colour. Sensei takes out a key and unlocks the door, gesturing me to come in.

I proceed to remove my shoes, but he tells me to wear them. I nod and step inside, only to see a large training ground of sorts. There were large equipments, a track for running, some hammer like substance with a scoreboard adjoint and some benches to sit.

I can't help but marvel inside my mind. I could tell that Sensei brought me here to train me. I look at him expectdly, only to see him looking at me intensely.

I throw a questioning glance at him.

"You! How are you so-" he cuts himself off, his words laced with a slight amount of exasperation. I could only feel more confused.

He sighs and asks me "What's your name?"
"My name... is Aurora." I hesitated a while, before deciding to give him my real name. I could confide in him in this matter.

"I am Yun Mei. What about your family?"
A wave of sadness hits me but I don't show it and only reply "Dead."
Dead by my hands.
He doesn't seem surprised as he continues "Your hometown?"
"Nowhere." I say vaguely. I wasn't even sure what I am, how would I know where my hometown or homecountry was?

His face darkens a bit as he says "Look, I don't mean any harm. If you want me to be your teacher, then you have to tell me about yourself. I won't accept a runaway as my student. Don't even think about deceiving me." his tone had turned dark and his words became harsh.

My mind felt overwhelmed as I tried to figure out what to do.
" I.. I belonged to a rich family. My parents were very protective and didn't allow me to go outside that much. Which was why, I am not aware of a lot of things. But, my parents were murdered by a power-hungry person. As a result, I ran away to save myself." My voice remained clear, even though I was lying. Unlike others, my heart didnt beat loudly on lying.

Yun Mei looked suspiciously at me and asked "What happened to the person who killed your parents?"

A look of loathing flashes through my eyes as I blurt out "Killed by me."

He raises his eyebrow, surprised. "Do you regret it?"

My eyes turn cold as I speak "Regret? Even if the same scene happened again and again I wouldn't change it, except I would have inflicted more pain on them, to make them pay for every scar they put on my parents' body."

A cold laugh rings through the room and Sensei says "Good. Now tell me, do you have pursuers?"

"As far as I remember, no."

"Fine. What's your level?"

I stare blankly at him "Level? Of what?"
"Your magic power's level! What else?" he says in an obvious tone.

"I'm not sure if I have magic." I knew that the other being in me had powers, but I had just been a normal human girl for twelve years of my life. Sensei looks at me in disbelief "You're not even sure about that! Over protective or not, your parents should have atleast checked whether you have magic or not."

"Uhm..sorry I guess." It's not as if I could help it. He only breathes out. "Fine, even if you don't have magic, I'll teach you how to wield a weapon. Follow me, I'll check your powers."

He takes me to a huge machine that had a lot of numbers, letters and weird symbols on it. He then presses some buttons and tells me to place my hand on the screen.

I obey him and place my hand on screen. Immediately, a large string of numbers appear on the screen and finally, they slow down to show a single digit number- 9.

I furrow my eyebrows, unable to understand whether it's good or not. I look at Sensei who was staring at the screen like I did when I saw chocolate.

"What's wrong?" I ask.

"Nothing, it's just your power is even lower than a ten year old kid. But you do have magic! What I don't get is, how did your level get to 9 if you didn't practice magic?" he turns and asks me "Have you done any kind of practice?"
I only shake my head and say "I haven't practiced magic but I am trained in various martial arts like karate and judo."

He looked surprised as he says "Then why didn't you defend yourself against those men?"

"At that time, I was already in a panic from watching my parents' death. My mind was muddled and I became unable to think clearly."
I say sheepishly.

"But this is the first time, I saw anyone's magic increase with only their physical strength." he mutters.

He closes the machine and yanks me to a place where some weights were kept. "Show me how much weight you can hold."

I comply and pick up all the weights one by one. To my surprise, a 50 pound weight was also introduced. Excited, I lift it up and flex my arm muscles while moving it. I pick up another 100 pound weight on my left hand and continued to flex. The familiar weight on my hands, made me feel relaxed.

But I was immediately dragged away from there and was placed before treadmill. I willingly got on it and Sensei adjusted its speed. He increased it bit by bit, and I just ran without problems.

I was again dragged to a place where I had to show flexibility and stretch continuously, though I was unfamiliar with the equipments. Then I was told to run, until I was completely exhausted.

When I finally ran out of breath, I sat on a bench wheezing. Sensei just looked at me strangely.
"What's the matter?"
"You.. Are you some martial master?"
I shake my head in denial.
He stays silent for a while before saying "Fight me once, only hand to hand combat."

I hesitate a bit before nodding.

We both stand on the wooden floor of the training area and get into a stance.
"One, two, three and go!"
I immediately leap forward and try to make a hit on his abdomen, but his hands obstructs mine and twists it. Acting instantly, I lay a chop on his hands, making him drop my hand.
We both retreat for a second and this time, he makes a move first.

He takes a step forward and bends, only to sweep my legs off the ground by his leg. My heart jumps as I almost fall down, but save myself as my hands push against the ground and make me jump back in air. I immediately act as if I was doing a roundhouse kick and he moves to stop me, only to be fooled as I instead move ahead and punch his abdomen at a weak point. He hisses in pain and once again catches my hand before I get the chance to retreat it.

His speed was beginning to annoy me.

So, I decide to reduce his speed. Using his shoulder as support, I jump on his back and kick his tailbone with my foot. His grip on my hand loosens and I jump off his back as he twists to attack me. Quickly, I hit the back of his knees with a roundhouse kick, making him off balanced and try to lay a chop on his neck but he unexpectedly, recovers and twists my hand behind my back,making me turn my back to him.

I bite my lip in pain as I feel an old wound open up and start to bleed. Not wanting to waste anymore time, I smash his foot exactly on the point where the first two fingers meet. As expected, his grip loosened and I take the opportunity to grab both his hands and judo flip him to ground. A sharp crack was heard, as his back hit the floor.

I collapse on the ground, tired from the exercise I had done. We were both wheezing and taking in lots of oxygen. "You're good. You managed to defeat me." says Sensei.

"It was only a matter of luck." I reply, still out of breath. I remember my magic power level and ask him "How many levels are there in total?"



"The person who reaches hundred is equal to God in people's eyes. Only a certain few individuals have managed to do so."

"How many years on average does it take for a person to cross a level?"

"It depends. Usually people cross level 40 when they are seventeen years old."

Which means I have 31 more levels to cross.

Can anyone say impossible?

I sigh as I roll over to my side. I didn't have a choice, I will have to increase my magic. "Aurora."

I start when I realize that Sensei was calling me. "Yes?"
"Your back is wet with blood. Did I hurt you?" he asks, his voice cold but with a hint of concern.

I touch my back, only to find it sticky. "No, you didn't. This was only because an old wound opened up."

He nods and says "I'll take you to a doctor to heal you. It will only take ten minutes."

"So quick?" I ask in wonder.

"Yes, the doctors have healing magic, that heals people quickly."

I quickly get up. "Is there anyway for me to learn this magic?"

He also gets up asking "Why?"

"I'm interested in medicine." Not exactly a lie but not the truth either. I just never want to go through the moment again when someone important to me is dying and I can only sit here helpless.

"You can learn to make potions and medicines, but healing can onlg be done if you have healing magic." he drawls out.

"Where do I check what kind of magic I have?"

"I'll take you later to check, I don't have the affinity machine here."
I nod fervently and get up slowly. He also gets up and asks "What kind of weapon do you prefer?"

I think for a while before asking "Are swords alright?"

He nods. "Why a sword though?"

"I have also learnt kendo."

He shakes his head "Just how many martial arts have you learnt?"

"Only ten."

"That was a rhetorical question. You didn't have to answer it. Here take this, it's my gift to you." he says handing me a sword that appeared from somewhere. The sword was slim, but looked strong. "You can use it whenever you want but remember not to raise your sword against innocents. Having revenge is not bad, but unnecessary blood spillage will only dirty your hands. Take this as my advice." His voice had turned stern.

I was a bit shocked by his actions and dropped to the ground on my knees. I take the sword and bow down," Sensei, in this life I have only bowed before one person that is you. And in my whole life, I pledge to have only you as my Sensei and to never raise a sword against an innocent. I'll remain by your side till you require."

A slightly trembling but warm hand touches my head. "Stand up. You need not bow. Just remember these rules of mine. You aren't allowed to ask about my personal life. You aren't allowed to admit defeat unless it is a life and death situation. Lastly, you aren't allowed to betray me. The only reason I agreed to teach you is that you have potential. Live upto my hopes and you'll succeed." Sensei's voice was warm, bitter yet comforting.

I straighten up ignoring the pain in my back and reply seriously "I won't dissappoint you master."

"Good. Now let's get you to a doctor."

We leave the training area after he locks it. Just after he does it, my stomach started to hurt a bit. "Um.. Sensei, can you take me to a bathroom?"

He looks at me with his eyebrow raised but takes me to one. I was only one step before the toilet that suddenly my stomach contracted and an urge to vomit, made me empty my food on the toilet.

The smell made me grimace and I quickly flush the toilet. On seeing my reflection in the mirror, I notice that my face had become pale and my arms were sweating.

Why was this happening?
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