Catch a Tiger by the Tail Chapter 420: Life Worth Part2


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After he left the room, she didn't have to wait very long. He barely had time to make it down stairs before she shadows began to shift and a portal opened. Out of it, walked the King of Shadows, his overall expression quite grim.

"Kyera Mei Shade of the Moon, DemiGoddess of Fate, daughter of the Shadow Crown...EXPLAIN." between the word, her full name, with the added formality of her complete title Kyera got the idea he might be angry. At least a little, granted his expression looked as though his eyes were going to bypass extracting her soul and just incinerate her here and now. She was kinda glad he couldn't do that in the human world.

"Father, I did what…" She began, but a shadow button appeared over her lips and seemed go seal them.

"If you dare say you did what you had to do, I will personally rip my hair out, then use strands to weave you a leash." he growled and Kyera did her best to appear innocent, and even ventured at wronged. It would have been convincing too… if he didn't know his daughter as well as he did. He waved his hand, shot her a warning glare as the button disappeared.

"I was going to say I did what I believed was best." Kyera replied, changing her sentence, well aware of the boundaries. He frowned, the anger in his eyes seemed to smolder down to nothing. It was replaced by a face void of emotion, except his eyes. Those deep black orbs were filled to the brim with sadness. It was a mixture of heartbreak and… disappointment. It took her a long moment to recognize that look and she suddenly felt ashamed.

"Kyera… my daughter… my little girl believed that it was better to allow a man to impale her heart with a blade" his fingers gently touched the blanket over the damage. "Than call to her father for help? I know you've been alone on earth for so long but… you are my baby girl." He replied and Kyera's heart dropped.

She didn't know what to say. What could she say? It was true, she had thought to die rather than call upon her father's aid. "Father, I didn't… I didn't think to. The veil normally doesn't allow for your help except in emergency." she tried to explain. He sighed folding his arms.

"Then I failed you as a father if you don't realize your death is an emergency, Kyera." He replied, voice barely above a whisper.

"That...let's be honest death is inevitable. I will someday die and come home to you. In time, Clovis and Raina will join me when they have lived their lives. At least I would die for a reason and not a pawn in some court game, or murdered by the dark." she pointed out, completely unaware of the presence in the doorway.

"If that was true, why were you relieved when I saved you from that fall?" The Shadow King tried to counter her, he wanted her to see the light.

"Because I hadn't ensured that Clovis and Raina would have a chance to live their lives to the fullest." she replied, rather patiently. To his surprise, he was thrown off by her words. For being one to protect life around her… she seemed to have understanding of the worth of her own.

"Kyera, what gives Raina and I more of a right to live our lives to the fullest than you? Why do you see yourself as being inferior to us?" Clovis asked and Kyera turned to look at him. Her expression blank as she saw the look on his face.

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