Catch a Tiger by the Tail Chapter 419: Life Worth Part 1


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Clovis couldn't help himself, he slid one arm around her waist and his other behind her knees. Gently, he moved her onto his lap cradling her close to him. He buried his face in her neck, taking in the liveliness of her sweet scent. With both arms wrapped around her waist, he was mindful of her injury in his desperation to hold her.

At first, Kyera was surprised. The vulnerability and sweetness in his actions was something new to her. It was so obvious he had been terrified she wouldn't wake up. A little unsure of herself, Kyera set one arm across the back of his shoulders, and rested her cheek to his barely kept hair. There were no words she could think of to say, but her hand caressing his back was more than she had been able to do in a long time. It was more than enough for now.

Then, with a shuddering breath and a gentle squeeze tighter, he relaxed. "Kyera, there is so much I want to ask you, but I don't know how."

"I… I trust you will find your words when the time is right. Perhaps now is not the time?" she offered gently. His aura was a tidal wave of conflicting currents, each desperately trying to direct the waves. Her own was able to contain it, and sooth it some, but the underlying emotions still lingered.

"Perhaps not. I should go tell Mom your awake." Clovis replied a bit reluctantly. Kyera was taken back a bit by his words but realized it was kind of expected. He had been by her side, and here in the snow lands while she slept. They were also married so Crystalsa allowing him to call her mom was almost a given. Then a thought occurred to her.

"Not yet, is there a brush and a hair pen on the table? Perhaps a simple ribbon?" Kyera asked as he set her down. Her hands raised to assess her hair and found it soft and braided. It was obvious someone a bit unskilled had woven her hair. A few sections crossed the wrong way but, it was hardly noticeable.

He chuckled and took a small wooden kit off the bed side. It was wooden, with a handle and several holders around the outside.  She could see a brush, several fine combs, and clips and pins of different sizes as well as a hand mirror. All the tools were made of Ice Jade while the accessories were a numerous, colors, shapes and sizes. "This should do." he sat beside her. Kyera was surprised as he took the braid from her hand and unwound it. Then he took a comb and began detangling and straightening the strands. She felt her cheeks growing hot.

"I can do it…" she offered a bit meekly but he ignored her and continued brushing. She couldn't deny that it felt heavenly, letting someone tend her hair. The shadows had done it for her for years but this was different. It was a new level of intimacy that she was surprised to find she enjoyed.

While she was lost in thought he had pulled her hair into a side ponytail beneath her ear and braided it. His fingers deftly twirling the strands for the intricate plaits. After loosening some strands, seeming to ruin it he wound it into a bun under her ear, using a hair comb. Suddenly a silver rose seemed to rest beneath her ear with emerald leaves and white rose buds peeking out beside it. "There, presentable?" he asked handing her the mirror.

Without waiting for a response he went to the closet and gathered a simple fur cloak and breathable dress. "I refuse to truss you up in a corset, so you're going to have to tolerate without it." he replied before helping her change into the soft garment. Kyera was surprisingly obedient but partially because this was so surreal. He was tending to her every need and keeping her close. Was this how he truly felt for her?

While she was lost in thought he wrapped the blanket back around her, so only her head stuck was free. "Stay." he ordered, his eyes deathly serious. Kyera, who naturally wanted to tease him, thought better of it.

"I will stay." she tried to reassure him, knowing it was because she had scared him. She was in the wrong, so she could only tolerate his overprotectiveness for the moment.

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