Catch a Tiger by the Tail Chapter 418: I Love You.


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The air was heavy and stale, almost musky from being closed up for so long. Nearly a month had passed since Kyera had been moved here, to the room of her childhood to recover from her wounds. No one had expected her to sleep this long, her Father and Aunt had explained her heart was struggling with her mind and time passed so much slower in the Shadow realm than it did here, in reality. Clovis sat in a chair, going over papers and information that he had borrowed from the library.

Ryo and Lyra, the panther pair that had traveled with them and protected them were both in the room as well. Ryo laid next to Kyera, his great head resting on the woman's stomach as if the contact was reassuring him that she was still there. The slow rise and fall of her chest rhythmically moving his body as well. Lyra however had found her own place, laying across the ground, her paw on Clovis's foot as though letting him know she was there for him too. Even though his eyes suggested he had no idea they were there. His mind was lost on all the things he had been told thus far. She would have to choose to come back to him.

Would she though? The few who were closest to her and were still alive had betrayed her. First her mother left her alone, and then her back still bled from the blade Verone had sunk between her shoulder blades. She had him and Raina, but would that be enough to make her stay if she had a chance to have her brothers again and escape the pains of life? He knew she was searching for something, but would she find it in the shadow realm? To be honest he had no idea. He prayed she wouldn't because then she would have to come back to him to continue the search. Clovis closed the book with a snap and walked over to the bed. His feet felt heavy with each step.

Kyera seemed to be shifting slightly in her sleep. Her expression was tense and slightly flustered. He couldn't help but wonder what was going on in that mind of hers. A few stray strands of white hair had pulled themselves from the braid he had woven over her shoulder after a few test braids. Several maids had their hair braided in varying degrees of horrible from his efforts to learn the plaiting skill. He guided the strands from her eyes, gently tucking them back into the braid they had escaped from. Her pale lips parted slightly and he imagined the voice he knew was caged within her.

"Kyera, my mate. I miss you." He whispered softly, slipping one arm behind her. Not for the first time since she had been moved, he lifted her forward and slipped behind her. Her back was gently rested against his chest, it was relaxing having her against him. Holding her made it seem as though she was just sleeping, her soft form safe and sound against his. Clovis would have been lying if he said he didn't hope that she might be woken up by his closeness.

He felt her shift slightly, her body seeming to actually… move? Kyera turned onto her side, knees being pulled up as she snuggled against him. There was a soft sound of discomfort as her hand gently scratched at his chest. Clovis looked down at him, her eyebrows both seemed rather tense. There were emotions on her face, something she hadn't expressed in several weeks.

"Love? Are you okay?" He asked her gently. Clovis lovingly stroked her arms trying to relax some of the tension she was exhibiting. Her eyelashes trembled and he couldn't help but hold his breath. He dared not to even think about those golden eyes opening, though every fiber of his body willed for it to happen.

Slowly, those long black lashes trembled again, before they began to flutter slowly. He looke down into her face as her eyes opened. The golden pools he had yearned to see looked up at him, deep and filled with emotion. Her lips, that had long laid motionless slowly curved up into a contented smile.

"I missed you too." the voice he missed so much whispered the words he wanted to hear. "I love you."

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