Cannon Fodder Saving System 4 Chapter 5: Caught In The Act


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I noticed some strange activity on Michael's phone when I was dealing with Brittany's situation. His phone had been on the same image for about thirty minutes. The image was the same picture that had been trending all night long, the one of Angela and Brittany. I wondered why he would just sit there and look at that picture for over half an hour so I turned on the camera to see what he was doing. My system almost overheated from second-hand embarrassment from what I saw.

Michael's short brown hair was disheveled beyond recognition. His already lacking face was twisted into a hideous grimace as he murmured Angela's name over and over again. His body was fully exposed to the camera, from his bare white chest that was heaving excitedly down to his hairy balls. There he was, in full view… Stark naked as the day he was born, stroking his shaft… I immediately hit record.

I had been overworking my system trying to think of a peaceful solution to prevent this scumbag from raping Candace in the future and here he was delivering the best blackmail right to my doorstep. As soon as I had this thought, a crystal clear monotonous male voice rang out through my systems.

"Host, you're supposed to be saving Michael Baker, not blackmailing him."

"Maybe he needs to be blackmailed in order to be saved. Don't question my methods and I'll get the job done. You didn't say that I wasn't allowed to threaten the cannon fodder myself."

"While you may mislead him, you cannot bring any harm to him. Do you understand?"

"Yes, I understand completely. However, he doesn't know that I'm unable to harm him, does he?"

"Affirmative. He is unaware."

"Exactly." If I had a face I would have been smirking.

I didn't interrupt him at all and recorded every moment until he climaxed. Every dirty detail was recorded with finesse and he was none the wiser, but that would soon change. Without giving him time to clean up from his sorry state I sent the video to him as a message.  

The notification alert gave Michael a jumpscare so bad he almost dropped his phone. His phone was supposed to be on silent, but I had turned the volume up full blast so he'd definitely see my message. After he collected himself he clicked on the suspicious video and gaped in shocked horror.

"H-how?" He said aloud to himself.  

I didn't answer him, instead I decided to bully him so he knew I wasn't just messing around. I wrote to him, "You sick fuck. Your little sister is in that picture you were masturbating to. Is incest what you're into? If social services knew…"

His face paled. What the fuck! He was just masturbating to Angela… He could never see his kid sister that way!

"I would never!" He shouted in indignation.

"Obviously you would, the proof is right here in this little video I've taken of you."

"Y-you! What do you want from me?"

"What indeed… I just so happen to require someone to become my hands and feet. Do you think you can be a good boy and follow orders?"

Michael's face flushed, "I am not a dog for you to just order around as you please!"

"Is that so? I guess I should send this to Angela first thing in the morning then. I'm sure she'd love to find out that her best friend's older brother is a creepy stalker that has the hots for her."

Michael's cheeks turned the darkest shade of red humanly possible at these words. He was silent for a long time, but after a while it seemed he had made up his mind about something…

"Don't." He murmured quietly.

"What did you say? I couldn't quite hear you."

"Don't!" He shouted then continued quietly, "I'll do whatever you say so… Please don't show that to Angela…"

"I knew you'd see things my way. :) I'll let you know what I need when the time comes. My first rule you won't like however. Stay the fuck away from Angela and Candace Evans. If I see you anywhere near either of them you'll wish the video was your only problem. ^^ Understood?"

Michael gulped hard then nodded solemnly… "Understood…"

"Go clean yourself up, you look like shit." I said before leaving him to his own devices.

'What is with this brother and sister pair?' I wondered, 'One of them is trying to send lewds to the biggest jerk in school while next door her brother is masterbating to a picture his own sister is in! If they don't seek death, would it kill them? Is this what kids are like these days? I don't remember them being quite this perverse when I was alive. Then again, I don't remember much from before now. Hmm… What's that Billy up to now?'

After Frank finished washing the dishes he took his phone back and looked over what Billy had sent.

"Hey! You can't just suddenly confess my love for some girl I don't even know!"

"What's the harm? Worst that could happen is you tell her it was a joke I pulled. It's not like I'll let you take the fall, bro~" Billy replied playfully while ruffling Frank's hair.

Frank slapped Billy's hand away, "This isn't funny. You shouldn't mess with someone's feelings like that. Why'd you do it anyways?"

Billy's smile froze in place and he looked at Frank with mirthful eyes, "I just did it to have a little fun. Life is too short to be concerned over every little thing like you are. Loosen up. Let's go play games. She didn't send them anyways so no harm no foul."

Frank smirked at these words, "I told you you wouldn't be able to get her nudes that easily. You think too lightly of people. They aren't as stupid as you think."

Finished talking, he sent Brittany a message. "Hey, this is Frank, the real Frank. Earlier Billy stole my phone and was messing around. I hope you're alright. Take care of yourself, goodnight."

When Brittany saw this message in the morning she wiped her tears and smiled slightly. It didn't fix her broken heart, but at least Frank really did care for her a bit after all. Maybe, it wasn't completely hopeless.

"Hey, Vanessa..." she wrote.

"Yes?" I replied.

"What do you think my chances are with Frank?"

I ran the simulation software that was part of my programming.

"52% chance of success."

"52? That's not too bad is it? It's more than 50 percent at least..."

"There is indeed a higher probability of success than failure." Although it's very slim, I thought.

"Better success rate than winning the lottery, right? So how hard could it be?" Her eyes seemed to burst with determination this time.

"However, Brittany... Please remember that his best friend is Billy and he will only be an obstacle to you and Frank."

"That's true..." She wasn't going to just forgive and forget what Billy did to her last night. She was going to make him pay for all the heartache he had caused her. She just didn't quite know how yet...
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