Cannon Fodder and Villian Twin Systems Chapter 1: Foodie (1)


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A pair of twins, Xu Lu Jia and Xu Liu Feng had live a relatively normal life. Their parents had died once they had entered college, it relieved the twins of the pressure from their domineering parents that expected nothing but perfection and controlled every bit of their lives. Once Lu Jia and Liu Feng left, they were truly naive in the matters of the heart. Liu Feng is gay and later committed suicide, because he fell in love but was rejected. Ning Song Sui found his body and after his funeral, she dug him up to use him in her system of the protagonists, villains, and cannon fodder.
Soon after he died, Lu Jia meet with a unlucky chance of dying while saving a child. Soon enough Lu Jia became a result of a new system called cannon fodder system, Liu Feng had been the villain system for almost half a year. The two of them had no talent in anything other than their impeccable memory, Lu Jia's eidetic memory and Liu Feng's photographic memory and their absolutely demonic way of learning anything within a three to six month period. Ning Song Sui controlled the system, she left the twins alone and had long forgotten that they were the only once alive people in her system. Lu Jia had been in this fabricated world for about two years before, Song Sui had killed everyone else when the rebelled, but with the twins's years of practice of acting as they were apart of the system was easy. But before her purge one man had managed to damage her main control system enough to allow once living systems have control over themselves. This man Wu Yen, was a father figure to the twins. It was his last chance to protect his surrogate children and ensure that they would be okay before he gave his final breaths for the last time.
~Two Years Later~
Song Sui was already pulled out, when her parents had found out. It was too late to shut down the system, since it was self-running. Not a single person in the real world had found any harm only seeing it as a role playing game online. It mysteriously shut off, then left alone under supervision for the most of two years and then forgotten. A feint silvery blue light peered from the sealed off abandoned room, the system reactivated.
Jia opened her eyes, the body of this girl was no more than thirteen years old, her system showed information about Ling Hua. This body was a sickly pale color, there were old scars covering her back and legs. She was also so thin that one could see her ribs, and she couldn't even move. Lu Jia began to read the information about Ling Hua, sixteen years old, she suffered abuse from her aunt and uncle. Her parents had long ago left the world and left her their small fortune as they were the leading research scientists on a new vaccine for a disease. Her aunt and uncle were squandering the fortune. The male protagonist, Ming Xu Si, is the owner of a small restaurant that later became famous with celebrities. Xu Si was in love with her cousin, Xi Wei. Xi Wei has an appearance of a white lotus, but was nothing but a green tea bitch. She used her friend, Zhong Yuesheng who was in love with her and ended up dying while she schemed to ensure Xu Si's place in the upper class. Xi Wei studied in a famous school that produced nothing but geniuses in every field from art to doctors. She was aware that it wouldn't be too long before her brother would enter the same world, because no matter what they would stand together. This person's wish was only to escape this home and live peacefully. She tried to stand, but only fell into a heap on the ground.
"Wake up! There are guests, there is no time for you to be lying on the ground!" This voice was so sweet that it would make anyone vomit no matter how much they loved sweets. It was none other than Xi Wei, her oh so wonderful cousin. She was dressed as an angel with a beautiful white long sleeved dress with faux fur cuffs and outline, her porcelain face covered with light makeup highlighting how delicate it was.
Ling Hua struggled to get up and could only collapse inside the shower. In her heart she hissed in pain, despite her face wincing every now and then. She came down after some time dressed in only a large sweatshirt and yoga pants, to hide the scars. She was lucky since it was early autumn. She sat down in the far corner of The guest was none other than her brother Liu Feng, or in this world, Yiang Mu Si. Mu Si is a famous food critic and businessman in the food industry. If he approved a restaurant or food, it would be the biggest golden thigh. However, this Mu Feng fell madly in love with Xi Wei at first sight, today he was supposed to ask for the Ling family for her hand in marriage.
"Has Mu Si come to ask for Xi Wei's hand, if so we are sincerely sorry that we cannot give it to you. Xi Wei is already spoken for" Uncle's expression held a sly look filed with greed, "but if Mu Si wishes for compensation then I will gladly give it."
Mu Si made a face of not wanting such a thing,"I only want Xi Wei."
This argument went back and forth until Mu Si reluctantly gave up.
"Then give me her as compensation" Mu Si pointed to Ling Hua. Ling Hua forced herself to stop and kept her face down.
"Tra-ahem- My precious niece! How could I!" Uncle played the enraged protective relative well. In his heart he could not help but celebrate to be rid of this useless brat.
Ling Hua left to pack her bags, already aware of what would be the result. She wordlessly climbed into the car, Mu Si followed.
"Sister, are you okay? In this life Ling Hua is only a stepping stone for Xi Wei" Mu Si immediately questioned.
"Don't' worry Gege, she will end herself by her own hands. This is not as bad as the other times." Ling Hua held a joyful expression with eyes sparkling full of mischief.
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