Bloodlines of the Ancient Pantheons Chapter 177: CLXXVII. The Final Touches


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"Our hierarchy is based on emblems, right? As long as none of us own the n° 2 emblem, the King will have no reason to fear an alliance, which will only benefit the kingdom. My project has nothing to do with King Einar. Personal power has nothing to do with it. The ultimate goal is the wellness of peoples so that even those who are unable to fight can feel protected and safe" said Dag, whose response astonished Taya, who crossed her arms, listening intently.

As Dag, Taya and Gridd looked into each other's eyes carefully, Jens pulled a rolled scroll from his bag and opened it onto the table.

"This is a draft I created. Over time, it will be implemented with new rules and restrictions for participants, but I think it's going to be fine to get started" Jens said, trying to get the other three's attention.

"So? Are these the conditions?" asked Dag again, seeking a concrete answer from Taya.

"Your speech convinced me, boy. The Sons Of Freya accept the offer" she said, standing up and reaching out to Dag.

He looked at his sister, who reciprocated his gaze with a smile.

Dag shook Taya's hand, and soon after, all four of them touched their hands simultaneously, making the deal.

"Perfect! I think a lot of things will change from now on! Now, help me define the final terms of the agreement so we can sign it" Jens said, showing his draft.

"There are some key points that need to be added. First thing... although it may seem obvious, one of the key points is the non-aggression pact, according to which allied factions cannot declare war to each other, either officially or secretly" Dag said, as soon as he noticed that the draft was incomplete.

"Right of passage. I think that's another important thing. The Clans warriors of the alliance will have the opportunity to move freely around allied cities and visit the other Masters, so they can share military ideas and strategies" Gridd said, pointing to the scroll.

"Very well, sister" Dag said, looking at her and smiling.

"Weapons and equipment. The Clans will have to help each other by sharing their arsenal when needed. And remember to write about what we've been talking about so far. The leader of all the Clans will be decided by a fight against the Warchief in charge, which will be held each time a new Clan joins the alliance if even one of his Masters does not accept that his warriors are subjected to someone else" continued Taya, who could not think of anything else.

"But add also, that the Alliance Warchief will not have total power over the troops of the allied Clans. Each Master will keep his charge. This is a power-sharing system, not an abuse. We will all obey as always the only one able to exercise decision-making power: King Einar, Jens" Dag continued, looking at Taya, as Jens frantically wrote about sentences on the scroll, after dipping a seagull feather into a small bottle containing black ink.

Taya chuckled: "I didn't think you had grown so much in such a short time. I congratulate you, Dag. And I am sincerely sorry for Magni's death, I got the news a few days after it happened".

"Thank you, Taya" replied Dag, who was not used to call the Shieldmaiden by name, without the 'Master' title.

"Well, I think we will have an important announcement to make to the citizens of Hevnen and the entire Sjonir region. It's important that they know that they will benefit from the protection of two Clans, rather than one!" said Gridd, enthusiastically, after signing on the contract parchment.

Dag did the same, without speaking.

He still couldn't believe he made it so easily. It was enough to tell the truth about his past and his sincere intentions.

In addition to the happiness of joining two Clans, he felt very relieved after telling Brann's true story to Gridd, who seemed to have reacted positively. 

All four council members signed the contract.

Then Jens got up from the table and walked to one of the shelves on the wall. 

He took a candle and a kind of linchpin, with whom he lit the flame. 

As the fire began to burn the wax, he pulled out a small metal cylinder from his bag.

After a few seconds, with two fingers, he extinguished the candle and pressed with its tip on the parchment: the red wax poured on the sheet, grouping.

He removed the candle and immediately pressed the metal cylinder on the wax, stamping the seal of his Clan.

It was a necklace with a large spherical pendant that wrapped a sword with the tip facing down.

"It's the 'Brisingamen Necklace', one of the symbols of Freya, the Goddess that gives us strength and courage" Gridd said, noting that Dag was looking closely at the seal on the wax.

"It's a very beautiful symbol..." answered him, rotating his head to observe it better.

"While having that gold necklace, able to increase her boundless beauty even more, Freya spent 4 nights with the 4 dwarves who had created it, after they had rejected all the gold she possessed, upset by her splendor" continued Gridd, who seemed to know the story very well.

"Well! So, I guess you don't have your Clan's seal with you, Dag. So we're going to send someone to Temple Of Orn to get the contract approved" Jens said, looking pleased at his typographical work.

"There's no need, I'll go there myself. Rather, I think we should give all this an official name... if you like, I've already thought about it" Dag replied. 

"One word is much like another to me, the important thing is that the agreed rules are respected by all parties" Taya said, regardless of the details.

"What name did you think of, brother?" asked Gridd, curious.

"The Iron Alliance" Dag exclaimed, proudly.

"The Iron Alliance... I like it! Only to pronounce this name do I think of swords and shields, ready to defend the people and destroy the enemies!" replied Jens, getting antsy, as he hopped moving his soft belly.

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