Bloodlines of the Ancient Pantheons Chapter 167: CLXVII. Innsjo


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"Really? That's great! That's why its bottom is so shallow!" replied Dag, stunned by the news, which he had never read anywhere.

After about a minute's silence, he asked: "How far is Hevnen from the port of Innsjo?"

"With your horses, you will get there within a few hours and… we'll arrive in about two hours. I think you're going to reach your destination before tonight. Are you messengers of your Clan?" asked the ship's captain, curiously.

Dag looked at him, trying to guess his intentions: despite the tone of his rude and menacing voice, Emil seemed to be just a normal sailor, who loved the sea and his ship.

In any case, it would not have been prudent to reveal the whole truth to him, it was better to keep his distance.

"Yes, we are messengers. We're armed because this is the first time we've come here to Kvete, and we didn't know what to expect" Dag said, trying to be friendly.

The man nodded, avoiding asking any more questions and greeting Dag with a "good journey, then" before returning to his men to check that everything was proceeding normally.

"Thank you" Dag replied, looking at his friends.

Reidar was watching the scene, while Karl recovered from the seasickness and he and Agnes were in another world, watching Halm slowly disappear on the horizon and fantasizing, hugging.

The boat, although it was large and heavy, had the typical slender shape of the Dreki and as soon as the sails were inflated by the wind, it was so fast that it seemed to fly on the sea surface. 

After about an hour spent sitting on the bow, Dag went to Reidar, who had been left alone.

The darkness of the evening covered the boat and the sea, which looked like a gigantic shadow with no space and time.

Lanterns hung over the doors leading to the hold and illuminated a small space of the deck, where other travelers sat, waiting to reach their destination.

In the distance, dim lights partially illuminated the horizon.

"That must be the port of Innsjo. Or at least I think since I don't see any more lights anywhere" said Dag, who was eager to reach Hevnen to meet his sister.

"I think so, Captain" Reidar said, thoughtfully.

"Hey, Reidar. Here's the deal: tonight we will travel to Hevnen and once we get there, if the members of the Sons Of Freya want to host us, we will spend the night there. As soon as dawn comes, I want you to run to Turid, your woman" Dag said, his gaze lost in the void.

Reidar's face suddenly lit up with joy. 

"Captain... are you sure you won't need my help?" he asked, hoping for a negative answer.

"It's an order, Reidar. If the meeting with my sister goes as I expect, I guess we will have a lot of catching up to do, she and I" Dag continued, smiling.

"Thank you very much!" Reidar replied, bowing his head slightly, with a smile printed on his face.

Karl and Agnes had come downstairs and were probably sleeping, though for a short time.

Reidar and Dag remained on deck talking about Turid and his profession, deceiving time.

Before they could see it, they arrived in Innsjo.

Its port looked much larger than Halm's: as soon as the boat entered its two arms, they noticed two towering stone pillars and at their summit two statues, depicting large felines, sitting looking at the sea, as if they were guards ready for defense.

"Look there, those statues are huge!" Dag said, looking closely at the stone structures, illuminated completely by rows of torches arranged on top of the main port building.

"The locals say that they represent Freya's cats. You know, some of her related animals were felines, symbols of femininity and sexuality" Reidar said, as Dag listened to him interested.

"I think we should go get the horses and warn the two sleepers that we're here" Dag continued, heading below deck.

"How can you sleep all this time? Hahaha!" exclaimed Reidar, touching Karl on the shoulder, while lying with Agnes next to the horses, on a kind of battered mat.

"It's really easy to sleep in the arms of such a beautiful woman" Karl said, stretching and trying to be cheesy, to get a kiss from Agnes, who satisfied him.

The four friends climbed up the deck with the horses and when the boat docked, they went down to the quayside, greeting Emil with his hand.

Despite it was night, there were many boats moored and many people moving with frenzy, from one side to the other.

"Innsjo, in addition to connecting the two regions, is also an important trading hub. Many of these people are on business trips, or have just arrived to sell their wares" Reidar explained to his companions, who looked around in amazement.

They followed the main road, which with a slight ascent led out to the harbor.

The town of Innsjo was very small and in a short time, the adventurers came out, always walking straight and taking the main road, the one to Hevnen.

"If you liked Innsjo, wait until you see Hevnen. The city is big and imposing!" continued Reidar, galvanizing his companions.

"What do you know about Fort Skjonnet, the headquarters of the Sons Of Freya?" asked Dag, trying to figure out how far away it was.

"Finding it is very simple, it is located right in the center of Hevnen, on top of a small mountain that rises over the city center. When I spent my days with Turid, she took me to visit the most beautiful places, and among them, I remember the imposing fortress of the Freya Clan" Reidar said, collecting his thoughts.

"Well, let's move then, in a few hours we will be there!" continued Dag, who was looking forward to it.

The adventurers continued to ride, looking at the surrounding landscape: Sjonir was purely flat, similar to Kvete from this point of view. 

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