Blood demon leveling Chapter 46: Revival


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The first thing Mike, Julie and Rebecca did was to covertly smuggle what was left of Elina into one of Serina's saddlebags, Mike had wrapped her in some cloth so now she really looked like a mommy, after they had put her there they got off the ship and stepped onto Thera for the first time, the port city where they had arrived looked a lot like a city undergoing the industrial revolution from Mike's previous world, there was a mix of wood, stone and even some newer brick buildings, besides that there were water towers sparsely scattered all over the city.

The port city's name was Dornwich, but Mike was not in a mood to care about the name of the city at the moment, after they stepped off the ship it was evening, but instead of looking for a inn to spend the night their first order of business was to revive Elina

"You understand right Serina?"

Serina gave a bark before she melted into the surrounding darkness, now all they had to do was wait for her to return with a fresh fleshly blood bag, Mike leaned his back against the wall in the ally and closed his eyes, the sounds of the evening port city entered his ears for a while until he opened his eyes again, Serina had returned in her maw was a fresh corpse, Mike patted her on the snout and spoke

"Good job Serina"

Serina dropped the corpse on the alley ground and Mike then took Elina out of the saddlebags and unwrapped the cloth that covered her mummified body before he laid her down on top of the bloody corpse, for a moment nothing happened but then the parts of Elina that was in contact with blood seemed to slowly regain its moisture and soon her body gave a twitch before she slowly moved her head and bit down on the corpse with her white teeth, then the corpse slowly dried up and when it had spilled its last drop of blood Elina had returned to her usual self, she removed her teeth from the dried up corpse and looked around, clearly a little confused but then she spotted Mike and hurriedly kneeled down

"Master… Where is this?"

Mike was pleased with her revival and quickly answered her question"Thera, the port city of Dornwich… What's the last thing you remember?"

Elina seemed to recollect her thoughts for a moment before she answered

"Well… We were on the ship… And then…The thirst came… From there onwards I don't really remember anything other than bits and pieces..."

Mike gave a nod before he walked over and got down on one knee in front of her before he patted her on the head as he spoke

"You did a good job Elina"

Elina blushed slightly and lowered her head, her red hair hiding her expression as she spoke

"Your words honorer me master…"

After that the group left the alley behind, leaving a dried up corpse as their only trail before they headed to an inn and rented two rooms, one for Rebecca and Elina and one for Mike and Julie, Mike showed Julie how the water faucets worked which resulted in a lot of interesting reactions and after explaining how they worked (several times) they turned in for the night…

The next morning the group of genocidal maniacs headed out of the port city, they had a couple of days travel to make it to the dungeon city where (unsurprisingly) one of four dungeons of Thera lay, as they traveled Mike got more and more annoyed, the thirst was really getting to him now, but as they traveled they failed to meet any lone travelers, it was all heavily armed groups that graduated merchant carriages, not a single lone traveler that would be easy pickings in sight.

This continued for a whole day, if Mike was annoying before he was an outright asshole now and he even seriously considered draining Rebecca or Elina to make the thirst stop, but just as he was about to decide which one it would be with a coin toss in finely happened, as the group rode on a dirt road with a forest bordering it to the left Serina suddenly stopped and looked into the forest before she let out a low growl, Mike followed her vision and saw nothing, then he asked

"What is it girl, bandits?"

Serina just kept growling, then Mike gave a smile and signaled for Julie that was flying overhead to land, soon Julie laned and asked him

"What's up?"

Mike patted Serina before he jumped off her back along with Elina when they landed on the dirt road Mike spoke to Serina

"Go ahead, pick off their scouts"

Serina gave a bark and melted into the surroundings, then Mike spoke to Julie

"Monsters, but more importantly a source of blood"

Julie gave a wry smile, she had been trying to cheer up Mike for the past day and got nothing for her efforts other than the silent treatment of course, she shook her head before she asked

"What do you need us to do?"

"Hmm… help me kill the monsters, but the two of you better not suck any blood until I have had my fill"

Both Rebecca and Elina kneeled down on the spot before they spoke in unison

'""Understood master""

"Very good… Now let's start the hunt!"

Serina moved ever so slowly, around her spread a dark world, she was unable to see anything, but this proved to be of little importance since her sense of smell and hearing was more than enough for her to 'see' the world around her even the itty bitty gritty details on the monster that was right in front of her, it was bipedal and she could smell the sweet sweet delicious blood that churned through its veins, as for its features it was very much like a human only it was shorter and had only three fingers on its hands with each of the fingers having a long claw, as for its face it was noseless with two holes instead and its eyes were wide and big and its ears long.

Serina didn't know but these were hobgoblins, or hob's as the locals called them, they were the local scure of Threa and hunted in packs picking off the lone travelers and other weaker monsters and smaller animals, but the thing that really defined them as the scourge of Threa was the fact that they were extremely fast breeders and so they would multiply out of control while depleting the natural resources in an area before they eventually would from a 'wave' and attack a local settlement, but of course as previously stated Serina didn't know of this and even if she did she would not care, the only thought that went through her head as she stalked the third sentry was how delicious their blood tested and how wonderful it sounded in her ears when she crushed the skull of them with her jaws before the even more delicious brain matter would spill out in her mouth, just the thought made her salvilate as she opened her jaws wide while slightly tilting her head to the side, the poor(?) hobgoblin didn't even get a change to squeal as its head was crushed in an instant, Serina however was in momentary bliss as she chewed on the severed head making crunching sounds as she chewed the skull into tiny pieces, then after swallowing her prize Serina began stalking the next sentry, which she soon chewed on like the last one, then after circling the hobgoblin settlement a few times she made sure there were no more sentries and then after remembering Mike's instructions to only take out the sentries she began making her way towards Mike and the rest, a few moments she appeared out of thin air right in front of Mike that gave a smile and praised her

"Good girl"

Mike patted her on the head which resulted in her wagging her tail from side to side

"Well then, it's probably a bad idea but let's just blitz them"

Julie tilted her head and asked


Mike gave a mysterious smile and spoke one word


Then he patted Serina on the head before she bolted into the underbrush straight towards the hobgoblin settlement, Julie that was left behind with Elina and Rebecca gave a sigh before a red light flashed in her eyes and she exchanged glances with the two others before she also bolted into the underbrush after Mike, Elina and Rebecca did the same, overhead flew Molly that followed after Julie, up ahead Mike had lowered his body close to Serina as she ran zigzagging in between the trees, the wind whistled in his ears and even though Mike could only barely keep his eyes open because of the wind pressure he could feel it, he was getting closer to a source of fresh blood

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