Blood demon leveling Chapter 40: Bounty


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"Well then let's see what's in the carriage…"

Mike of course weren't going to just let the carriage stand there, he was after all in need of money

'Well there's the money from the two headed Orger too… If the guild has not blacklisted me already that is…'

Mike was fully aware that he had turned into a genocidal maniac but he was simply unable to care, if he had been on his medication however he would probably be hunted by guilt, unfortunately there was no such thing as medical science in this world

"Whatever… Rebecca, Elina search the carriage for valuables… We are looking for high value low weight that's easy to fence"

""Understood master""

Mike was all too happy to leave the searching to the two of them and walked over to Serina that was busy eating one of the beasts that had been pulling the carriage, speaking of it it looked like some sort of cross between a horse and a long haired cow, Mike petted her on the side and asked

"Is it good?"

Serina wagged her tail while she was busy eating, almost as if she was having a hard time deciding between whether she should let herself be spoiled by Mike or eating the beast, Mike took the hint and left Serina to her meal… After about half an hour the group was done looting/eating and they headed back towards the town they had raided to meet up with Julie, on the way there Elina and Rebecca showed off their loot, they had managed to find a hidden compartment in the carriage where the merchant had hidden some valuables which included some gemstones and several pieces of jewelry among with about 15.000 in cash which plus the saving they had was more than enough for the journey to the nearby island that Julie said had a dungeon, as for the carriage they set it alight with some igniter paper along with the other goods after stuffing it full with bodies, which was Elina's idea

'Elina and Rebecca might act all cute and proper but they really like gore now… I wonder if dying has changed their perspective on life?'

Mike gave a sigh, while he was a genocidal manic himself he didn't really see the need for tearing apart dead bodies and stuffing them into a carriage before setting it alight

'Maybe it's me that's out of touch… No it's the children!'

Mike laughed out loud at thinking his own joke which earned him a weird look from Serina but he didn't mind at all, soon the group returned to the town they had raided and meet up with Julie that stood at the gate and waited for them, when she saw Mike she gave a smile and walked up to him and gave him a hug, Mike warped his hands around her and hugged her back, then she asked

"Shall we start searching for some money?"

Mike gave a smile and shook his head

"No need, we found a merchant earlier that donated his and his family's life along with some cash so we have enough for the journey now"

"That's great! Then let's start heading towards the west in the morning so we can leave this low mana density island"

Mike broke the hug with Julie looking a little confused before he asked

"What does mana density have to do with anything?"

Julie gave a smile and happily explained

"Well mana density determines the amount of experience one receives when one kills something, if the mana density is low then the amount of experience is low too and vice versa, it also means that there will be stronger humans and monsters if the mana density is higher"

Mike gave a nod and asked

"Then level 3 people will be more common there?"

"Yeah, not only because of the mana density but also because one needs to be level 3 to migrate there"

"I see…"

Mike gave another nod before he continued

"In that case we will go from being big fish in a small pond…"

Julie gave a nod and spoke

"We won't be able to act wildly there until we reach level 5 or higher, so once we reach the island of Thera I expect you to act accordingly Mike"

"Sure, then let's head back to Morkove and receive our reward from the two headed Orger tomorrow"

"Okay Mike"

The night passed in the now empty town and from there the group moved towards Morkove and arrived after three days travel and arrived outside of Morkove around noon, when it was Mike's turn he showed his adventures card to the guard and noticed at once how the guard paled and double checked Mike's face, Mike gave a slight smile and asked

"Is something wrong?"

"N-No please enjoy your stay in Morkove"

Mike gave a nod and walked by the gate along with Serina and waited for Julie and the others that soon arrived, Julie asked Mike

"Did the guard also act weird when you passed the gate?"

Mike gave a nod

"We might not want to extend our stay in Morkove… I think they are onto us"

"I agree"

With that decided the group quickly made their way towards the guild, along the way Mike noticed that adventures were looking at them with greed clear in their eyes, a couple of them even followed after them

'Well this is sure to be good…'


Mike looked back and saw Rebecca that just had called out to him

"What is it?"

"Do you want me to handle them?"

"...Nah, let them follow us to the guild I have a feeling that this is going to be more interesting that way"

"Understood master"

When the group eventually arrived at the guild there was a sizable gathering of people following after them, Mike however ignored them and walked into the guild along with Julie, Rebecca, Elina, Serina and Molly. Once the group walked in the air in the guild seemed to freeze up slightly and the usual lively guild quilted down a bit, Mike looked around before he walked over to the request board where he spotted a picture of himself, Julie, Elina and Rebecca

"Oh… This is interesting…"

Under the painted pictures were a description of their crimes along with a sizable half a million bounty on each of them, Mike however just gave a smile and picked the bounty on himself and walked back to Julie and asked her

"Did they get my picture right?"

Mike held up the bounty paper next to his face, Julie compared the two of them for a bit before she shook her head and spoke loudly

"No they clearly got the eyes wrong"

Mike gave a nod as silence spread over the guild, the only sound were people drawing their weapons, Mike's smile widened slightly before he walked towards the reception, the people that stood in front of him parted like the red sea as they watched him closely, Mike arrived at the reception and laid his bounty on the counter before he spoke to the receptionist that was pale with fear

"I am here to collect a reward"

"P-P-Please wait a moment!"

The receptionist ran away in fear, seeing this Mike gave a sigh and waited patiently until a few minutes later when a middle aged man stepped out from the back, Mike could tell that this man was level 3 at a glance and therefore he probably was the guild master of the Morkove guild, while he was dressed in casual clothes he had a sword on his belt and held the grip tightly with one hand as he looked at Mike then at Julie that stood next to Mike, then he walked up to the counter and asked Mike

"...What can I do for you?"

Mike gave a smile and put his hand on the bounty before he moved it across the counter so the guild master could see it clearly

"First off I would like you to update this as we raided another town 3 days ago, right before we crushed the punitive force sent for us"

The guildmaster looked down at the bounty and then up at Mike before he gritted his teeth, Mike however continued

"Besides that, I would like to receive payment from the two headed Orger we killed the other day"

The guildmaster gritted his teeth even harder before he spoke through his teeth

"You will get what's coming for you soon"

Mike's smile widened before he drew the knife and began spinning it around while he spoke

"Of course I will, but neither you nor anyone in this city has the capacity to punish me, so I suggest that you hurry up and pay me before any of the adventures start something they can't finish"

The guild master tightened the grip on his sword until his hand turned white as he stared down Mike that wore a calm smile, eventually it seemed that the strength left him as he gave a sigh and spoke

"You are one sick fuck you know that right kid?"

Mike gave a nod

"Yeah that's what happens when I don't get my meds"

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