Bleeding Heart Chapter 75: Innocen


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As his companions were getting ready for turning in for the night, Lowks accidentally snuck up on Vixen.

He had not meant to scare her, but he was so used to moving silently that if he did not actively think about making noise he would not. She patted her chest, and glared at him as she calmed down from him tapping her on the shoulder.

Even though he felt bad about it, her reaction had been a little funny. Her shoulders had jumped and she had actually shrieked.

"Sorry," He sighed, "I didn't mean to."

"…" She crossed her arms over her chest and huffed a bit in annoyance at him, "Did you need something?"

"I didn't, but Tira wanted me to take a message to you."

"Always running errands for your sister, aren't you?" Her annoyed look vanished, replaced by a teasing one, "It's hard to believe that she is the younger of you two with how deferential you can be."

"It's not deferential!" He defended himself, "As the older, there is nothing wrong with me helping my little sister out. Besides she's busy with chores and I already did all mine."

She laughed, "You know what Lowks? You totally have the makings of being a hen pecked husband someday."

He snorted, "As if. When I marry it will be to a girl who respects me enough that she would never hen peck me. Even though I will love her enough I wouldn't really mind."

"…" She rolled her eyes at him, "Message from Tira?"

"Well its more of a package really," He held it out to her. He was slightly curious what was in it, but had controlled himself from peeking.

Vixen looked a bit surprised as she took it. "She sent you with this? You didn't peek did you?"

"Course not. I would never."


His curiosity grew even more, but he was sure that she would not answer if he asked. And there was a possibility it was something he would rather not know. So, he did not ask, and he was not surprised that Vixen did not tell him either.

He heard laughter from behind him and turned to look at their guest. The brown-haired man was laughing as he talked with the two brother knights. Seeing the man, he grinned and glanced at Vixen out of the corner of his eye. She had teased him earlier. It was only fair he did the same. "You know, Vixen, I'm a bit surprised…"

She looked at him and blinked, "What?"

"You have not actually flirted with him yet? Are you feeling okay?"

"Hmm…" She looked over at the young man, "Well, I just don't have the heart to, I guess? I mean, look at him, he's the very picture of innocence. It would be like flirting with a little kid. Also he doesn't quite look like he is even fully grown yet."

He stared at her in surprise. When she gave him an odd look from his staring, he patted her on the head, "I'm impressed. You're actually using your head for once!"

He got slapped.

Lowks rubbed his cheek and looked down at the fuming human girl. He had probably deserved that slap.

"Why must you mock me constantly!" She snapped at him after the silence had stretched uncomfortably.

"I don't have to." He shrugged, "You just make it really easy, you know."

"Keep up like this and I'll make sure no girl will ever have you!" She seemed to be really mad now.

"…" He raised an eyebrow at her, "I think you would be better suited putting your energy into figuring out how to actually go about getting a man actually interested in you. Rather than dedicating yourself to sabotaging a single guy's nonexistent relationship. Don't waste your time doing something pointless."

She was quiet, and looked away. Then suddenly he saw her eyes widen and it was almost like she was hit by an inspiration, "You're right, Lowks!"

"I am?" He was unsure how to take her at the moment. What exactly was he right on?

"I need to change my strategy. It isn't working. But I need advice. So please, please help me out? I promise I won't actually make it so no girls are ever interested in you!"

"…." He was not quite sure how to answer that statement. But he sighed, and shook his head, "What did you need help with? I am not going to wingman though."

"Just advice. I would ask Tira but she's never been in a relationship, so better to ask the actual man rather than speculate right?"

"Sure. What was your question?"

"What do men actually want in a woman?"

He shook his head, "Depends on the man, I suppose."

"…" She frowned at him, "Fine. Can you give me a clue though by telling me what you would want?"

Lowks was a bit surprised and more than a little embarrassed but he still gave her an answer, "I kinda like it when a girl is cute. And a little sweet, but not overly so I guess. And my wife would have to be willing to talk back to me on occasion, it would freak me out to have an overly agreeable person… Does that help any?"

"What about height, and is there any caveat that the girl can't fight or something? Does she have to rely fully on you?"

"Of course not. With Tira as my sister, I hardly think that woman have to be frail, you know. But some men probably would be picky on that. And what is this on height? As long as I could pat her head that's all I need."

At that last sentence she burst out laughing. Lowks shook his head and walked away. He was tired of talking about this with her.

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