Bleeding Heart Chapter 68: He Must Be Remembering


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Raven gave a very bright cheerful smile at Dawn as she walked up to him. "Greetings, my queen friend. How fares thee?"

His tone was edged with good humor and she realized with a start that he was having a bit of fun at her expense.

She considered him thoughtfully. There was a relaxed air about him and though he still had just a hint of confusion about him there was also a lot more confidence in how he was carrying himself.

And Dawn did not really mind the good-natured teasing. She was rather used to it. Arrion had spent quite a bit of time teasing her, to the point of nearly mocking her at times. But never quite being actually mean about it.

It was the fact that she knew he was just teasing, perhaps sometimes making her think about how she presented herself as well, that always made her not take offense at what her husband would sometimes say to her.

Raven teasing her felt similar, if not exactly the same. It was good natured, relaxed, and gave a sense of inclusion.

She smiled at him in return, "I fare well enough. Are you ready to continue our journey?"

"Always." His smile grew even bigger, something she had not thought possible, and he let out a soft laugh, "The others could use a bit of time, though."

She nodded, turning to watch as a few last-minute chores were being performed.

She noticed out of the corner of her eye that Raven was fidgeting a little. Twisting something around in his hands. He seemed oddly nervous about something.

But when she turned to ask him what was bothering him, he seemed to be over it. Still grinning broadly, still seeming entirely like himself.

Whatever it was, or if she had been imagining it, she had no idea. Raven though, seemed perfectly fine, so she decided not to say anything. Maybe she had just imagined it anyway.

Very few people could quickly school their features so perfectly back into such a sunny disposition and she doubted that Raven was one of them. He just did not seem to have a deceptive bone in his body.

Though, it was hard to fully read him when his eyes were covered by a white cloth, that also hid his eyebrows.

But that cloth was for his comfort while he healed so she did not begrudge him wearing it.

Anyway, she did not think too much of it as they were needing to get set off for the day's travels anyway.

She watched Raven swing himself nimbly up onto Zyph's back. She quickly lept up as well, settling into her beloved griffon's saddle.

Raven offered his hand to Rex and pulled the kid up as well to join them.

She listened to the two as they dissolved into a rather serious conversation on tricks about catching prey. Rex was listening intently as Raven was giving him tips on how to hunt successfully.

It took her a while to realize what was strange about this. Raven must be remembering more about himself if he is remembering such details.

She smiled at the thought that her friend's life was looking up. He must be so excited. Some day he would be able to just go back to the life he had forgotten and there would be so much happiness from him arriving back.

If he had living parents they must be worried about him. Siblings as well. The woman he loved too.

She would miss him if he left, and she honestly could not stand the thought of never seeing him again. But she was glad for him.

There was no real reason that he had to stay around. While he had made a vow to serve her, any vow he made before losing his memory would take precedence. Nor would she ever want him to suffer. Afterall, he was her friend.

Dawn mused on this as she watched the scenery go by. They were in a lightly wooded plain, that was dotted with remains of an old town nearby and other various structures that looked like they might have been part of a farm or something.

Typical Nix'Ryl ruins. Nothing to be startled at.

It was as they were passing the town completely that Mem said that she needed to part ways with them here. She turned and looked at Dawn, waiting on an answer for her earlier question.

Dawn was not sure how to answer. She had thought of it some, but had yet to come to a conclusion.

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