Bleach: A Dark Soul Odyssey Chapter 1: Prologue


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In a mansion North of Los Angeles, a man in his late twenties sat on a couch in a lavish living room in front of an eighty-inch tv playing Dark Souls III and growing more frustrated by the minute.
He was in part flustered from the game, but the more annoying thing was the forty-something spray-tanned asshole bleeding all over the floor in front of him, testing his patience
"You won't be so relaxed when this is over with," he said from the floor.
"Do you know who I am punk!"
"Yeah, of course, you're the sleazy dumbass who thinks he can shirk on his debts," Lukas said. Without taking his eyes off of the screen.
"Without having someone like me come to bust your knees in;" Lukas looked the man in the eyes. "We all have a boss after all."
After he finished, Lukas returned his attention to the bullshit game to pass the time.
"Fuck you and your boss, Lukas," he said. Spiting a bit more blood on the floor; some happened to land on Lukas's shoe this time.
Taking exception to this Lukas stood up and started kicking the man again still holding the PS4 controller.
Lukas was grinding his heel on the crooks face when he received the text he was waiting to get.
[ Payment has been received. Good work kid. -Cali ]
"Finally, you know Mr.Villanueva you're a real stubborn old man. It was a pleasure doing business with you though. I trust I won't need to come back," Lukas said. Shooting a quick wink.
In his mind, Lukas mused on how much he hated this work it was too dirty, too cruel. Working as a fixer for an ex-mafia old head paid well, then on the flip side. Your job was whatever it needed to be, and today Lukas was, unfortunately, playing the role of debt collector to Mr.Colombo's loan shark.
An act Lukas hated. Villanueva owed over four-hundred-thousand dollars, and Lukas spent the afternoon beating it out of him in the comfort of his home, of course, he wouldn't want to embarrass Mr.Villanueva; Lukas wasn't a savage.
Feeling guilty about having to go so far Lukas looked down at the broken man with a heavy expression. He didn't like this, but he was not leaving without that money. We all have a boss after all.

When Lukas turned to leave he heard a rumbling noise, then a semi truck burst through the glass exterior wall of the house. The truck exploded into the living room plowing through the tv and Lukas mashing them together in a gory mess of human and electronics.
"What the fuck," Lukas said before losing consciousness.

-sometime in the Soul Society-

A blood red moon hung low in the sky during the chilly night.
A young soul was struggling alone in a forest; this was a spiritual battle against a hollow trying to consume his soul and take over his body.
The struggle was intense; the soul's spiritual power was high, and his resolve to live was firm. This contest continued for hours before the hollow gained the upper hand white reishi burst from the boys face forming a blank white mask with two eye slits. The boy gripped at the mask, his blue eyes showing panic and fear. Inside the boys' world the hollow with the head of a wolf and the body of a lion pinned the boy down. The son of a long-dead soul reaper, the boy knew of hollows but had never heard of one this powerful. The hollow bit down on the spirit of the boy.
The boy's eyes rolled back in his head then turned pitch black as the hollow consumes his soul. The howl of a hollow boomed through the forest. The boys left arm began to disintegrate into thousands of reishi particles with his body transforming.

In the sky above a blue portal opened in the sky and a blazing person shot out of it like a comment. Landing directly on the boy transforming into a hollow; the spirit went into the body of the demi-hollow. As soon as the spirit entered his body, the hollowfication stopped. The boy's body fell backward with a hollow mask on his face which shattered after a while.

-South Rukongai,78th district Inuzuri-

A boy with red hair stood on top of a dilapidated building looking up at the stars. Sitting on the edge of the building was a petite girl with black hair.
They sat there in silence enjoying the view of the stars and the red moon.
When a blue meteor shot across the sky on the horizon, disappearing in the trees. "Renji! Look at that," the girl said. She was pointing toward the falling light.
"Wow, have you ever seen a shooting star before Rukia?"
"It's so pretty," Rukia said; with her eyes were gleaming.
"I heard that is you make a wish it'll come true," he said.
Both children close their eyes making a wish with all their hearts.
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