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Hello again to you all.
I am Merry. yeah I know my name was Mar before but my parents gave me merry name because I am a girl now.

although they are little carefree person with easy-going personality.

They are good parents, who care for me.
I am now 4 years old. and today I will go to kindergarten for first time in this life. I can talk nicely now and don't have any problems to speak and words.

My mom is making breakfast and dad is in table eating his breakfast.
he always do it like this.
mom wake me up and dress me up every day.
I slept naked in bed now that I am a girl. because I feel like I can't breathe. if I have clothes on when I sleep in bed so I sleep naked. this habit came with me from my old life.

" Are you excited? to go to your kindergarten school. " asked my mom. she is wearing a apron and making some eggs and bread toast.
" I am mommy.... I want to make tons of new friend " I replied to mom like any normal kid would do.
" sure... make as much as friend you want to!..and yeah Dave is also in same classroom with you. so be nice with him okay " said mother.

" Okay... "merry.
" Hahaha..... don't be like that my princess. you should show him your love. If not, he would be stolen from you " said my mother.
"*humph * I don't have any love for him. He is a pervert , who molested me many times " replied merry.

reason i said molested many time is because.
he always kiss me unprepared from the day of my first birthday. and till now , he do that. if I even let my guard down for some seconds he would kiss me.
and it have become everyday story now.

Dave is totally different from my old life. he is not shy towards girl now. maybe it's because of me but I don't know why!?.. Lastly he is totally a pervert.
he all way find some way to touch me.
one time when we were 3 yrs old. mom told us to bath together and I did as mother said but who would have thought that that will be the day I would be stained. ....
okay not stained as he just touch my private part and grab my butts.
and even tried to put his finger in my hole.....
now you will ask which hole...
then my answer is both.
damn..... I was so scared that I got up from bathtub and run away.
next day mom said again. to bath with Dave and I protested.
but who can win with mother.
I have to go with Dave to bathroom to bath.

but what happened there was most shocking.....
he felt asleep in bathtub and when I woke up. I saw a penis infront of my face, just meter away. and as you may haved guessed it was Dave little long stick.

I screamed and ask Dave what is he doing....
( they can talk now as they are 3 yrs old even though not like adults) Dave said that his father said that the women which is wife of men. suck that part to pleasure the men.
as I am engaged to him. Dave said that I was his wife. so he said I should suck his too.

'Damn it. what kind of father is that.. .. do he want his child to be criminal in young age. '
That was 💭 thoughs of my mind that time.

I said to Dave that we cant do that..... but Dave said why I cant do that.
as I didn't get any excuse I said mindlessly to Dave that " it's because I am still not your wife. so you have to wait till I am married to you. so we can do it " after saying that Dave jump in happiness and ran out of bathroom to tell his father I think.
what did I just said!?
wait till married to him..
damn it.... I just approved of marriage with him...

damn it it's not like me...

right.... it must be that genie story plot.

" Damn it girl. don't blame other for your inner desire." genie shouted alone in the void.
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