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"okay now.....
Finally, I am 1 years old.
today is my birthday party.....
Today mom brought me new clothes. although it's child clothes I am still happy and look like I am able to talk some small word like mommy, daddy and all.
but not so long.
father brough a cat doll to me and I super duper like it..... what got a problem with that.... didn't I said before I have hobbies of girl. and this is one of it. I us to have doll collection in my room before.
and next my mother sister came my aunt and gave me a small watch, which have digital transparent body. which is like rubber and fit in my small hand perfectly.
although I don't know if this was in our old world but if was cool.
I got GPS in it. internet support too and lastly it got it own is system, which is control with my mind.
although I think it's too much advance but still it's good for whatever reason.
Dave and his father too came in here .....
They brought gift for Me but said that they will give it later after my cake cutting ceremony.

All things is fun and guest came and came untill all house was full. I can't even remember now which is my what aunt and uncle and cousin and all. I am too confused.

Finally , It was cake cutting ceremony.
mom came and help me cut my cake and all sang the birthday song.
Now Finally some people gave me gift and wishes me.

And Now finally Dave and his father gift.
Dave father is making Dave walk with a box towards me.

Dave walk like a drunken person and came toward me. I also to support him walked towards him and catch the gift.

Dave gave me the box and waited like he also want to see what I got...
Dave father and my parents said me to open it.
so I opened. I got nice cute stuff toy of pikachu.
I was so happy and it's was so cute, my mom said that I should kiss Dave as a thank you.

I thought 🤔, and thanked In my mind .
as it got no problem as mom said to kiss him but not in lip and I can kiss Dave in face.
so I walk and try to kiss him.
atlast ..... was my biggest mistake in my life.
I tried kiss him in his face.
but look like Dave got other plan.
he move his face and I kissed in his lips 💋.
damn it....
this time it was my own doing.
I tried to pull back but Dave put his hand in my waist and head , and put more fierce struggle to my body.
adults were just looking and laughing and saying like 'So cute ' ' what a great couple '
and damn even my father said " Now that's my son-in-law. "
when I tried to struggle out. Dave even put his tongue in me. ...damn now I am truly molested by him.

1minutes... for 1 minutes I was in hell...
waah... I don't want to live anymore. but I can do suicide also.
and what kind of father are you... you didn't even save me. when I was molested.
humph..... I will teach you a lesson.

now I got so time to breathe and finally big finale was ready to go...
yes, my first word.
when my mom. came to me and asked me " are you okay dear. ?" with care in her eye.
so I gave her a present " MOM..... MOMMY" i said it loudly.
" what.... what did you say..... can you say it again " said my mother.
and other also looked at our side as they heard my mom nervous voice.
and again I said it " Mommy " with happy voice.
" honey.... did you heard that... our girl had said mommy , she said mommy " said mother.
" really . . ..did she said that. ... can you say again my little princess " said father.
Now my revenge time will come.
" Mommy "I said again with a smile.
" yeah... my little daughter can say mommy. that mean she can also say daddy too right..... say daddy.... Daddy " said father.
hehe..... it's now revenge time.
" Fatty " hehe.... how's you like that....
" No no.... princess it's Daddy. Dad... dy. "
"Baddie " I said.
"NO...... ITS DADDY "
Heehehe... I will not say word daddy untill I am 3 yrs old now. hehe.....
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