Beauty and the Beast: Wolf Hubby XOXO Chapter 528: So It Really Is Ho


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When the two mouthfuls of the roasted meat entered her mouth, Gu Mengmeng sank into a deep swoon once again.

In the instant her vision went black, she actually smiled… Too damned blissful! This was just a release!

"Twomeng? Twomeng?" The demon's displeased voice rang beside Gu Mengmeng's ears, but Gu Mengmeng secretly felt good like Ah Q: I fainted! Let's see what you can do about me! Hahahaha!

It was as if time had stopped, Gu Mengmeng did not know how long she had fainted for. She only knew that when she woke up from having held in her urine for too long, the stars had filled the sky.

"You're awake?" The cold voice rang above her head.

This familiar feeling made a shiver run down Gu Mengmeng's spine, yet she did not have the courage to turn around. In that moment, if she had damned seen that giant snake that was as thick as a towering old tree, Gu Mengmeng suspected that she would have urinated on the spot.

"Mi… mi… mighty man… I would like to go release… Could… Could I?"

The demon responded with a "Hmm", then added, "Do it within ten feet, any more and I'll eat you."

"Eh." Gu Mengmeng out on a long face, trying her best to take as big steps as possible, and successfully managed to hide behind a huge tree on her tenth step. She speedily resolved her issue before heaving a sigh of relief and standing up slowly.

Leaning against a tree branch, Gu Mengmeng sneakily poked out her tiny head, looking out.

Huh? No buff and scary snake tail, only a handsome young man standing under the moonlight, filled with devilish energy in his eyes. His long fingers lifted gently, pointing at Gu Mengmeng, then flipped his palm upwards, curling his finger.

Gu Mengmeng shrunk her neck, walking from behind the tree fearfully. She took a closer look and confirmed that the chap was indeed that demon.

It was only that he did not look as scary as he was as a half-orc after his transformation into a human. He had a long, proportionate body shape, which did not resemble Elvis' strong and powerful one nor Lea's lean, fit body type. It was a type of a muscular line between Elvis and Lea's, as all his muscle fibers grow vertically, making him look even more defined. His body had the perfect mixture of strength and softness, the paleness of his complexion was so much it was sufficient to make one boil with anger. Gu Mengmeng had the impulse to give him a poke, because he felt that his skin was so good that a slight poke could create a cavity…

The demon looked at Gu Mengmeng coldly, allowing her to look him up and down. After a while, he finally opened his mouth, "Not afraid of me anymore?"

Startled, Gu Mengmeng immediately lowered her head, maintaining the position of a little eunuch, "Very very very, mighty King you are magnificent and will conquer the world."

The demon sneered, reaching out his hand, palm facing up.

Gu Mengmeng looked at the demon's hand sceptically, then looked up at his eyes, her face clearly writing out the big word "Clueless".

Impatiently, the demon went, "Hand."

Replying with an "Oh", Gu Mengmeng automatically made a fist like a dog who had been trained by its owner on how to shake hands, then placing it in the palm of the demon. She only lacked the stretching out of her tongue and making "Woof woof woof" sounds.

The demon had long and huge hands. His fingers slightly curled, wrapping her tiny hands completely in his.

The edges of his lips curved up slightly, as if he felt it was magical, muttering softly to himself, "So it really is hot…"

"What?" Gu Mengmeng tilted her head, asking.

The demon did not reply, only pulling Gu Mengmeng into the depths of the forest.

Gu Mengmeng did not dare to speak any more, only walking carefully behind the demon, totally not knowing what would happen next.

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