Beauty After Quest Online Chapter 93: It's pretty much useless for mage to train his body.


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Vivula... I am going in.

Yes, Xuan'er...



Boom! Boom! Boom!

Xuan Xuan was training. His body all sweaty from running thoughout the city! His week of rest totally changed as he decided to raise his stamina! Going against the limits of mage body, Xuan Xuan became the known figure in the Haim City just in few days!

Everyone knew that there is weirdo running like madman!

And that was only half of the reason as to why Xuan Xuan became known.

"Dear.... Hy... Hy... ladies... Hy!"

Breathing roughly, Xuan Xuan stopped the party of three! All three ladies that were looking attractive looked at Xuan Xuan with disgusting eyes! He was wearing simple clothes, but from all this sweat, it was no longer simple... but disgusting.

One could see everything through thin fabric.

"Heheh~~ You are so beautiful, wanna go on one round?"

"As if, pervert! Go kill yourself!"


"Thank you! Blurgh!"

The lady immediately slapped Xuan Xuan! As he flew, the past few days flashed through his mind! He was working hard with Vivula, their love becoming more sweet! But explosions were as quick as ever!

The thoughts of creating a skill to raise his stamina were haunting Xuan Xuan, but there was one image stopping him!

And what kind of image could stop the perverted messiah?!


The laughing face of Falling Dance as he uses the spell to raise his stamina!


As he fell onto the ground, Xuan Xuan raised his body!

"I... am... rocky..."

[+2 STA!]

The perverted messiah body title was giving him two stamina now! One slap was worth 2 stamina points! Xuan Xuan stumbled on the road, then resumed his training! He ran through the city, then just like that, the days passed.


"Fight me, beauty."

"Who the fuck are you?"

"I am Xuan Xuan."

Xuan Xuan felt that the current progress of his stamina is far too low. He was so keen on increasing his stamina that he found himself in front of the dojo. Just by looking at Xuan Xuan, the lady who was in charge of the disciples knew that his isn't any martial artist!

He was just one of those punks that shot magics from afar!


"I refuse! First, I want you to... attack me."


"Attack all my vital points! Let me tell you something, beauty! I have trained for more than week, my body is going to withstand everything!"

"Naive fool."


The high leveled NPC sent her attack that was slightly above Xuan Xuan's stomach! As it connected, the huge pain assaulted his whole body! Furthermore, Xuan Xuan felt like he couldn't breathe at all, his eyes going wide!

Losing strength, he fell onto his knees, but his resolution kicked in! Standing up with his utmost effort, Xuan Xuan shocked the lady who was in charge of some martial arts!

[+10 STA!]

'I saw her chest. Heheh, that's good. The pain and pleasure! I shall get the title!'


"What is this idiot doing?"

*Lick!* *Lick!*

Licking his free ice creams, Ryuutem asked the lady who was sitting next to him! Vivula, even though small, was glowing with pure love and charm! She waved her legs happily and answered her friend who shared the ice cream with her.

"Master wants a title! A title that would raise his stamina permamently! His body got musclier from all this running, but there was no title, so he hopes that high leveled martial artist... can bring it out."

"You surely know how musclier he got."


Blushing to such words, Vivula looked down to hide her face to which Ryuutem only let out small laugh! Then, he ate the ice cream full and went sleep! Nothing could be done to Xuan Xuan who hoped to raise his stamina as fast as possible.

He became real man, but the lady hadn't released the tide once!

"It might be really hard though..."

No one answered the lady who was blushing hard.



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Throwing himself on the bench where his servants were waiting, Xuan Xuan took out bottle with water, then completely emptied it. His whole body was sore, pain non stop scratching him from the inside!

"There is no title."


"I told ya."

Well, it would be too good if he got title. Anyway, Xuan Xuan closed his eyes and rested a little. After his strength came back, he took Vivula and Ryuutem for some small stroll! He was known individual, but only few people pointed him out.

Still, it was good! Because Xuan Xuan also had another plan for exposing himself like that.

"I shall start my job."


"What job?"

"As you know, I am otherworlder! I need gold here, but also in my other world! That's why, I shall begin my plan! All money from my job will go to the other world! It was good to have this all attention! I am now completely immune to 'negative eyes'."

Just what kind of job Xuan Xuan wants?!

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