Beauty After Quest Online Chapter 92: Gladiator Pica's potion!


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How does the most depressed human feels?

Well, just from looking at Xuan Xuan, one can get depression!


Sitting on the bench, Xuan Xuan rested his forearms on his knees, his head looking down. The eyes, that usually shine with golden brilliance, were covered by shadows as he looked down. No one could see his eyes, but if he looked into someone...

Then this poor person definitely would get depression.

One minute...

What is sex actually?

The beautiful connection with woman that gives the pleasure to both of them. It shares the warmth, emotions and tighly shows how one cares about his other half! The activity that can bring the most fluffiness and love if one is truly loving his other half.

Or one piece of shattered heart - harem lady!

Xuan Xuan loves Vivula and he wanted to smash her insides, to make them surrender for him! To put it simply, he wanted her to come first.

But he fucking came in one minute.

The slight breeze passed through the fallen messiah and his golden hair that was lacking any luster allowed this wind to carry it for how long it wants.. Simply lifeless, that's how the perverted... Oya, oya, the fallen messiah felt.

Fallen Messiah...

Indeed fallen. His pride and dick hurt so much that he definitely felt on his rod first.

'Vivula... was happy...'

She did it with her loved one, the time truly doesn't matter. And it's not like she doesn't know that this beautiful connection can last a long time. The lady in brothel was enjoying the hard, massive weapon for more than hour!

And it was only one man!

But she loves her master and the deed itself was more important.

That's why, this was failure for Xuan Xuan. He lost his virginity... It was good as well.... It was good, oh yes, it was.

Good one minute.

And that's why it was failure...


Lifelessly sitting on the bench, Xuan Xuan suddenly heard the familiar voice... It was Ryuutem and as he raised his eyes to look at dragon servant...

*Lick* *Lick*

'This madman actually bought ice creams...'

"I got them for free."

Ohhh! What a good thing! Ryuutem's scales only pop off when he enters the battle and in his current form, it's not like he can bring many! But now, he looks purely like human, so it had good effect.

This madman got free ice creams!

For free, so why not just eat those? Also, it would hurt the lady if he actually threw them aside!

The small, cute boy was licking the ice creams happily while the other man was sitting completely lifeless. From the shadows around Xuan Xuan's eyes, one could see streaks of tears falling down...

Those licking sounds reminded him about slippery wet sounds of... the lady.

'I am perverted messiah... I have been calling all kinds of deeds... and I just came in one minute...'

He was perverted messiah, so it hurt him way too much!

"Oh, so you fucked up quickly? Did you even took it out once? It's in and out, in and out. Tsk, tsk~~"


Ryuutem was understanding man. His words made Xuan Xuan open his eyes wide, trembling like fool. As more tears left his eyes, Xuan Xuan no longer could endure his pain.




His name is Bermundooo!

Why three 'o'? It gives better vibes this way!

So who is Bermundooo? Well, this man is a player that works in the mage's shop! The mage is popular Grand Mage of Haim City that many players are 'students' of! He has a lot of shops and players can work here.

Selling potions with the help of 'Shop's system' , they work like in real world and sell potions, staffs and other items that are useful for mage related classes. Everyone can find something here as Grand Mage also throws one of his unique items here.

Bermundooo works here for money, but he also wants to form good relationship with one of the alchemists.

The friend of Grand Mage is good alchemist! Though this alchemist has some problems with his personality, his skills are good and Bermundoo aims for it!

He wants to be able to become alchemist and create his own potions.

Potions are hella usefull, but damn expensive! Furthermore, the better alchemist, the better potions! And once can guess that better potions are also more expensive...

"Life of mage is so damn hard. We need more potions..."

Reducing mana costs is kinda rare. Xuan Xuan is lucky to have a lot of skills that reduce his mana costs. And speaking of Xuan Xuan...


He entered the shop like some gangster! Opening the door so abruptly, he knocked some player down, but the perverted messiah wasn't even paying attention.

Indeed, he is perverted messiah. His mind is definitely perverted... If his body can not follow his desires thoroughly, then he will work on his body from now on.

The virginity loss has changed Xuan Xuan too much! This is only the beginning of his change!


Slamming the desk, Xuan Xuan immediately approached Bermundoo, his eyes still sad, but with the hope brimming inside his heart, there was also some resolution and anticipation.

Nevertheless, he still looked strange and everyone in the shop... thought that he is retarded already.

"I have fucking 76 GOLD! Did you hear me? Yes, that's right. I have fucking 76 GOLD! At this level, this money is so fucking huge I can buy whole brothel.... Yes, brothel! Should I... No!"

Boom! Boom! He slammed the desk few times...

"I love my wife!"

"Dude, this is shop for mages, not rathouse."

"Shut up! Show me your the best stamina potion!"

Bermundooo shrugged! His hand swept and the system window appeared in front of Xuan Xuan! This was the best potion this shop could offer and it was also potion that could be used between 35-50 level.

[Gladiator Pica's Stamina Blood Potion! Grade: XX

- Increases stamina by 50% for ten minutes!

- Level Requirement 35-50 lv!

- 5% chance of awakening one of the special skills from Legendary Gladiator Pica!

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- Cost: 25 GOLD!]


"You must be shitting me! 25 gold for thirty seconds?!"

"Dude, what the fuck?"

It was good potion, but the price and these effects... weren't something that Xuan Xuan was looking for! Furthermore, the limit of ten minutes was as if his sore point from now on! As he saw this, he trembled and retreated...

In the end, he left the shop, leaving Bermundooo angry as he didn't buy anything, but also caused small turmoil in the shop!

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