Beauty After Quest Online Chapter 91: Xuan Xuan becomes the real man, but the road is still long.


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Next Day.

Xuan Xuan logged into the game... Recently, he sleeps with VR Helmet on as it's rather controllable. Only when check ups are close, he asks his sister to take it off! Of course, if he wants to log in into the game, he has to ask nurse which is annoying as one can guess that there are various types of nurses.

Nevertheless, Xuan Xuan was in game.

As he logged in, the sight of two 'servants' immediately appeared before his eyes as that's the first thing Xuan Xuan does every time he logs in.

They are not NPCs, so they must be in their usual forms as long as possible.



However, this time was slightly different! Before Ryuutem could mutter his annoyance of this black tattoo form, Xuan Xuan threw copper coins at his face, stupefying him. One lucky coin stuck close to his forehead, then the rest fell onto the ground!

'What the hell?'

What did he do? Why would Xuan Xuan throw money at him? Ryuutem extended his hand to catch the copper coin, then his eyes went to Xuan Xuan who was strangely smiling... At this moment, the dragon felt like he knows what is going on.

"Go buy some ice creams for yourself, Ryuutem!"


"A lot, so that you can have a lot to do!"


Gesturing his servant to leave by waving his hand, Xuan Xuan found it hard to contain his feelings... There was something he had to ask Vivula and it could be only done when they are alone... So throwing money at Ryuutem, he was asking him gently to leave.

But is throwing money at someone's forehead gentle?!

In the end, Ryuutem left without saying anything. They were within the city, so he had a lot things to do... Buy ice creams... or going to some dojo! Well, with the copper coins, he could enjoy a little of these activities.


"Vivula, my wife! Your quest-"

"Master, I also want ice creams!"


And moments later, Xuan Xuan became all alone.


Sitting by the lake, Xuan Xuan wasn't in mood to enjoy the beauties... Sisters, mothers and aunts... No one could enter his eyes as Xuan Xuan actually hoped for Vivula to fulfill his greatest wish!

She also had the same wish, so what was left... was to do the thing!

He naturally was thinking about losing his virginity! When Vivula spoke 'Xuan'er' affectionately, every last stupid thoughts of her being NPC got thrown away from his head. Though he was convincing himself, the fact that this was the game was inevitable.

But, Vivula became so real, he was ready to do it!

"Hic! Hic!"

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Holding his knees and making some circles in the ground, Xuan Xuan looked like someone who got rejected and it was actually kinda similar! Many people passing by reassured him as they sent their condolences!

Then, the voice of his loved one rang out!



As the small lady approached Xuan Xuan, she hugged him to hide her blush, then the duo stood like that for good while. The time passed and soon enough, Xuan Xuan could see the face of his first lady clearly.

Damn cute he would say!

"Master, d-do you have... room?"

"I don't, but it's easy!"

He took her to closest tavern!

Players only use these tavern for one thing!

Damn perverts!



Closing the door, Xuan Xuan used keys and also checked the system window whether the doors are closed or not. He had to make sure. Vivula's voice told him everything! The lady was willing!

He looked over the doors, but not because he was checking over, but because he was nervous as hell! This is his first time, so he must prepare himself! If not... If he actually comes inside her too fast... then...

Then it would be disaster!

Rubbing his nose, Xuan Xuan turned around and...


He gulped loudly as there was no longer small lady here!

'O kurwa!'

There was tall lady that could reach his head easily! Her mature body instantly stupefied Xuan Xuan as he went all red from looking at her naked. Yes, she was naked as the lady had no clothes for her current adult form!

So as she used her transformation, the little dress of Vivula shattered thoroughly, leaving some small pieces of cloth on her! But within short time, those pieces also fell from her body and Xuan Xuan didn't even follow these.

His eyes were already going up and down incessantly!

"Xuan'er... five minutes passed..."

The adult voice, the adult body! Xuan Xuan gasped yet again, these news shocking him! Five minutes out from ten had already passed! The hell is this?! Shouldn't the time freeze at such moment!

Cursing inwardly, Xuan Xuan stepped forward and his hands awkwardly touched Vivula's breast! That was the first thing that entered his eyes when he saw her for the first time, so his body followed it!


Those were indeed milky bombs! Fuckings mountains! As Xuan Xuan's trembling hand sunk into her chest, Vivula kept moaning as she found it pleasant, funny and embarrassing indeed! But her resolve was actually higher than Xuan Xuan, so she quickly composed herself!

No longer embarrassed, the lady hugged Xuan Xuan and they both ended up in bed in mere seconds.

"Vivula, how bold! That's my wife!"

This was indeed good attempt to hide his nervousness! Of course, Vivula sweetly smiled, then her lips approached Xuan Xuan to completely seal this nervousness in her master's heart! Her whole body pressed against his, but the perverted messiah still had his clothes!

What a fucking idiot!

"Let me take... these off..."

"Exactly! Yes, yes! Do your job, my wife!"


The nervousness wasn't sealed thoroughly, but this kind of master was also cute! Her laugh was slowly soothing the heart of perverted messiah, but as she lightly took down his pants, the beast of Xuan Xuan popped out.

Naturally, he was all naked at the top.

And this is where the Vivula's research comes in handy!

"Ah! It's so big~~"

"Umu, umu! That's your master's proud beast!"

Actually, when Vivula asked for some ice creams, the lady made her way to the brothel! She risked her life and purity by going here! But the research had to be done! She sneaked over one of the rooms and watched over the lady... doing her job.

One thing is sure, she has learnt a lot!

"Ah, naughty boy, you need punishement for attacking the lady!"


Hearing this, Xuan Xuan made stupid face! His little brother was trembling non stop from all the excitement and it attacked Vivula's hand a little as she took down his pants! The lady immediately used the quote she has learnt and it worked...

Yes, the little brother became more aggressive!

His lips pursed, eyes trembling from how bold his wife is! With all the sweat over his body, Xuan Xuan like idiot watched his wife taking the rod of his in between her chest! This was his desire... yet she took the initiative...

What a good wife... She knows him so well!


Quickly losing himself in the pleasure that his wife has brought to him, Xuan Xuan allowed his mind to wander as the lady grabbed his rod tightly! The tight valley was also moving as the lady grabbed her own breasts!

Up and down! Up and down!


And she spit on his little brother! The techniques learnt from the lady... were indeed heavenly! With her chest going up and down, Xuan Xuan completely lost as he kept groaning! His head was thrown back and the immense pleasure swept over his body!

His eyes actually saw how the mature Vivula spitted on his rod! It was so damn seductive and mesmerizing he felt like exploding.

But the man had prepared himself well!

"Mmm! Mmmm!"

Giving her best, Vivula was also giving a lot of cute moans for Xuan Xuan! Her mountains completely swallowed his rod to torture him with the pleasure out of this world! As she bounced, her own place also began itching hard!

"Master... two minutes... left..."


'This fucking time limit!'

Raising his head, Xuan Xuan locked his eyes on Vivula, but the moment he did, his rod trembled and the white explosions of seed erupted!


He actually couldn't withstand the sight of Vivula working around his rod attentively. Her bright red eyes looking over his little brother while those two soft hands kept pressing these two mountains against his rod!

It was so warm and good! Her mouth was also a little opened to provide saliva! The silver link on her chin was destructive as well!

Just this sight alone was enough to cause Xuan Xuan to explode! His white shot splashed on Vivula's cheek!

As the lady let out surprised scream, her eye closed! With the other one, she kept looking at her master's rod that was like fucking geyser. It kept releasing white hot liquid for her like there was no end!

It completely sullied her face, neck and breasts that were glistening even more! The mixture of sweat and his white seed somehow filled Xuan Xuan with pride! The pride of man!

But he had yet to lose his virginity!


Then, the lady let out scream! Her body began transforming and as Xuan Xuan saw it, he immediately closed his eyes...

Ten minutes are simply too less!

"Master... Let's wait... soon..."

Yes, they had to wait six hours...

"Let's wash each other!"

Of course, Vivula was all happy and ready for another round!

After six hours, the lady told Xuan Xuan to close his eyes! As perverted messiah complied, his heart was pretty much calm! He spent a lot of time with naked Vivula! Their time in bathroom was full of jokes as they talked affectionately while hugging each other.

As the lady transformed into mature woman, Xuan Xuan immediately took her into princess carry! Both of them landed in bed with Xuan Xuan at the top!

"Xuan'er... Please, fuck me!"

Oh, another quote from the lady! The wife of perverted messiah has worked a lot! She shared her experiences with Xuan Xuan, so the black mage was even more brave this time.

His body all naked, Xuan Xuan took his rod out!

"I will, Vivula..."

Xuan Xuan brought his rod close to Vivula's juicy garden! His whole body already overshadowed her and with small help of Vivula, the perverted messiah finally soaked his rod inside the lady's body!



Both of them let out voices!

Feeling the hot insides of his wife, Xuan Xuan was actually the loudest! He pushed his rod slightly further as it was mere tip now. Going deeper, he felt like coming at instant! Her pink walls clenched Xuan Xuan so hard he had hard time enduring!

But this was love! The pure love of his woman! Biting his lips, Xuan Xuan leaned down as he kept pushing forward!

And the lady feeling this moaned, biting Xuan Xuan's shoulder as he got close! Her arms wrapped around Xuan Xuan's back tightly and as he reached small barrier, the lady let out the painful scream that made the perverted messiah too nervous!

It was the proof of her purity!

The virginity! He had to break this shit and give the utmost pleasure to his wife!

"Vivula! You know I would never hurt you!"


Completely melting into Xuan Xuan, Vivula could only let out moans of both pain and pleasure! Her whole body glued to Xuan Xuan as he began breaking her insides! His rod was also overwhelmed by the pleausure of her burning garden!

Soaked in her love juices, Xuan Xuan won the battle!

He broke everything and as he did, his rod swelled hard!


"Ahhhhhh! Xuan'er! Xuan'er! Ahhhhhh!"


His white seed gushed out madly! It completely filled Vivula's insides and from the feeling alone, the lady knew that he came harder than before! As the white seed of perverted messiah kept coming, Vivula tightly hugged her master and enjoyed the hot liquid inside!

Though she herself didn't come, she was happy with master!

Stroking his golden hair, the lady enjoyed their bodies being connected! And there was already tremendous satisfaction thumping inside!

"I love you..."

"I love you."

His answer was quite quiet! Xuan Xuan's head was buried within pillows and the reason for it was not exhaustion! All because everything happened... in one minute...

Yes... One minute...

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