Beast of Dreams Chapter 1: ~1~


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                    ~ Chapter One~

Silence filled the car as the group drove home, the faint hum of cars passing cars wormed their way into the silent car adding a slight calming effect to the air.

A young girl was leaning against the window, watching at the trees quickly passed by. Her long black hair was braided to the side and was slightly tucked underneath the wolf hood she wore. Her bright hazel almost gold eyes stared in wonder out into the darkness that was the night.

The flicker of a light caught the edge of her vision, curious she turned her attention to find red truck colliding with the one she resided in.

The force of the crash sent her head back, causing her to slam her head harshly onto the back of her seat. The impact caused black dots to cloud her vision as her head collided with the back of her seat.

Dazed the young girl fiddled with her seat belt, With the push of a button she was able to free herself from the cage of a seat. She looked forward only to notice her friend and his mother bleeding and unconscious.

Shakily the young girl moved up to the front of the car to help her friend and his mom out of the car. As quickly as her small hands could she undid the buckles of the seat belts.
Turning to look around she found the left back door gone. With what little strength her frail body could muster she moved the pair from the car. Dragging their bodies slowly, the girl managed to fully remove the pair out and away from the car and crash site. Not even a minute later both cars exploded sending the young girl back. The force of the explosion caused her to lose her footing near the top of a hill.

The girl tried to catch herself on a root but failed. As she tumbled down the hill, she passed over rocks and fallen branch. Tucking her knees to her chest she curled into a ball to keep the damage to a minimum, moving her head to rest between her knees she continued to roll until she hit a rock which sent a jolt of pain through her fragile body. The impact of the rock upon her back caused her to release her ball like shape. This was a mistake she realized as her head collide with the rock sending a sharp pain through her skull finally knocking her unconscious.

Threw her fading vision she witnessed a nimble creature stalk towards her. Unable to keep her eyes open any longer she shut them and swiftly drifted into the darkness of her mind the figure of the creature never leaving her memories.

                   ~ Chapter one ~
                            ~ End ~
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