Bearer of the Red Lotus Chapter 23: Heaven as a witness


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Ye Yuyan's red lotus spun rapidly as the final blockade of heaven came down. The bearers dissipated into light spots leaving only their auras behind.

The green auras started pulsating with energy like a strange lifeform. The red auras transformed into an all-consuming scarlet flame that left nothing more than cinders in its trail. The dark energies transformed into various inscriptions and symbols constantly changing form.

"What dao tribulation is this?" Nesilia questioned as more auras started to appear. At that moment the yellow aura started to phase in and out of existence as if it existed in two different realities.

"The Dao of Derivations!" Maven said astutely as another aura, this time it was a 9 colored lightning and it transformed into a furnace.

"Each of these used the 5 elements as a basis and derived a new dao!" Maven said as a sword exploded out from the metallic forces.

"The strength of derivative dao is higher than most but far too variable." Maven couldn't help but say as he shook his head.

"But to test master heaven has brought down the strongest derivatives it has." Maven said praisingly.

With his last sentence, the blue aura transformed into a hundred different illusions and the bloody aura transformed into a bloody snake with ravenous eyes.

Inside each aura was the nomological inscriptions of the grand dao. The red, blue, green, yellow, and chrome auras came together.

They each moved to an equidistant point from one another forming a pentagon. The furnace moved to the center of the Pentagon and opened up releasing a 9 colored light.

The crimson aura shot through the sky and burst into the furnace sealing it shut and suddenly a 9 colored light covered the sky.

"This...impossible! How is the dao of derivatives fusing with the 5 elements?!?" Maven yelled as he covered his eyes from the 9 colored light. Though the light looked harmless if one looked too long then they could lose their vision permanently.

"What are you talking about?" Nesilia said quizzically as she raised a divine mist to cover the 9 colored light.

Only Ye Yuyan who sat atop his lotus stared at the formation with no emotion. Nothing could shake his dao heart, whether it was heaven, man, or earth.

The 9 colored light settled down as the formation condensed down slowly. The auras came closer and closer making the pentagon smaller and smaller.

Then once it was next to the furnace the formation fused right into it and suddenly the furnace started to shake rapidly. The valley joined in as the graves started to shake as well, Illathar who was trapped in the ground finally found a way to free himself and jumped out.

"Illathar?!?" Nesilia said as her attention turned toward the escaping Illathar. Illathar formed ice under his feet as he glided along it with haste running towards the edge of the valley. He raised a claw filled with darkness energies intent on opening the portal and fleeing.

"Who said you could leave?" Ye Yuyan said as he gave Illathar a cursory glance. Illathar felt all his hairs stand up and felt a cold sweat drip down his back.

"Sacrament of the Blood!" Ye Yuyan roared as his eyes turned into blood saucers. The red lotus hummed in response as the first leaf released an unending amount of frost mist.

"Frost propagation! The same laws as Illathar!" Nesilia said with surprise as the mist transformed into blue chains that grabbed onto Illathar pulling him closer.

For Ye Yuyan's first revolution of his lotus, he devoured both the blood and soul of Illathar according to the Sacrament technique he mastered.

Illathar's body struggled as he ripped off one of the chains. Nesilia couldn't help but shake her head. Illathar had already changed his laws although it could hold him back it couldn't seal him for long.

"Do you think this can hold me back?" Illathar growled as his body continuously struggled.

Ye Yuyan's eyes met Illathar's and Illathar noticed an almost playful look in his eyes. Ye Yuyan's mouth blossomed into a serene yet disturbing smile.

"Just give me a moment." He said as he turned his attention back to the furnace. The furnace opened up and from it exploded a blood aura that ascended to the skies like flames. Suddenly a hand reached out from inside the furnace, and then a person walked out.

It was a young man of no more than 20, who wear red robes and had an elegant demeanor. Looking closely one could see a major resemblance to Ye Yuyan but instead on the person's glabella was a red lotus.

All over his body were various icicles and sword marks that added prestige to his demeanor. Nesilia and Maven looked at both of the Ye Yuyan's with great surprise, unsure of what was going on.

This was a special type of tribulation, there are three types of calamities. An earth calamity, a heavenly punishment, and the tribulation of man. This was a tribulation of man which was the most dangerous of all yet Ye Yuyan remained unperturbed.

He stood up from lotus form and the red lotus started to rotate rapidly. It condensed down to the size of two fingers and flew to Ye Yuyan's forehead fusing with him.

Ye Yuyan tightened his fists as his massive aura ascended to the skies. From his body came the power of 3000 Daos, bloody sword forces, and a frozen end world.

The Man tribulation acted at that moment shooting multiple streams of cold auras. The energies blast across the sky leaving a trail of frost. Yet the moment the cold auras neared Ye Yuyan they dissipated into nothingness.

The man tribulation acted again this time shooting hundreds of sword marks filled with slaughter force. Yet once again the sword marks couldn't even approach Ye Yuyan.

The man tribulation looked confused as it blasted out with all the forces in its body. Yet nothing could even near Ye Yuyan who stood calmly overseeing.

"Trying to mimic my power. What a pathetic attempt." Ye Yuyan said as he condensed a crimson aura on his pointer finger and tapped out into the air.

Suddenly the crimson aura transformed into a sharp sword beam that shot the man tribulation through the sky. It flew 30 meters only stopping once it hit into the valley floor. Ye Yuyan's floated down following the man tribulation's body.

Illathar at that moment just barely succeeded in ripping off the chains and was about to slash the void opening the portal.

Yet as he slashed down the dark energies on his palm dissipated. He couldn't help but look confused as Ye Yuyan floated down from the sky and next to him was a sudden booming sound. The man tribulation and hit the ground right next to Illathar.

Ye Yuyan coldly looked as the man tribulation tried to get up and Illathar turned to Ye Yuyan as he put up his frost guard.

"Human, let me go and I will serve you." Illathar said shamelessly, he had already grown to fear Ye Yuyan from just what he had seen today. He knew the only way he could survive now was to make himself useful.

"I can give you the secrets to Heaven's Realm and the grave over there." Illathar said as he pointed to the massive tombstone at the center of the valley.

"Haha, how interesting! You know what lies in there?" Ye Yuyan said curiously as touched his chin.

"Of course!" Illathar said frantically trying to flaunt his knowledge. Ye Yuyan shook his head as if acknowledging him, Illathar relaxed his guard lightly.

"Well, what if I said there was nothing at all?" Ye Yuyan said with a playful tone, his demeanor seemed as if he were talking to a child.

"What?!?" Illathar said with complete surprise then what had he seen?!?

"It has been interesting, but you both can die now." Ye Yuyan's eyes went cold with his words in a sanguine aura gathered in his palm and he slammed down on the ground. The whole valley started to shine with a blood light as the graves throughout hummed.

Hundreds of blood chains shot out from each grave and wrapped around the heavenly furnace in the sky. The furnace suddenly started to descend to the ground as the chains pulled it out. The furnace was 100s of meters tall, it was almost as big as a small mountain.

The skies rumbled with anger as hundreds of auras shot down trying to destroy the chains. But for each chain lost a new one would form from the grave.

"What is this?!?" Nesilia yelled as she used the divine clouds to float herself away from the chains and combat.

Maven followed suit as he stepped on various dots of moonlight ascending to the sky away from the chaos on the ground.

Ye Yuyan's red lotus hummed with power releasing a terrifying suppressive aura that held down Illathar the man tribulation. At that moment the furnace slammed down right in front of the grave, making the whole valley rumble.

Ye Yuyan guided the blood chains to flip the furnace lid off, and a 9 colored fog shot out flying to the sky.

The inscriptions on the tomb started to shine, the words on the grave shone in the sky: "Here lies my body with heaven as my witness."

"Now here I am with heaven as my witness." Ye Yuyan said finishing the quote and suddenly the ground below the furnace started to shine. A sky burning scarlet flame shot out from the ground lighting up the furnace.

"A witness of my heavenly creation." Ye Yuyan said with a devious smile and eyes as cold as heaven above.

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