Bearer of the Red Lotus Chapter 22: Throne of the Eternal


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The clouds continued to rumble with anger as the 9 colors flashed. The clouds started to part as hundreds of strange auras and qi emerged.

One qi was violet energy that was vibrating at increasingly faster speeds, another qi was red and changed into various beast forms every moment, and another was a light yellow qi that constantly split in half generating more qi.

Each of these qi represented a minor dao, the first was the minor dao of vibration, the second was the minor dao of transmogrification, and the last was the minor dao of replication.

Hundreds of other strange qi emerged: the minor dao of raindrops, the minor dao of enslavement, and the minor dao of motion.

The qi's covered the entire sky numbering 1000 different minor Daos. Ye Yuyan remained seated on the lotus while holding a calligraphy pen in his right hand and a scroll unfurled along his lap.

Suddenly the clouds started to churn together and created a funnel. The 9 colors flashed in the center of the clouds as the black was pushed to the edge.

The color white came to the forefront of the clouds as it spanned the whole sky leaving the black edges. It made the sky look as if it was a blank canvas and then the other colors died down.

Scattered across the sky were the auras of the minor Daos but compared to the white sky they seemed like insignificant specks.

Nesilia looked at the Blanche sky with disbelief, when had the sky ever been completely white like a wall?

"What is this tribulation?" She asked hesitantly to Maven.

"A minor dao tribulation." Maven astutely said as his eyes were glued to Ye Yuyan's form. He couldn't help but admire him from the bottom of his heart. He was a man who could stand calmly in the face of adversity and defeat it with charm and grace.

At the forefront of all the auras in the sky was a quill formed from black auras. The quill started to inscribe on the canvas sky.

"What lies in the vault of heaven?" The quill beautifully wrote with sharp yet soft strokes in the sky.

Ye Yuyan raised his calligraphy pen gathering dark qi on the tip of it and started to write in the air. His long and flowing strokes started to appear in the sky, writing a response to the question.

"In the skies are heavenly secrets!" The moment he completed the last stroke, 333 of the minor dao auras shot down from the sky. The red lotus under Ye Yuyan started to spin as the 3rd leaf accepted the incoming auras.

Imprinted all along the leaf were 333 different phenomena, the originally disorderly auras capitulated as they remained within the confines of the 3rd leaf.

"What dao is that?" Nesilia asked quizzically

"The Minor Dao of Calligraphy! Master has brought such a minor dao to such a high stage, how incredible!" Maven said praisingly, his eyes were filled with an almost zealous light.

The quill proceeded to start writing underneath the first response: "What lies on the earth?"

"A path for one to travel." Ye Yuyan whispered as he wrote once again.

"What lies in a man?" The quill wrote with haste, the clouds rumbled as if demanding an answer.

"A will to live by." Ye Yuyan said in response, the heaven's seemed pleased at that moment as another set of 333 minor Daos funneled towards the third leaf. The leaf was now 2/3 filled and the auras started to revolve around one another to the hum of a heavenly principle.

"Then what is a man, who lies on the earth and gazes at the sky?" The quill frantically inscribed at the bottom of the canvas awaiting the final answer.

"A man who lives by his will traveling along a path to heavenly secrets!" Ye Yuyan answered with smooth and strong strokes. Each stroke slashed at the bottom of the sky canvas completing the poem.

The final set of 333 minor Daos came down and fused into the 3rd leaf. It started to hum with various lights from all the Daos as it became almost completely saturated. But there was left a single empty point on the leaf and in the sky was one last aura, the aura of the quill.

The black clouds on the edges furled up the white canvas like a scroll, as the black strokes remained on the canvas. In a moment the scroll was completely furled up and sealed and the quill floated next to it.

"What is in your heart?" The quill wrote in the air in front of Ye Yuyan this time. Ye Yuyan closed his eyes started to contemplate.

"What does it want?" Nesilia couldn't help but ask Maven as confusion set on in her eyes.

"It wants a title for the poem. The heavens are judging his dao and his dao heart. If he answers wrong he will be devoured by the will of heaven." Maven said with a slight bit of apprehension, he could still see Han Yi writhe in pain as the will of heaven devoured him entirely leaving no trace of his existence.

Ye Yuyan's eyes slowly opened and in them appeared a horrifying phenomenon. It was as if a universe started to form in his eyes and it lived out its entire course until its eventual destruction the moment his eyes were fully opened.

With the universe completely obliterated all that was left in Ye Yuyan's eyes was a sense of cold impartial judgment that viewed all things as equal.

"As a child, my heart sought only truth, serenity, and peace. What I sought was the life of a scholar." In front of Ye Yuyan manifested strange phenomena, a young man sat a pavilion with a cup of tea in front of him.

To his side was a beautiful woman dressed in a frilly white dress, she smiled coyly at Ye Yuyan who was sipping on his tea. At the top of the pavilion was a large sign with the character for truth and at the bottom was the clan name, Ye!

"Ye Clan, it can't be how could he be from the Ye clan?!?" Nesilia yelled with sheer disbelief, she knew of the Ye Clan. They were the preeminent bloodline king family in the eastern land if not the world!

"Later as I grew my heart changed and I sought the past. What I sought for was a life of my own." The previous phenomena faded away as a new appeared, it was a young man in blood red robes.

His eyes shined with intense malice as a swirling river of blood gathered around him. Coiled around his right arm with a black snake, his every step inspired fear in all that saw him.

In front of the young man was a spectral old man who was fleeing with intense haste, the young man slowly followed behind with a demonic smirk blossoming from his lips.

"This...This...This!" Nesilia's surprise went through the roof as she watched this bloody young man hunt down the specter. The young man's body looked as though it was a condensation of supreme laws. She couldn't even estimate what his cultivation was.

"Now my heart has seen through the dao and I seek the future. What I seek is the Throne of the Eternal." With this final declaration from Ye Yuyan, the heaven's started to rumble as the scroll and quill came down and fused into the 3rd leaf.

Suddenly the leaf became completely saturated as it shined with 1000 light spots and called to the heavens. The sky became filled with various colors as they each manifested into a silhouette.

The color blue became a demure young woman in a blue robe and gathered around her were dots of moonlight.

The color red manifested the young man in red robes, coiled around him was a serpent.

The metallic chrome color manifested a middle-aged man, his entire body was massive and muscular with a white tiger cowl on his head and a sword at his side.

From various colors together came about a Qilin, the Qilin left streams of lightning with its every move through the sky.

The color black formed a black turtle with a snake coming off the shell as if it were perfectly fused with it.

The color scarlet formed a vermillion bird that screeched to the heavens around it were flames that distorted reality.

The final one was the color green, which formed a massive tree that reached towards the firmament and released intense vital fluctuations.

The woman, man, and middle-aged man were separated to the rightmost side. At the middle was the Qilin and to the far most left was the turtle, vermillion bird, and great tree in that order.

"Roar!" The beasts roared together, and the humans joined screeching with their various powers. The sky was instantly lit up with intense qi fluctuations that seemed to transform the valley.

Ye Yuyan's cold eyes scanned over the various beings in the sky, these were the people that stood in his way, not Han Yi, Maven, or Yunshi.

Every one of these people was heralded as a Venerable Bearer! Above all of the bearers manifested an empty throne that had the engraving of the heavenly dao along it.

"Throne of the Eternal, it shall be named!" Ye Yuyan said as he wrote along the scroll in the leaf and the 3rd leaf was complete entirely. With that, the bearers disappeared and suddenly the sky changed as the final blockade of heaven came down.

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