Be My Strength Chapter 69: It's not your fault.


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When their lips touched, he touched her face and murmured, "Morning, my little minx."

"Mmhmm..." She moaned softly when he kissed the side of her neck.

"Argh!" She cried out when he suddenly pulled her down onto the bed. He removed the comforter and climbed above her naked body.

"Aren't you exhausted, you monster!"

He grinned, giving her a mischievous look as he leaned down, "How can I be tired for you?"

When she felt the pain in her lower back, she pushed him away, "DX!"

If she let him had his way, he would be going for another 10 rounds. Her back would definitely break by then!

He sighed and rolled off her. As he looked at her bruised cheek, he gently cupped it and apologized.

"It's not your fault."

He kissed her bruised cheek gently before saying ruefully, "I thought I was invincible. I thought no one could ever dare to do anything in my house...but I miscalculated."

"Hey..." Kai Xin felt bad and she touched his face, "I'm fine now. You came eventually."

Her memory was hazy but she recalled crying in his arms. She recalled being carried by him and what he did to her the previous night.

Trying to change the topic, he asked, "What were you hiding from earlier?"

"Ah!" She stood up and plopped on his chest. As she glanced up at his chin, she asked, "I saw Jack and Lyle coming back in two separate cars."

He groaned. He knew what this means. "Those brats are in a war again."

He grabbed his phone and called Old Mo. So that Kai Xin did not feel left out, he turned on the loudspeaker.

"How are the twins?"

"Young Master Jack ran straight into his room. Don't worry, President Du. The guards have cleared the house this morning. I'll try to talk to him but Young Master Lyle..."

Old Mo turned to look at his Young Master Lyle who was standing outside and staring at the balcony.

"Young Master Lyle had been staring at your balcony for the past 5 minutes."

After he hung up the call, DX glanced at Kai Xin who was deep in thoughts.

She should have known that as his eldest, he would have the same depth of perception as his father.

DX twirled her hair around as he asked lazily, "Do you want to meet him? It's been almost four years since you last saw him."

She turned away and murmured, "No."

DX wrapped her up with the comforter before lifting her so that she was sitting on his lap. He knew she was lying. Kai Xin always asked about Lyle.

If she did not care about Lyle, she would not have asked about him every time they met.

She had asked about Jack as well but the frequency was definitely lesser than questions on Lyle.

She was always unease when she heard Lyle was sick and she would take sneak peek at the twins' photo in DX's wallet just so she can see his eldest son.

DX sighed softly as he played with her fingers, "He doesn't remember much about you, Kara. Don't worry too much about it."

As he watched the myriad of emotions showed up on her face, he thought back to the day when he brought Lyle home.

Little Lyle's lips were quivering when DX carried him into Du Mansion for the first time.

He had refused to be touched by anyone and when Han Ye tried to carry him, he had bit the poor guy's neck.

DX had no choice but to carry the little guy himself.

They saw Little Jack running out with his mother walking gracefully behind him.

Old Madam Du had wanted to visit Little Lyle at the hospital but DX had prohibited her.

Little Lyle's mental condition was a little fragile and DX did not want to trigger him. It was bad enough that his little body was covered with bandages.

For the first few days he was in the hospital, he had been crying for Kai Xin but she had steadfastly refused to visit him.

Out of her own fear, she had been adamant not to build any bond with the kids and DX agreed that it would be better as well.

He was unsure of his own feelings back then and it would only harm the kids if they bonded.

It took DX a lot of efforts before Little Lyle would open up to him. Even then, he would be very curt with his father and he would often answer using a single word reply.

When Little Lyle tightened his grips on DX's shirt, DX gently comforted him by rubbing his back, "It's OK, Lyle. He is your brother and your grandmother. Do you remember him?"

Little Lyle glanced down at Little Jack from the safety of his father's arms.

He had vague memories of a brother but... He turned away and rested his head on DX's shoulder.

The little boy hid his face in his father's chest and shook his head. He was overwhelmed by the new environment and he muttered softly, "No..."

As he patted his back, DX gently whispered to him, "It's fine, Lyle. Take your time..."

He glanced down at Little Jack who was pouting. He frowned when he saw the difference between the two.

Maybe because they had different experiences, one was more outspoken and the other tends to withdraw into his own shell.

As he adjusted the one on his arms, it scared him to realize how much lighter Little Lyle was compared to Little Jack.

He caressed the back of Little Lyle's head as he thought sadly, "It's my fault...I'm sorry... "

DX knew that Little Jack had been waiting for his twin but he had to prioritize Little Lyle's well-being for now.

"Jack, Lyle's not feeling well. Is it alright if you talk to him later?"

Even though he was reluctant, Little Jack nodded.

He merely stood there sadly with his grandmother as they watched his father walked up the stairs.

When Little Jack saw Little Lyle peeking at him, he waved wildly as he shouted out, "Welcome back, Lyle!!! I love you!"
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