Be My Strength Chapter 446: Epilogue


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Another 3 years later,

A private plane bearing the crest of the Du Family on the side of its body landed in an airport in Zurich, Switzerland.

Once it was safe to leave the plane, the passengers slowly walked down from the plane.

The first group to walk down the aircraft ladder was four teenagers, two of which had been bickering non-stop for the last two hours.

It seemed that every few minutes, the topics of their heated discussion would change.

To the adult passengers, it felt as if these two teenagers could argue just about anything under the sun.

"Can you two please stop?!" groaned a man who walked out from the plane after them. He was wearing a white short-sleeved shirt and a pair of blue jeans. A pair of sunglasses were hanging out from the left pocket of his jeans.

Sitting in his left arm was a little toddler who was dressed in the same way except that the toddler was wearing his sunglasses.

With one of his little hand rested on his father's shoulder and his chin raised slightly, he looked at the teenagers as if they were nothing but a nuisance.

"Uncle Callum, tell this brat here that she's wrong. The cutest person on Earth is obviously Emma Watson!" said Jack as he glared at the girl, Quinn.

Due to DX's interference, Judge managed to conclude her case quickly. However, for fear of their safety, they had decided to move back home.

Judge and Layla were still in the US with the rest of their belongings. Since it was the summer holiday, they sent Quinn back first. They would be meeting at the hotel later.

Quinn made a disgusted face before saying, "No! It's not! It's Chris Hemsworth!"

"Urgh!" groaned Lyle as he walked in front of them. He threw his hands out as he finally snapped at them, "You guys aren't even talking about the same gender!"

He had to sit in the same row as them during the flight and he almost committed murder from all the bickering.

"Your siblings doesn't make sense sometimes," said the fourth teenager and the oldest of them all, Tian Le. He was never adopted as a son because he kept refusing to be adopted.

Instead, he chose to be fostered instead. As of this moment, he was the foster brother of Phantom and Han Ye, and he had been living with them for the last few years.

Since they had to settle a takeover deal of an IT company in Lucerne, Phantom and Han Ye had come to Switzerland first with DX and Kai Xin.

They thought that Tian Le would be bored, so they left the teen at the Du Mansion with the rest of the teenagers.

"How about I give one of them to you? Feel free to take Jack. He's the least cute one," said Lyle with a pleading look. Jack was the same age as him, but whenever they were hanging out with Quinn, it felt as if Jack's maturity moved back by 2 years.

Hearing the insult, Jack stuck out his tongue at his twin before he turned to his uncle. "Uncle Callum!"

Callum scoffed, "I don't even know what you guys are fighting about. Obviously, the cutest people on Earth are my twins."

Jack gave him a "we are not talking about your twins" look before he walked off with the rest. Once Callum started talking about his twins, he would not stop until he drowned everyone with his spit.

"What's this about twins?" asked another man who walked out with another toddler. The man had black hair and had his sunglasses on. He was wearing the same short-sleeved white shirt with black jeans, and the toddler he was carrying was dressed in the same style as him. Well, except that the sleeping toddler in his arm was also wearing a black cap.

"Mini-me is asleep?" asked Callum as he turned to look at his "wife" who had just walked down from the aircraft ladder.

Because of his eldest son, who kept wanting to leave the plane, Callum had to come down first, and he told his "wife" who was trying to calm down their youngest son that he would meet them at the walkway.

And the reason why Callum called his youngest "Mini-Me" was that his youngest son resembled him the most.

"Please stop calling him 'mini-me'. I'm afraid that he'd inherit that IQ of yours," joked Ghost. Over the last five years, his hair had slowly turned black and since last year, it was completely black.

"It's fine to be low in IQ… As long as he's cute, he can find a good wife to take care of him," said Callum with a grin as he leaned over to kiss Ghost.

He glanced at the jade necklace that was hanging out on Ghost's chest and figured that his youngest son had probably pulled the thing out before he fell asleep earlier.

Kai Xin returned the necklace to him not long after she gave birth to her daughter. At that time, she told him that his debt was paid and that this necklace should be in the hands of its rightful owner, the wife of the first heir of Shenlong Family.

Following his action earlier, his eldest son did the same and leaned over to kiss his "Daddy".

Ghost smiled and patted his eldest son's head as he said, "Sebby, you stay with Papa and walk ahead of us first, alright? Silas is still asleep, so Daddy has to walk behind. Your cousins are too noisy and they might wake Silas up from his sleep."

Little Sebastian nodded and said with a serious tone, "Bad cousins…" The moment he said that he slapped his Papa's shoulder. He was telling his Papa to hit the teenagers if they dared to wake his little brother up.

Callum laughed a little and said in a babyish voice, "Yes, Papa will hit them if they keep talking non-stop…"

He then turned to Ghost and said, "You're sure about this? I mean, they're teenagers now. They can take a car by themselves… It'd be better if they just get lost in the city and don't bother us until the end of the ceremony."

"Yeah, do you want to deal with your sister-in-law later? Her instructions are explicit. You're to keep an eye on the four of them at all times…"

When Callum sighed, Ghost added, "Don't worry about me. I'm just waiting for Old Madam Du, and the rest to disembark. We'd be in the car right behind you."

"Alright then," said Callum. He leaned over to kiss Ghost on the cheek again and did the same for his youngest son before he walked off with Sebastian.

After a long ride, everyone finally arrived at their destination, The Dolder Grand. DX had rented the entire place, and paid for everyone to come for a week-long holiday… and by everyone, it included the members of the Shenlong Family as well.

After all, it was a big event for them.

In about an hour's time, there would be a grand ceremony to celebrate the marriage of DX and Kai Xin. Previously, due to Kai Xin being pregnant, they could only have a simple wedding. Thus, now that he was free, DX decided to give her a grand wedding.

All of their close friends and relatives would be joining them as they exchanged their vows again… This time, in front of a proper priest.

When Callum and the rest of the passengers who took the same flight as him arrived at The Dolder Grand Hotel, most people had arrived and there were kids running around. It was bustling with life as the organizers rushed around trying to get everything ready and in perfect condition.

Once they were done checking into the hotel, Callum and Ghost went to DX and Kai Xin's room… only to be stopped by a 5-year-old feisty little girl dressed in a lacy white dress with a blue ribbon tied around her waist. Her waist length long dark brown hair was left untied and there was an eye-patch over her right eye. In her hand was a wooden sword and she was pointing it at her uncles as she said, "No entry!". Meanwhile, holding onto her other hand was her three-year-old brother, Wyatt. The 3-year-old was dressed in a white short-sleeved shirt, grey suspenders, and dark grey pants. His curly black hair was swept back, giving him a little gentleman look.

"Well, hello there, Little Monkey. How are you?" said Callum as he placed Sebastian down on the floor. He then took Silas from Ghost's arm and placed him down on the ground as well. The twins immediately ran to their little cousin Wyatt and they started to talk in their human/alien/baby language.

The adults could usually understand what they were talking about, but when they talked too fast, it all sounded like a weird language to them.

"I'm not Little Monkey anymore. I'm a big girl now!"

"Well… Big Monkey…" Callum teased. He then asked, "Where's daddy and mummy?"

"I told you a hundred times before! Don't call me Big Monkey! I'm Daisy!" growled Daisy. She was already 5! How could her uncle keep calling her by that baby name?!

She "stabbed" Callum's abdomen with her wooden sword before saying, "Daddy said that Uncle Callum likes to do stupid stuff, so I can't let you go into their room. Besides, he has locked the door."

Callum frowned a little, "Well, my dear Daisy… Did your dad just lock you outside alone? That doesn't seem like him."

Daisy removed her eye-patch before using her sword to point at a man who was talking to a woman and a teenage boy at the end of the hallway. In a bored tone, she said, "Uncle Han Ye is to babysit us…"

The three were blocked by a huge vase and so, Callum and Ghost who had been distracted by their own kids earlier did not even notice them.

"Also…" She pointed to the CCTV and said, "Uncle ZiYan is watching over us as well…"

Ghost looked up and saw the CCTV moving up and down as if it was nodding at them. He crouched down and took Silas' little hand and used to wave at the CCTV. He then did the same with Sebastian's little hand.

Callum frowned for a moment before he laughed out loud. "Du XiAn. That damn brother of mine. Even until now, he still won't stop touching his wife. Are they trying to go for another surprise?"

The second pregnancy was really a surprise. After the scare with Little Monkey, DX did not want to take the risk again. Kai Xin was on the birth control pill. However, even with a 99% chance of protection, she still hit the 1% chance of conception.

"What you talk about?" asked Wyatt suddenly. When he heard his uncle said something about his father, he just felt an urge to punch the man.

Callum glanced at the little boy looked like a mini-DX and said, "Nothing. I'm just saying that you might have a little sibling soon if they are not careful enough…"

"Huh?" Wyatt frowned. He did not like the idea of having another sibling.

Callum laughed a little before he picked up his twins, one in each arm. Then he said to Ghost, "Let's give Han Ye some time off. We can go to the play area so that these two brats can terrorize the other kids instead of our kids. Why don't you carry Wyatt? We'd be taking the stairs and he's not really good at walking down the stairs yet."

Ghost agreed. Wyatt seemed to have inherited his mother's childhood clumsiness. There was once when he ran away from his mother while she was busy dressing Daisy and nearly fell down the stairs when he tried to walk down by himself. Luckily, his brothers were nearby and Jack caught him before he actually tumbled over.

Since then, no one would allow the little guy to walk down the stairs by himself. He had to either hold someone's hand or wait for someone to pick him up.

Ghost got down on one knee and smiled as he asked, "Wyatt, do you want uncle to pick you up? We're going to meet with your brothers."

Wyatt looked at Ghost for a few seconds before nodding. He had not seen his brothers for a few days now and he missed them. So, he quickly walked over to his uncle with his hands raised high and said, "Up up!"

Ghost laughed at the kid's demanding tone as he picked him up.

Once he picked Wyatt up, Ghost offered his hand to Little Monkey/Daisy's and said, "Let's go with us, Daisy. It'll be much more fun at the play area than guarding your parents' door."

The little girl glanced at the door before she threw her wooden sword away. She was bored guarding over the door anyway, so she happily took her "Uncle Guang Ying"'s hand and walked away with them.


Meanwhile, inside the most expensive suite at the hotel, DX had finished dressing himself up and was helping his wife into her lacy white gown.

"This is all your fault," groaned Kai Xin as she put on her earrings. "I was already dressed earlier!"

"Well, you shouldn't have looked so tempting in your wedding gown," replied DX, unapologetically.

"Oh, so now it's my fault that you suddenly came here and started stripping me off? Mr. President Du, you know, you shouldn't see your wife before the wedding begins… And definitely no stripping the gown off your wife beforehand!"

"Well, Madam President Du, too bad for you that your husband likes to do things his way…" said DX before he zipped up the gown. He then turned her over so that he could see her clearly.

"Hmm, I restrained myself well this time. Your makeup is not smudged in any way," said DX. He then leaned over and gently kissed her on the lips. She absolutely forbade him to kiss her anywhere near her face earlier because she did not want to waste time to redo her makeup.

Kai Xin laughed, "Yeah, only because I warned you that there won't be any happy time after the wedding if you messed up with my makeup."

She then glanced at the clock that was high on the wall and said, "It's almost time. Call the hairstylist in and we can begin."

"Yes, boss!" DX laughed softly at her bossy tone before he sent a message to the hairstylists.

Kai Xin glanced at the messy bed sheets and blushed a little. The hairstylists would know what happened here earlier.

With a loud groan, she punched DX on the stomach lightly before saying, "You're lucky that I love you…"

"Yeah, I'm really lucky…" DX murmured before he hugged her. When he heard a knock on the door, he went to answer it.

However, before he went over to the door, he still found the time to pinch her b*ttocks lightly.

"Du XiAn!" Kai Xin shook her head at him.

Not long after, after most of the guests were seated, a live band was playing slow music in the background as they waited for the main event to begin.

Since it was a cool summer day, the wedding ceremony was held outside in the garden. As asked for by Kai Xin, the place was decorated with simple, light colors.

DX was standing at the wedding altar, looking extremely handsome in his black tuxedo, as he waited for his wife to join him. His twin sons, who were dressed in similar tuxedos but in ties instead of a bowtie, were standing at each side of the altar. In addition, Lyle was holding Mister Bunny, who was also dressed in a tuxedo.

Ghost and Callum were the pianists today. They were seated side-by-side and they would be playing "Wedding March" together.

Their twins were seated in the same row as Old Madam Du, Old Master Shenlong, Shenlong Yuan, Grandfather Du, Mr. Ye, and Lin. Silas was sitting on Old Master Shenlong's laps while Sebastian was sitting on Grandfather Du's laps. Old Madam Du, Lin, and Mr. Ye were sitting in between the two elders, while Shenlong Yuan and his new wife were seated on the other side of Old Master Shenlong.

Sitting behind them was Judge Rong, Judge, Layla, Quinn, and Phantom. Sitting behind these three was Han Ye, his new family, as well as Caleb and his parents, William Tan and Tiffany Tang. Sitting right behind them was Javier Tan and Dr. Phillip and some other guests.

Meanwhile, seated on the other side of the aisle was An Qi Yan, Sima Erden, Kai An, Naomi Nakamura, Rin Nakamura, and Ki-Hong.

Kai An and Naomi Nakamura's three-year-old son was sitting on An Qi Yan's laps while Ki Hong's daughter, who was almost five, was seated next to her father. General Nakamura and his wife were sitting three rows behind them and Ki Hong shuddered when he felt the glare from his father-in-law.

Even though they were married now, Ki Hong doubted that his father-in-law would ever forgive him for knocking up his youngest daughter before they got married. Rin laughed softly and patted Ki Hong's on the back as she whispered, "It's only going to get worse..."

Ki Hong sighed even louder at that.

Seated right behind them was Jane and Mo Shaoyun, as well as Mo Shaoyun's five-year-old son who was seated next to Jane. Mo Shaoyun kept rubbing Jane's rounded stomach as he whispered things into her ear. After a while, she blushed and slapped his thigh before shushing him.

Sitting next to Mo Shaoyun was Jiang Cheng and Alyssa Min. Jiang Cheng was carrying their 15 months old baby girl who was sleeping in his arm, while Alyssa was resting her head on his shoulder as they waited for the bride to make an appearance.

After a while, someone signaled for everyone to be quiet, and Callum and Ghost immediately got into position and placed their left and right hand respectively on the piano.

"Ready?" asked Ghost as he glanced at Callum.

Callum smiled and nodded, "Yeah. Let's do this."

The music started and not long after, Daisy and Wyatt walked in while each holding a little basket filled flowers. As they slowly walked, they would throw the flowers up high. Little Wyatt giggled every time the flowers fell on his head.

Not long after they started walking down the aisle, Kai Xin made her appearance. Standing next to her was Mr. Zhen. As they walked down the aisle, Mr. Zhen said with a choked voice, "Thanks for inviting me to your wedding."

Kai Xin smiled, "You're my father after all…"

She saw An Xin and her mother who was seated at the back row and they nodded at each other as acknowledgment. Ever since Kai Xin heard the recording of what her father said when she was in a coma, she had decided to forgive him. After all, they were family, and she wanted her children to know their grandfather.

The only thing she regretted was not having her grandmother here. Her grandmother passed away not long after Wyatt was born.

She had come back for a visit, and after she spent the day playing with her great-grandchildren, she had passed away peacefully in her sleep that night.

Kai Xin glanced up at the sky briefly and thought sadly, "Nai Nai, can you see this?"

As she continued to walk down the aisle, Kai Xin looked at her family and friends, and a smile appeared on her face. When she looked at the one waiting for her at the end of the aisle, her smile grew even brighter.

Even though this was the second time they were doing this, she still felt as excited as before.

Once the kids reached the end of the aisle, Wyatt ran to Jack's side and he placed the basket on the floor before raising his arms up. Jack could tell what Wyatt was saying and he immediately picked up his little brother.

Meanwhile, Daisy ran over to Lyle.

"Good job, princess," Lyle bent over slightly to whisper to Daisy, who then gave him a smug grin. He then handed Mister Bunny over to her. Even though she was five now, she would still go everywhere with the bunny.

They then watched quietly as their mother reached the end of the aisle. DX took her hand over from Mr. Zhen and thanked the man before he helped Kai Xin onto the lifted stage.

They then stood facing each other while the priest read them their vows. At the end of it, when the priest was about to say the last part of the vow, Kai Xin giggled and stopped him.

She threw her veil away and said loudly, "It's fine, we're already married anyway!"

To DX's surprise, she then hugged him and kissed him right on the lips while their guests watched.

It took everyone a second to register what had just happened. But once everything registered, they started applauding and whistling loudly.

Someone popped the champagne while the younger kids were yelling in excitement.

Meanwhile, DX smirked and placed a hand on his wife's waist to bring her closer to him. The twins glanced at each other and grinned before they covered their little siblings' eyes.

When they finally parted their lips, DX murmured softly, "As long as we both shall live…"

"As long as we both shall live…" Kai Xin repeated before she kissed him again.


Once they changed out of their clothes, and into their normal casual wear, DX and Kai Xin joined everyone at the garden where a buffet spread was set out for everyone to enjoy.

There was a live band that was serenading the guests as they ate.

The kids were all running around happily while the adults talked happily.

DX and Kai Xin had just stepped into the garden when Daisy ran over with Mister Bunny in her hand. The little bunny was out of his tuxedo and was currently wearing his original overall.

"Please keep Mister Bunny for me, Daddy. I'm going to play with the twins, but they are still too rough. I don't want them to hurt Mister Bunny," explained Daisy. She kissed Mister Bunny on the forehead before handing him over to her father.

DX took the bunny from her. He then bent down slightly and kissed her on the forehead before saying, "Sure, go and have fun, princess. Take care not to get hurt."

As he watched his only daughter ran off, he could not help but smile slightly. His "Little Monkey" grew up to be a strong girl, and her asthma was now under control. He was sure that she would one day grow up to be a strong woman like her mother.

"She's beautiful..." said Kai Xin as she watched her daughter playing with her younger brother and her cousins. Daisy was careful as she played sword fighting with them while Callum and Ghost watched over them.

Hearing her words, DX grinned and pulled her into a hug. "Yeah, like her mother... I just hope that she's not that much of a troublemaker as her mother though..."

Kai Xin chuckled. As she looked up into his eyes, she placed her hand on his chest before she whispered, "I love you, Mr. President Du."

"I love you too, Madam President Du."

(The End)


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