Be My Strength Chapter 290: Marriage d'Amour


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When he was walking down the stairs to meet Callum, he heard the melody of Marriage d'Amour being played.

It had been years since he heard someone playing a musical instrument inside the mansion when there were no events going on.

Following the sound of the music, he reached the room where they kept all the musical instruments at.

After he moved to his grandfather's mansion permanently, Ghost had tried to continue playing the piano. However, the fingers on his left hand would stiffen up and his hand would tremble every now and then.

No matter how much effort he put in, it was completely futile. The incident not only destroyed his dream of becoming a professional pianist but it also destroyed his love for the instrument as well.

In the end, he gave up on the piano completely. Once, he got so angry when he saw the grand piano that was sitting in the middle of the living room that he threw a chair at it. To him, the sight of it itself was too painful to bear.

Ever since then, his grandfather kept away most of the musical instruments in the house. Grandfather Luo said that it was because he found them boring and distasteful but Ghost knew that the old man was trying to protect his feelings.

He saw his grandfather and Butler Douglas standing next to the red and white grand piano from Steinway & Sons. Grandfather Luo bought it for Ghost when he was 11 years old.

The two men were so engrossed that they did not notice Ghost who was standing by the door.

As Callum continued to play wholeheartedly, Ghost watched as his long slender fingers danced across the keys gracefully as if he was caressing a living being.

Even though he knew that Callum learned piano in his youth, he had expected him to be like the others where they would pound on the keys like robots.

He had seen it happened with kids who were forced into playing the piano. If they were unable to love the instrument, the music they produced would sound dead and robotic.

"Marriage d'Amour..." thought Ghost.

The melody of the classical piece struck a chord within Ghost's heart. It was the last piece he played for his mother before he was sent to living with the Luo Family.

He had been learning it ever since he realized that his Uncle Yuan was in love with his mother. In his little heart, he had hoped to be able to play this song for them one day.

"That day would never come now..." thought Ghost as he felt an ache that was lodged deep within his if there was an invisible stone pressing against him.

As he leaned by the door, he suddenly felt that it was getting harder to breathe and he had to hit himself in the chest a couple of times to get rid of the awful feeling.

"Young Master Guang Ying!" gasped Butler Douglas when he saw Ghost. He had disapproved of Grandfather Luo's decision to allow Callum to play a song for them.

However, Grandfather Luo refused to budge as he said, "It's been too long since we have music in this house..."

When he heard Butler Douglas, Callum immediately stopped playing and stood up to face Ghost. With a grin, he asked, "I thought you are going to be like a woman and take ages to get ready."

"Yeah, let's get this over with," said Ghost before he turned away. Without waiting for anyone else, he walked towards the foyer.

The further away he was from that room, the easier it was for him to breathe. It was as if the invisible stone that was pressing against his chest was slowly dissipating.

"Wait for me!" yelled Callum. Before he jogged after Ghost, he turned to Grandfather Luo and said, "I'll bring him back safely. Don't worry about it."

"Young Master Guang Ying..." murmured Butler Douglas worriedly as he watched Callum running after Ghost. He wanted to go and talk to his beloved young master.

However, Grandfather Luo shook his head and said, "He finally has a friend who cares enough to drag him out of his shell...Just let him be..."


They went to Imperial University where the championship was being held. By the time they arrived, the place was packed full of people of all ages.

The ice hockey rink was filled with eager spectators who were hoping for a bloody rematch between Team Wolverine and Team Sabretooth.

Using his connections, Callum managed to get them the best seats where they would get the best-unrestricted views of the match. Once Ghost was seated down, Callum excused himself to get some snacks for the two of them.

By the time he returned, his arms were filled with various snacks from hot dog to popcorns to candies and chocolates. Standing behind him was a student who was holding two huge cups of sodas.

"Did you raid the army?" asked Ghost as he helped Callum with the food.

The man grinned. He then took the drinks from the student before thanking him. For his effort, he gave the student $200 which took the student by surprise as he had not expected any rewards when he offered to help him.

Once the student left, Callum turned to Ghost. He passed one of the drinks to him as he explained, "I don't know what you like to eat so I got some of everything. Enjoy~"
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