Be My Strength Chapter 200: He's not a bad man


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As he lightly touched the cold little foot that was barely the size of his nails, Young Ghost's eyes shifted to the side as he swallowed with great difficulty.

With tears welling in his eyes, he gently rubbed the fetus' cold little hand. As he held the tiny hand between his fingers, he broke down and apologized in a hushed tone, "Please forgive me. Uncle did not mean to make you suffer. You were not even supposed to exist…"

Once the man he sent to follow Young Kai Xin reported back of her visit to the clinic, Young Ghost headed over and bought the fetus from the clinic.

He immediately did a paternity test on the fetus using his own DNA sample and the results came back this morning.

The fetus was related to him.

Young Ghost slammed his right fist down on his thigh angrily and groaned when he felt the sharp pain.

"I deserve it..." gritted Young Ghost as he tried his best to prevent himself from crying out loud.

He wiped the tears away from his eyes and cheeks before lifting the fetus gently. With a small smile and using his right forefinger, he gently brushed it against the fetus' cheek before lifting it up.

"Don't blame your mother, ok? This is my fault..." whispered Young Ghost before he planted a soft kiss on the fetus' forehead.

As he slipped the fetus into the blue baby shirt that he bought previously, he patted the fetus' chest softly as if to comfort the little thing.

Placing him back inside the box was lined with soft padding, Young Ghost whispered sadly, "I hope you would feel warmer whenever you go."

Once he managed to calm his emotions, he closed the box for the final time.

Without notifying his butler, he went out under the rain. While standing underneath the tree that he liked best, he picked a good spot and started digging.

The soil was wet and it was hard to dig. Despite that, he did not want to wait any longer.

His left hand hurt from touching the cold and wet soil but he ignored it and kept digging.

Young Ghost felt responsible for the fetus and he wanted to punish himself for it. If he had upped the dosage, this would never have happened.

Cursing himself for it, Young Ghost dug furiously.

When Butler Douglas realized that his young master had left the kitchen, he quickly grabbed the umbrella and headed outside.

With his umbrella opened, he quickly went over to shelter Young Ghost who was kneeling in front of the maple tree.

When he saw that Young Ghost's left hand was shaking badly, Butler Douglas grabbed his hand and snapped, "Young Master Guang Ying, please let me help you!"

Young Ghost slapped his hand away and yelled, "I have to do this myself! Don't bother me!"

He kept digging but Butler Douglas was worried. When he tried to help, Young Ghost pushed him away and screamed at him, "Don't you understand! I have to be the one to do it!"

"Young Master Guang Ying…" Butler Douglas looked at his young master with concern written all over his face.

His young master's mental condition had been deteriorating lately and the doctor's order was for him to stay calm.

He reached out to try to stop Young Ghost only to have his hand slapped away.

"Stay out of this!" yelled Young Ghost before he continued digging. The wet soil made it harder for him to dig as they kept falling back into the hole.

He wanted to hurt himself. He wanted the pain to serve as a reminder that there was no going back once he started going this path.

To achieve his goal, he had to dirty his own hands. He had no one but himself to rely on.

By the time he finished burying the box, it was almost 6 a.m in the morning and the rain had long stopped.

Young Ghost looked down at his hands that were covered in scratches, blood, and mud.

Even his face and hair was smudged with dirt. It hurt Butler Douglas to see his young master being in such pain.

He did not understand why his young master wanted to bury a fetus that was of no relation to him.

However, as a servant, he chose to follow whatever instructions his young master gave him.

Suddenly, he knelt in front of the tree and kowtow three times to it.

"Little thing...Please wait patiently. Once the time is right, Uncle would let your mum knows…" Young Ghost promised in his heart.

Having dug for the entire night, he was completely out of energy. The moment he stood up, he felt dizzy and nearly fell onto the floor.

Luckily Butler Douglas was standing behind him and managed to catch him in time. He wanted to carry Young Ghost in his arms, but the latter refused.

"I'm not a kid anymore..." said Young Ghost as he pushed Butler Douglas aside.

Mrs. Wong who had been watching the two quietly from the kitchen the entire time finally came out.

She did not understand why Young Ghost wanted to use his hands when she offered to bring him a spade. It would have been much easier.

"Young Master Guang Ying, do you want anything to eat? I am sure you are hungry by now. I can cook something up for you." offered Mrs. Wong.

Ignoring her offer, Young Ghost asked, "Do you have a ribbon?"

Mrs. Wong nodded. She ran up to her room and searched through her cabinets until she found a roll of red ribbons.

When she handed it to Young Ghost, the latter told Butler Douglas to cut a long strip.

He then took the piece of ribbon and walked back to the tree to tie the ribbon around the trunk of the young maple tree.

"This way, I would always know where to find you…" said Young Ghost. When he went back into the kitchen, he told Mrs. Wong, "One day, this girl would come…"

Handing her the picture of Young Kai Xin, he said, "When she's here, ask her for the name of her son. That should be the name of the orphanage."


The moment she finished her story, the tea in her cup was already lukewarm.

"I honestly thought that he was burying a beloved pet there. It was only when Ms. Zhen appeared in front of me, looking disheveled as if she had run the entire way here, that I realized it was something else that the young master buried here..."

She stood up and went to the basin. As she washed the cups, she continued, "...Everything clicked when I saw Ms. Zhen crying uncontrollably while she stood in front of the tree. She kept apologizing and hitting her own chest. It was then that I was sure that it was her child that was buried underneath the tree. As per Young Master Guang Ying's instruction, the orphanage was given a new name."

DX gripped his thighs so tightly that his nails dug into his skin. Something was off. For a guy who planned everything for so long, he must have warned Mrs. Wong not to say anything.

"Did he tipped you off?" asked DX as he narrowed his eyes at the middle-aged woman who had spent half her life caring for the children.

For a guy who spent years planning everything, there was no way he would divulge his identity so easily.

Mrs. Wong glanced at him and nodded, "A while back, Young Master Guang Ying called. He said that one day, a scary man would come with Ms. Zhen, and that he would eventually ask about the history of the orphanage. If so, I should tell him the truth."

"What else did he said?"

"He told me to tell you this...'I know you have been investigating me and ZiYan. If I were you, I would stop'. That's all."

DX was about to say something when he noticed a movement from the corner of his eyes.

Someone was walking towards the kitchen and DX glared at Mrs. Wong. She understood what he was trying to say and nodded.

"DX, what are you doing here?" asked Kai Xin. She felt awkward after her earlier outburst and stood there scratching her neck.

DX pulled out a chair for her and offered his hand to her, "Come here."

She smiled and when she took his hand, he kissed her on the lips innocently before saying, "Kara, I love you."

Mrs. Wong placed her hand over her mouth as she watched those two.

Embarrassed by his action, her face turned red as she took her seat. The moment she sat down, she started helping herself to the food on the table.

As if nothing had happened, he smiled at her and asked, "Are you hungry? Should we go get something for lunch?"

Kai Xin nodded, "I'm famished!"

"I'm going to prepare lunch now. Do you want to join us or?" asked Mrs. Wong as she looked at the two of them.

"I'm craving for some burgers. I don't suppose you have any here."

"No, Ms. Craving-For-Burgers," teased Mrs. Wong. She laughed, "This is an orphanage, not a restaurant. Why don't you ask President Du to take you out? Didn't you guys promise Caleb that you would play with him? Take him out with you guys as well. He had been stuck at home for the past few months."

Kai Xin nodded slowly. However, she was afraid that it might be unfair for the rest of the kids.

Mrs. Wong waved her hand nonchalantly, "They are all older than him so they would understand it. Just buy some toys or snacks for them when you come back."

DX seconded that, "I'll tell Han Ye to get them something. Don't worry about it."

The two of them went out and picked up Caleb. Before they left the house, Mrs. Wong handed them an old car booster seat and said sternly, "I expect my Little Caleb to be back by 8 p.m."

Handing Caleb to Kai Xin, DX took the car seat from her and nodded at Mrs. Wong, "Thanks for your help today."

When Kai Xin walked towards the car, Mrs. Wong reached out and pulled DX who frowned at her behavior.

Noticing his displeasure, Mrs. Wong pulled her hands back before she hastily said, "He's not a bad man."

"I'll be the one to decide that…" replied DX tersely before he joined the two at the car.

Once Caleb was properly seated, he got into the car and drove off.

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