Be happy with sports Chapter 330: The Major Marathons 4


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After winning the London Marathon, Jake returned to university the same day because he preferred to rest at the university than stay in London and have to travel the other day, after all, Jake still had the basketball team training and classes to attend.

His friends congratulated Jake for winning one more marathon and Jake can rest well to start training and classes the next day, in just over a week he would have another marathon to run in Boston so Coach Davis said it was better not Jake train until after the next race so he can get some more rest.

Jake was very happy after receiving the reward after winning this marathon, now he had gained one more stat point in agility and one point in Resistance and so was much more prepared to win the next marathon.

Jake can also see that the newspapers from the United States and some countries around the world were talking about one more victory of him in this marathon, everyone wondered when Jake would run again and no one could expect Jake to run shortly after in Boston.

This made Jake much more excited to win all major marathons and win all the rewards and be much better known in the future, after winning those marathons Jake felt he would be ready to race in more track and field.

After all, after earning all these reward statistics, Jake would be much better prepared for the next track and field modalities he would have to train, which Jake knew would take a long time and hoped to be ready for it in 7 years.

However, over the next few years Jake hoped to be prepared for at least the long-distance modalities and thus participate in 4 different modalities at the upcoming Olympics and make history, of course even if that was Jake's goal, he knew well how it could be hard to happen.

The week went by and Jake just focused on training with the basketball team and classes as he was not training the daily runs to rest before the next marathon, Jake was already thinking about the Boston marathon during the week.

One day before the Boston Marathon Jake again excused himself from basketball team training and traveled to Boston, Jake had already warned all his friends that he would be participating in this marathon so that none of them would be surprised.

Those who understood more about how marathons worked told Jake not to try to run another marathon so soon after running in London, everyone knew how marathon could be stressful for the body and usually a week was not enough for someone to rest.

Even more so for Jake who had won in London and so had certainly worked harder than anyone in the last marathon, of course, Jake said he knew what he was doing and would run the same way, that was because he had a different body than the others because of the system.

Jake rested peacefully in the hotel that John had already prepared in advance, John was already in Boston the day before Jake and was preparing the last details for Jake before the marathon.

The Boston Marathon organizers were pleasantly surprised when they learned that Jake would run in Boston shortly after running the London Marathon, yet John made a point of saying that Jake was very happy to run this marathon in America.

This was true, even if this was the first time Jake had run the Boston Marathon since many years ago. Jake had thought about running that marathon, maybe in the next few years, Jake would always be in that marathon.

After all, Jake would much rather run in Boston than run in London, and this was a major marathon, the only problem was that this was not the best opportunity for Jake to break a record because this marathon has had problems with world records several times.

The other early morning Jake went to the spot where the Boston Marathon would start, when Jake arrived at the venue he soon caught the attention of everyone he knew and even some sports reporters.

The other athletes who would participate in the marathon were also surprised to see Jake participating in this marathon, after a week ago Jake was participating in the London marathon and had won there.

Jake didn't care much about the attention he was getting because he was used to it if it wasn't because he wanted to get the reward of major marathons this year he wouldn't risk running two marathons in such a short time.

But Jake knew well how important his timing was and how he didn't know if he could participate in these marathons in the coming years was better that, he did all of them this year and so would also get the statistics he needed.

After doing the warm-up exercises Jake was finally ready to start this marathon, Jake was very fond of the city of Boston and thought that maybe after a few years he could live there if he was on an NBA team.

After a while the marathon officially began, just as in London Jake started the race at the pace he always ran and soon found a group to run along and save stamina.

However, unlike the London marathon, this marathon was in Boston, America, and several athletes who were participating in this marathon were Americans and Jake fans, so soon a group of professional athletes who did not intend to win the marathon began to run at the same pace of Jake.

"I'm surprised and impressed to see Jake participating in this Boston marathon, as it's a major marathon I think Jake should not just be running for fun and thinking about winning as he did in Boston."

"I worry the same thing might happen in New York and Jake finishes this marathon wounded, but the same was said by my fellow commentator in London and Jake seems to have easily won the race in London, so I think Jake could be Special."

"That's right, I also think Jake is a special athlete who is now an adult and no longer a young man like a few years ago when he was injured, so it's normal to think that your body is much better prepared to participate in various marathons."

"But even if that's the case I hope Jake Smith doesn't overdo it and run a lot of marathons just because he knows his body can handle it, because even if he can handle it it's a fact that he's going to strain his muscles a lot and I've seen a lot of talented athletes ending their careers by trying too hard."

In fact, Jake was feeling very good in this marathon, even though his Resistance has improved since the last race. Jake understood a little of what the system meant by balance, Jake could feel that he could run the same as before and his muscles no longer tense.

After the first 10 km of running Jake was still running with the same group of athletes, Jake could see that almost all athletes in this group were elite athletes other than previous marathons and everyone could fight for the top 20 positions in this marathon.

The group of this marathon was 9 athletes besides Jake and sometimes as they ran other athletes would join the group for a while before falling behind when the fans were following the marathon they saw the group they knew it was Jake in that group.

After nearly two years as a pro, Jake had already become an idol of Americans and many marathon fans around the world, even the people who only followed the marathons in the cities cheered for Jake like everyone else.

Especially because marathons in the United States were usually won by athletes from other countries, which was a bit of a shame for some Americans who believed that country was the best in athletics.

In Jake's past life who would win this marathon was Lameck Aguta from Kenya who beat this Boston marathon for a few years in a row, fans of the sport celebrated anyway because it was natural for people to enjoy seeing the best in the world winning.

But they were much happier to see that Jake wants to be an American winning marathon in the United States, Jake was also very proud to win and so he considered running marathons only in America after winning all major marathons.

After 22 kilometers in this marathon Jake's group was already leading the marathon and those running in front of them were already behind, this was normal because Jake ran this marathon at a faster pace than his current world record, so if someone ran faster he couldn't stand the pace for the rest of the marathon.

The athletes running in Jake's group were elite and still fine even after 22 km and want to keep running with Jake as long as they could, after all, they were experienced and could understand how they would only win by running with Jake who always ran at the same pace.

Jake was happy about that too so that he could save more stamina and run better in the rest of this marathon, Jake also knew that even though they were elite runners they couldn't stand running with Jake much longer.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"We are already over 22 km and Jake still seems to be running smoothly leading this marathon along with the group he has run since the first km."

"That's right, that's what is different from the London marathon and that's one reason why Jake enjoys running marathons so much in America, a group has naturally formed near him and they are all elite athletes."

"I'm sure after seeing Jake's latest marathons in America that none of this is arranged before the race and these athletes didn't even know that Jake would participate in this marathon today after running just a week ago in London."

"They are athletes who sincerely admire Jake and know how talented he is, and so they run with him while helping Jake save energy, it doesn't happen in marathons in other countries."
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