Barack Obama with a RPG System in a Cultivation World Chapter 1: Baracks First Steps


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Barack Obama looked at his computer screen, he was about to play new upcoming RPG, Big Dick Online. He was really excited, about the girls he will court and the monsters he would kill. He giggled to himself. He really loved this genre of games. He clicked and then BAM lightning struck the top of his house and flowed all the way to his computer frying his brains

Barack thought he died but as he slowly opened his eyes, a new set of memories flashed through his mind. He remembered everything from the modern world, he remembered how he died, but he also had a new set of memories, the memories belonging to the youth named Barack Obama but this youth lived in the continent named Not China, he was also 15 years old and he also was labeled as trash and because of this label, this world's Barack Obama, commuted suicide.

When Barack was still in disbelief words started ringing in his head,

"You have been selected by RPG system"

"Please use this RPG system, to reach the pinnacle of all idiots."

Jun was shocked, he was still confused what the voice meant when it said that he was chosen by an 'RPG system', While he dwelt in his stupidity, he turned his gaze and saw a boar walking around when he looked at a boar. Several things flashed in his eyes,

He was shocked but he still kept staring at those several lines of text that appeared in his eyes. He took a deep breath and closed his eyes and when he did so, he was now in a strange place. The place was all dark and in this dark stood a table and on that table was a computer, he took steps towards it and sat down. On the computer screen, was his name written and below the name was a button

Barack took the mouse and clicked the button, the screen flashed as a window appeared many choices appeared on the screen.

The youth gulped as he dragged the mouse and click on following the new window opened up as it displayed sever items.

Then the youth clicked back and he was shown the first screen again, at the edge of the screen he saw a message flashing,

Su Jun was too shocked, he just stared blankly. He gulped loudly as he selected the second option

On the skills there were two options,

When he clicked View all skills there was only one skill in the list, , when Jun clicked on the skill a new box appeared,

Going back he tried clicking on , but when he did that, messages started appearing in rapid succession as a bar filled up it went from 1% to 100% in few minutes, after that followed a new message.

The skills were categorized from rank F to rank SSS, but skills from rank E were greyed out and were not clickable. The youth opened the F rank skills menu, and more than a thousand skills appeared. Seeing the number of skills, he closed the window.

Going back once more he now clicked on the tab. When this opened there was a list, but in this list, he saw only one girl's name,

On the side of the screen a message glowed red,

Clicking on the Idk Childhood friends name, a new box appeared,

When he clicked professions, he was shown the list of professions and he could learn them but he was only limited to two. He went back as he didn't want to make any decisions, when he tried to go to pets tab, it was greyed out. But before logging out he saw a flashing icon, but soon after he laid his eyes on it, it disappeared and a new message appeared,

So the youth finally checking every option click

His eyes opened as he saw the same boar before him.

At this moment he finally accepted everything as reality, he accepted that he was a transmigrator with a system in this world, this made him crack a smile. He looked to the skies as he laughed, "I have a system? This is the best, finally, games and reality have finally fused."

He was really happy, Barack smirked as he looked at the boar which was

He turned back from boar, he didn't dare to fight it, he had a couple of reason for doing so, first, he was only level 1 when the boar was level 5 and second, he hadn't ever fought in his life. And he didn't dare to risk his first fight against a giant fucking magical boar which was stronger than he was.

He scratched his head as he tried to recall where he was exactly, he remembered that this youth wanted to suicide, and then he recalled that he jumped off a cliff.

Barack looked up and then he laughed, as he saw the cliff that he jumped off, he laughed as he thought how did this youth ever die, as the cliff was only ten feet. It was impossible for a cultivator to die from this distance. He laughed as he quickly scaled the wall, this body of his was strong enough for such an activity.

Ascending the cliff, he returned to his village. The village where he was ridiculed for having no talent. Barack smirked he wanted to try this test himself, he wouldn't be trash this time.

Barack quickly got back to the village, and when did he was met with the jeers of the people. He ignored the idiots and walked to the talent testing stone. He wanted to test out, if the system actually worked, his talent was shown SSS in the system. When he approached the stone, the elder sitting there angrily looked at the youth, "What do you want here trash?"

"Can I get tested again?" The youth tried asking humbly.

The man sneered, "You can, but a trash will always be trash."

Barack smiled as he placed his hand on the stone, the only people present at this time were him and the elder. The stone started glowing, changing colors at every moment, this phenomenon made elder stare in shock at the stone, but he was dumbfounded when the stone shattered under this trashes hand.

The elder loudly gulped as he looked at the youth, "You are no trash, you are a bloody genius!"

The elder was shocked but mostly surprised and he was pleasantly surprised, he was very happy since the sect would now be getting such a good seedling. All the negatives feelings for the youth disappeared in an instant.

To elder's stare, Barack scratched his head as he inquired, "Do I pass?"

The elder(will just call him Barry) just nodded his head before exploding again, "Of course you pass, you are the best seedling our sect has seen since it's establishment."

"It is good that you came when you did, little later, and we would have already left for the sect, follow me."

Barack was led to the location where the other disciples were gathered, in the throng of gathered disciples, Obama spotted his friend which was displayed in a system when he scouted the crowd, the girl had a marker on the top of her head.

"Childhood friend idk, hey!"

When she saw Obama, her eyes widened in shock as she stared at the youth she approached closer and she inquired, "What are you doing here?"

Before he could answer Barry answered for him, "Why shouldn't he be here, this is the bloody genius, he is the most brilliant seedling I have ever seen"

To Barry's praise, Barack scratched his head in embarrassment.

Childhood friend idk looked questioningly at the youth and she inquired, "Really?"

He nodded his head, to that she just smiled and spoke, "I knew you would do it."

[So I got affection point?]

He looked at Childhood friend idk and asked, "When are we leaving for the sect?"

"Barry will come from the sect to teleport us directly." She said with a smile on her face.

"Teleport?" He asked slightly confused. Seems like the dumbass didn't even know what a teleporter is.

"That's right, you know, with a formation." She answered his silly question without breaking her smile.

They talked for a little while before Barry came, he looked over at Barack as he spoke, "We have quite a few good disciples in this batch."

Following the elder, everyone started walking into the formation, and soon the surroundings warped and Barack appeared in the new area.

After they stood in the sect Barry addressed them, "Since you all are now, in the sect. Some rules first, you will all start as outer disciples, to advance reach martial intermediate realm. There was no notification about level because he was not in the system menu.

The elder continued, "Second, battling against disciples is allowed, but killing is forbidden. Under no circumstances, may you kill a fellow disciple, if you break this rule. You will be punished with death. These are the rules that you must follow"

The disciples listened carefully and after the last word fell, the elder departed leaving all the disciples to themselves. After they were introduced to the rules of their sect, they were all given their own private rooms. They were introduced to the sect's facilities. The sect had profession areas, where alchemists and blacksmiths could do their craft. They had a library where disciples could choose their martial skills and there also was an arena, where students could challenge each other.

Su Jun has decided to go to his room, it was very clean and didn't have many items in it. There was only a bed and nothing more and the bed itself wasn't really useful, as after a while cultivators lost the need to sleep.

He sat on his bed and he used the only skill that he had, Basic Qi Training Method, when he used the skill he could sense that he was getting stronger and besides that, he also saw that now appeared a blue bar and it was slowly filling up, <+1> messages kept flashing, while he cultivated the skill.

During the entire night his XP kept increasing and in this one night he reached and this was considered a rank of rank two, martial novice.

From his memories, he recalled that his world had cultivation levels going from Martial Novice up to Martial Emperor and each realm had 9 sub-realms. So before one could reach martial intermediate he first had to reach rank nine martial novice.

The youth boldly stepped out of his room as today he wanted to find out how it was possible for him to receive these system points.
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