Banished to Another World Chapter 650: Chaos in the classroom


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- February 12, 2020
Banished-To-Another-World 《异世流放》 Yi Shi Liu Fang
Banished to Another World, Chapter 650: Chaos in the classroom

A large classroom with a pool in the middle at the Zhan Mo college was now filled with children from small class to large class who are over three and under six years old. At the front, the Great Priest Da-Ren of the Jiu Yuan is telling stories to the children.

And Priest Da-Ren's course has always been one of the most popular teachers in the college, not one of them.

As long as Priest Da-Ren comes to give lectures, no matter which class it is, in addition to the classroom full of people, the window and the door are full of people peeking in to listen.

In the past, Yan Mo never went to the kindergarten class. He only took lectures in big classes, which also made it convenient for everyone who wanted to listen. But now...

"Dad, so what happened later?" The little son, less than three years old, sat in the arms of Wu Guo, who is a little older than him, with big black eyes, urging his absent-minded father.

Yan Mo, with soft eyes, said, “Call me teacher when we are in class."

"Oh." Nickname Du-du, full name Yan Xu, this little hairy head was still impatient, so while he was holding him, Wu Guo impatiently cried: “Teacher! Teacher Yan! Old teacher Yan Mo! Hurry up! Don't keep us in suspense! "

The children in the class glared at Wu Guo together: How can you be so rude to Priest Da-Ren? Don't think just because you are strong, we won’t dare beat you!

The older children out of the window are waiting to talk to Wu Guo's classmates after class. As the eldest son, Wu Guo's every action, every word and deed represent the face of the Jiu Yuan. Now he is so haughty to his father. What about when he grows up? No, they have to check him stop this behavior. They can't let their future leader go awry. They were entrusted by the Jin Yuan adults to supervise the growth of student Yuan Wang all the time.

Wu Guo felt the public's eyes on him and became more and more upset. He felt that he had arrived at the rebellious period that his father Mo had talked about in advance, and now he was not satisfied with what he saw and what he heard. At home, neither of his fathers bothered about him much. As a result, when he went out, it was the people outside who always had various requests for him. Especially the adults, the bastards led by the Meng, Bing, Shen-Gu, Agu-Da, and Blackwater and so on, he doesn't know where they got so many requests, and asked the big kids in the college observe him!

Yan Mo saw that his eldest son's face was as dark as the sky that was going to rain heavily, and he could not help smiling in his heart.

As one of his father and one of the top leaders of the tribal alliance, Wu Guo knows the situation in his heart. Although he doesn't think its right, sometimes he is a father who wants to tease the rebellious and arrogant eldest son. For this reason, he clearly knows how much pressure Wu Guo was under, how impatient he is, and still allowed things go on like this.

"Brother, be patient." The little soft Du-du felt his brother's impatience sensitively. He grabbed his brother's small claw and lifted it up to kiss it for him.

Wu Guo rolled his eyes, saw the envious eyes around him, and drew his younger brother to his small arms. Such a good and soft brother is mine! None of you will ever get to carry my brother!

Other children: You shameless villain! You should go to the middle class like other your age, but you just had to stay in our small class!

Yes, regardless of age and influence, Wu Guo could have skipped classes for a long time, but he doesn't. Since Du-du also came to the college, he not only didn't skip classes, but also automatically downgraded to the little ones small class. He just followed Du-du's enrollment to the present, and there is a trend that he is going to continue to follow.

Yan Mo and Yuan Zhan asked him why. Wu Guo waved his fist and was furious: "I follow him every day. Those kids dare to drool at Du-du every day. If I don't follow him, then it’s not going to end well! If I’m not there, it’s strange they are not going to steal Du-du!"

The two fathers: "..."

Well, that's one of the big things that two fathers cause them a headache since their youngest son was born. Because after Du-du was born, it seems that he had an innate talent. His father can use his voice to influence others with. Du-du's better. As long as Yan Xu smiles softly at people, those people would like to take him away and keep him as their son!

Really, if it wasn't for Du-du to be Yan Mo's and Yuan Zhan's darling heart, it's hard to say who would be holding Du-du now.

The little Du-du, who had just been born without teeth, just grinned at some demigods. Those demigods were fighting for who is going to be titled Du-du’s Master or a Godfather! Well, Du-du was born white, affectionate and tender. He opened his eyes and smiled when he was born out of his father's womb, which also proved that he was the Son of God. His brother Wu Guo was not as famous as him.

The shameless King of Kunpengs tried to steal Du-du several times. If it wasn't for the attention guard of Jiu Feng and Wu Guo every day, Curse Witch Zhou Wu directly put Du-du under the super vicious curse saying that whoever steal him, the curse will kill the thief’s family and all his bloodline, which finally scared those demigods.

Although those who know the curse of Curse Witch Zhou Wu dare not act rashly, since then, Yan Mo and Yuan Zhan have also lost their quiet life. Every day, people come to visit, borrow the child and recommend themselves as nannies. The purpose is to feel and hug this little son.

Yan Mo and Yuan Zhan are both proud and distressed about this little son's talent. They are proud that their little son can make contributions to the construction of the Jiu Yuan just after he was born. It depends on how many good teachers, they can scam who won't ask for salary or welfare and are good warriors. The trouble is that the younger son is so charming and affectionate that some people want to replace them as Du-du’s father and mother.

Yan Mo can only make his little son smile less when he had no choice but to find a good way to tamper the situation. But in this way, he can't reduce the charm value of Du-du. At most, he won't let the people around him see Du-du and get warm immediately.

It's not good to have multiple fans. The two fathers sighed together, full of sorrow for the future of their youngest son.

Fortunately, Yu Wu, the old monster, has a long life and a lot of knowledge. After carefully observing Du-du, he told them that Yan Xu’s life energy in Xu's body has changed, which makes him have the ability to attract affections from all things. However, he is too small to master his own energy, and even can't suppress it. That's why he now has such a special physique that makes everyone loves him, flowers bloom around him and everyone wants to take him home. But this situation will not last for a long time. When Yan Xu grows up, he will control his energy and suppress it. This special physique will in turn become his real talent skills and terrifying strike.

Facts have proved that Yu Wu's statement is very correct.

With Du-du growing up day by day, when he began to learn to restrain his energy, the two fathers finally even dared to take him out to meet people. Nowadays, people around him and any living things are still extremely excited about Du-du Du when they see him. Even the poisonous snakes in the wild will throw two dead mice to him as gifts when they see Du-du Du, but no one will come directly to rob him.

By the time Du-du was two years old, the impact had been reduced to a level that would not affect his normal life.

But just when the two fathers were relieved. Little Du-du's elder brother and elder brothers and elder sisters had a big heart to care for him, of which his elder brother Wu Guo was the most heartfelt.

About Du-du’s origins Wu Guo is probably the clearest about it except Yan Mo and Yuan Zhan. For Wu Guo, his brother's soul needs his warm care. His brother's body is half of his own body and half of his energy. Any pair of brothers and sisters in the world, even if they are identical twins, can't match his close brotherhood with Du-du.

"What are you looking at? I will kill you!” All those who want to separate him from his brother, want to infect and covet his brother will be killed without pardon!

Wu Guo stared back the covetous people who looked around his brother, no matter how big they are.

Some children were frightened and started to cry, but more children were angry. One of the five or six-year-old children who was sitting next to the two and accompanied by a baby bear, blushed and whispered, "Wait, wait for Jiu Feng Da-Ren to come, let’s see how he is going to beat you!"

"You think I'm afraid of him?!" Wu Guo was angrier when he heard that someone threatened him with Jiu Feng. The one who gets away with robbing his brother is that feather bastard, OK!

Wu Guo carefully put his younger brother aside for fear he would be touched by others. He also used vines to circle him.

Quickly finish all this, Wu Guo turned around and poured on the kid who just threatened himself, "You dare to threaten me! I'll let you know now why the flowers are so red!"

Yan Mo covered his forehead on the platform. The boy can some strange words very quickly.

"Fight! Yuan Wang is fighting again!” The children in the class cried together.

At this time, the teacher should have appeared or suppressed or tried to calm the chaos, but Yan Mo was different from others in class. He thought that children should be a little more relaxed. Although proper discipline is necessary, too much repression and too strict discipline can easily teach small changes, and even disturb the smooth the ethnic nature of children.

Anyway, no matter how chaotic the situation is, he can control it. These little guys have been working hard to learn all kinds of rules and knowledge, so it's better to let them vent out their frustration occasionally.

Uh huh? Said he wanted to see his two son’s excitement? This kind of thing, you know what I know.

“Xiong Bao! Go on, hit him!” The kid who was beaten by Wu Guo under his small body screamed. He didn't cry. He asked his brother to help him fight!

The little bear, who had been sitting quietly listening to the story, glanced at his compatriot's brother in disgust, but did not move. Every day, every day, he is tired! He wants to listen to the story, don't fight!

Du-du, who was sitting in the vines circle, looked up and saw that his father only smiled but didn't speak. After seeing his little finger waving, he showed was a little ready to move.

Although his elder brothers and sisters are very kind to him, he still wants to play with more children of his age.

Secretly looking at the little bear sitting not far away, Du-du wiped his drool: The little bear is so cute. It's a real bear. I want to hold it and touch it.

Maybe Du-du's eyes are too eager and eager, so little bear looked at him.

Du-du immediately responded with a good smile from a good friend, which his father taught him in his last life. He smiled more than many friends, and ran away in pain.

Oh, whoo! Baby bear's eyes brightened: So cute, so like, so I want to take it home!

The cub couldn't sit down anymore. He stood up with his hands waving, staggered to the edge of the vine ring, and reached out to hold the Du-du.

Du-du immediately reached out and wanted to hold the bear.

Two across the vine ring to hold each other!

When other children saw this scene, they all cried with envy.

The vine sensed that someone was going to rob its baby, and "pia" pushed at the bear.

The cub was beaten, but refused to give up the baby.

Wu Guo and the vine probably didn't expect that their hard-working protected wanted to escape from prison, Du-du stepped out of the protective circle and jumped at the outsider who was salivating at him.

Little Xiong was very happy. He ran with Yan Xu in his arms.

The vines were stunned for a moment. Then they were furious and chased after them like snakes.

There's a mess in the classroom!

At this time, the children who shared the same hatred, and unite to allow Yan Xu escape from the devil's claw of Yuan Wang, and helped defend the little bear from the vine together.

The cub is not slow runner, although he is a cub. He still can run in the crowd flexibly with a baby in his hand.

Wu Guo now knew that his baby brother was robbed by a bear. He was so angry that he squeezed the wind and punched and the kid he was fighting with. He went after the bear.

But the whole classroom was united in doing the right thing!

"Whoa! Give me my brother back! I'm going to kill you all! All of you will be swallowed! I will turn you all into fertilizer! "

"You think we are afraid of you! Let's go guys! Beat him! "

“The snake people, stop him! Don't let him go! "

“The Mer-people, get him into your pool!"

"Xiong Bao, good job! Give me Yan Xu, pass it on! "

"Give it to me, pass it to me! Xiong Bao, run! "

"Stumbling on his feet!"

"Grab his pants!"

"Crap! Run up and hold him down! Quick! "

The older children out of the window didn't have the slightest intention to stop the fracas after seeing the priest's smile, and they were afraid that the whole world would not be trouble by this.

“The Duo-Na people, beat him! Claw him! Didn't you eat today? You are much older than him, but beaten by him! You've made the Duo-Na people lose face!”

“The Blackwater people, spit at him! Just spit on his ass! "

"Whoa ha, he is in the pool. Don't let him up!"

"Hurry up! Give Yan Xu to me and you'll beat him around!” The big boy outside the window also held their hands out for Xiong Bao.

But the little bear hugged Yan Xu, and didn't want to give the cute toddler to anyone. He began to look for loopholes, intending to rush out of the classroom with his greedy little baby for a long time.

Wu Guo, who was attacked and beaten by the crowd, saw that his beloved brother was about to be taken out of the classroom by the bear, and his eyes became red with anger, "you bandits! Thief! I want you all to disappear... "

“Wu-Guo!” A soft transparent cover is lowered and Wu Guo is tightly wrapped in it.

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