Banished to Another World Chapter 649: The Birth of the Son of God


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The spaceship is too large and purposely visible. It flew all the way across the sky. As long as its eyes are not blind, it can be seen!

Where the spaceship goes, how many savages kneel directly on the ground. They all regard the spaceship as a temple, and who can let such a huge thing fly in the sky. Who else but God?

Or Ox God!

Well, Yuan Zhan obviously didn't think of that.

After hearing this, Yan Mo was too happy to stand up. "The Ox God is the Ox God. Later, we will tell the creatures of Pangu star that this spaceship is one of the ancestors' vehicles."

“Ancestor God riding an ox? Riding on a rock? Yes, that's it!” Yuan Zhan immediately turned his angry face into a happy face.

From then on, Pangu star has a legend. Da-Ren, the Ancestor God, travels around the world and his favorite mount is the Ox demon king!

Who is the prototype of the Bull Demon? When Pangu people finally meet the people of the Pan’a Alien Clan, everyone understands why the Ancestor god will ride that thing~

In other words, because the Jiu Yuan people have no hidden meaning, their God's gift in the Nasheer Mountains has also spread throughout the eastern continent, and through the Human-face Kunpeng clan to a faraway place.

As a matter of course, other forces will soon know.

As the Huocheng-Fire City Lord is secretly contacting with other forces and thinking of starting a war with the Jiu Yuan to retake his territory. The high-level of the Huocheng-Fire City is really speechless to the sky and shouts injustice to the gods by straining his neck!

The Fire Ants King's reaction: The flying temple? I'll go and see!

So the Fire Ants King flew to the Jiu Yuan with a small fire ant.

Yincheng-Sound City high-level group sit, priests solemnly looked to the City Lord two couples request: Hurry up and contact your highness! Isn't his Highness the disciple of Mo Da-Ren? Then our relationship between Yincheng-Sound City and the Jiu Yuan is naturally closer than that of other people. We can walk around. Of course, it would be better if they could let us visit the temple by the way.

Seven Colors Parrot volunteered: Sorry, I'll go.

Two semi-gods rushed to the Jiu Yuan to watch the excitement. The other semi-gods didn't hesitate to see what the legendary Jiu Yuan temple looked like.

Other forces all know, won't Ding Yue people know? Of course not. They are not blind and deaf.

As Yuan Zhan thought, the Great Witch Zhe Li was so angry to learn that the Jiu Yuan and his party got the temple from the Niutou Mountain.

He was spitting blood!

Zhe Li doesn't know what's in the temple, but only from the size of the temple, it can't be completely empty, right?

He predicted that day, but after entering the holy pool, he only saw a bright star sky. He could not understand what that meant.

In Zhe Li's painful imagination, the huge temple is filled with all kinds of treasures. The energy gun is the lowest level. There must be many more powerful artifacts that even God is afraid of losing, and many other good things!

“Jiu Yuan! Jiu Yuan!” Zhe Li gnashed his teeth. Obviously they are the ones who found the place of the ruins first. Obviously God's gifts should belong to them, but the most precious ones are left to the Jiu Yuan, who let them go back almost empty handed!

Zhe Li had completely forgotten how many good things they had moved back from the two corners of the Niutou Mountain. He always felt that the better things were in the flying temple.

Shu Yi endured the anger of witch Zhe Li, browsing the items they brought back from the Niutou Mountain one by one.

Weapons account for the majority of these things. There is another strange thing that will show people appear when the show it to the sun and it will point with the figurine fingers. Witch Zhe Li can't understand what the people in the two corners say, but he speculates that it should be some kind of inheritance, which is about weapon refining.

In addition, there are some fragmentary things, including an arm long bone object box, which can't be opened.

Shu Yi wanted to destroy by force, but Zhe Li disagreed, saying he is afraid of damaging the treasure.

Shu Yi thinks that if the Great Witch and Lamo-Na can't fight the other person again, he will take them to Yan Mo as a gift in the next transaction with the Jiu Yuan. If the Hornless-men who have the most research on bone objects in the eastern continent can open it then it is probably this one, then if Yan Mo can open it and don't care what's in it, he can share it with the other half.

Fortunately, Zhe Li didn't know what Shu Yi was thinking at this time, or he would have to spit blood for at least three more liters if he knew!

Listen to the witch's curse on the Jiu Yuan, Shu Yi casually thinks: They didn't get the temple, maybe because they killed too many people? You see, that Mo Da-Ren is so kind and kind that the gods like him so much and give him treasures.

Perhaps because of this idea, when Shu Yi later ruled the Ding Yue tribe and expanded, his behavior was more than a little bit moderate, and his action was quite consistent with Lamo-Na's idea. They helped the other person, but also made Ding Yue develop rapidly.

But because Shu Yi refused to marry Lamo-Na, Ding Yue had no choice but to learn from other forces and created a temple. Zhe Li and Lamo-Na became the priest in the temple. However, with the support of Shu Yi, Lamo-Na gradually surpassed Zhe Li.

Zhe Li, however, became more and more paranoid because of his hatred for the Jiu Yuan and jealousy for Yan Mo. He was determined to let Ding Yue and the Jiu Yuan fight. He had made defeat and kill all of the Jiu Yuan as the highest goal of the tribe, but Shu Yi didn't want to. This led to a growing rift between the two.

When Shu Yi and the Jiu Yuan made a deal, they really took the bone objects box and agreed with Yan Mo that as long as he could open the box, he would divide the treasure into half parts. As a result, Yan Mo did open the box and found that in it was actually twelve of the Godblood Stones! Zhe Li wanted to repent on the spot, but Shu Yi insisted on dividing six of the Godblood Stone to Yan Mo according to the agreement, and the crack between the two top-level Ding Yue couldn't be repaired.

So far, the two leaders of the Jiu Yuan have been flying their spaceships all the way to visit all parts of the Jiu Yuan. In a twinkling of an eye, the time has come from summer to the end of autumn.

Jiu Feng claimed to smell the cold winter wind, so they finally decided to turn to the Jiu Yuan.

Now they have gone to all the places they should go to. They have basically taken all the places they can take. They have written down the stubborn places and the places they haven't set foot in yet. They didn't plan to take care of all the territories at once. Only when there are differences can they be competitive.

For the rest, Yan Mo and Yuan Zhan are going to hand over to Wu Chen and the younger generation of generals to manage. They can't rely on them for everything, if so the next generation will never grow up.

It's said that Mo Army and engineering team will go home for a while. It's the most exciting to be for a few kids.

They played on the spaceship for half a year, and it's still like a new toy. Now they are waiting to go back to show off to their friends. Even the spaceship is second. They want to share with their friends all kinds of people and things they met along the way.

Including Yan Xiaole, a collection of local specialties is waiting to be distributed.

The rooms of Xiao Hei and Sumen are even more crowded with things.

Wu Guo has now finally upgraded from a crawling child to an upright creature. At the age of one year, he would like to step on Pangu star with two little feet. Unfortunately, his leg bones are not fully developed, and he often falls to the ground within ten steps.

However, he never cryied when he fall down, and he doesn't let people help him. He struggled to stand up slowly.

All the people couldn't bear to see the long and hard look, but Wu Guo was determined not to be supported by others. He would rather not stand up and climb at all.

Well, Wu Guo is not easy to walk now, but when it comes to crawling No one can match him. He can be seen everywhere in the whole spaceship, but you often see his little head. Turn around and look again, you will find that you can only see his little butt from afar.

“Bang!" Wu Guo, who was dragging a bag of yuan-crystal coins on his ankle, hit his father Mo's calf.

Yan Mo grunted.

Wu Guo looked up. What's the matter? I just hit you lightly!

Yan Mo kneads his stomach, bows his head and said to Wu Guo, "Your brother wants to play with you. He's excited to see you.”

When Wu Guo heard that his younger brother wanted to play with him, he immediately grabbed his father Mo's trouser leg and tried to stand up, stretched out his little meaty claw to touch Yan Mo's abdomen.

A little less to go! Wu Guo grabbed his Daddy Mo's pants and tries hard enough.

Yan Mo grabbed the belt. “Little Wu, my pants are going to be pulled off by you."

A big hand picked up Wu Guo from the back and patted his little butt gently. "What's that on your ankle? A vine? You're stealing from someone else again?”

Wu Guo was angry, "Xiao Hei, lost! Mine!” My goodness, he learned it's so difficult to talk after he used his mouth to talk. He understood in his heart, but his tongue didn't listen to his command!

Yan Mo helped his eldest son to teach him and his father, "Don't assign a crime to a child without asking clearly. What will other people think when they hear? They will think my son was born a thief!”

Yuan Zhan, who was criticized, pinched the little villain's ass and said, “I know. Next time, I'll ask him clearly and then hit him."

Wu Guo wriggled, reaches out to Daddy Mo and told him: "Daddy, Dad Zhan pinched me, it hurts! You hug. "

Yan Mo slapped Yuan Zhan on the butt and took Wu Guo with a smile.

Yuan Zhan pretended to be aggrieved and Wu Guo laughed.

When Yan Mo heard the laughter, he was helpless. "Why did he learn such laughter from Jiu Feng?"

Wu Guo nestled in his Daddy Mo's arms and reaches out a vine in his ankle to touch his Daddy Mo's bulging abdomen.

There is a bulge in the lower abdomen.

Yuan Zhan reached for it first, "Du-du is more and more lively."

Yan Mo nodded. “I feel like he's coming out. His consciousness is getting clearer and clearer."

Yuan Zhan asked, "What is he talking about now?"

After a while, Yan Mo seemed to be communicating with his son. After a while, he looked strangely at Yuan Zhan: "Your little son is discussing with your older son about how to trick all the yuan-crystal coins of their senior brothers. Well, your little son said it's all bad, so they’d better leave some for them."

Yuan Zhan is proud, “My son is really like me!"

“A bunch of bandits!" Yan Mo had to believe in the power of genes. Du-du was not so bad before! You see, only half of the genes of a big animal are added, and it turned from a soft glutinous dumpling into a sly villain.

He could imagine that in the future, his three headed little son would stand in the middle of a group of big children, wearing an animal skin skirt and holding a scepter, commanding them to dig all over Pangu star, and Wu Guo would certainly be in the front.

"Dad, I'm not a bad guy." Du-du voice was soft and coquettish.

"Yes, you are not a bad guy. You are a good guy! Son, when will you come out? Dad has to go to the bathroom more than 20 times a day. It's very painful. "

Yuan Zhan also thinks that it's better for the younger son to come out early, otherwise it will affect his husband's life too much. He doesn't enjoy himself every night, OK?

When Yan Mo heard Yuan Zhan's complaint, he suddenly realized that there was a problem. Du-du's soul was not stable before, even though he was sleeping. But during this period, he became more and more lively. Sometimes he didn't know whether he was sleeping or awake. So when he and Yuan Zhan were doing things, was the little child awake or asleep?

"Dad, you would have blocked me then. I didn't see anything." Du-du comforted him as if he knew what his father was thinking.

Wu Guo nodded, “Neither do I." What does it look like to have two Da-Ren mating? In his memory, there are a lot of pictures of animals mating. He doesn't want to see them again!

Oh! Yan Mo was not comforted at all. What he was doing, his son didn't see it but knew it, which made him very sad!

In those days, he heard the nurse and friends of the hospital quietly complain that her son in kindergarten called his classmates and said that his mother and father were busy making little sister. He was very free. In fact, she just came out after a little intimate with her husband. She heard such content like a bolt from the blue. Her husband was still laughing.

Yuan Zhan laughed. He heard the words that his little son specially passed on to him. The look at Yan Mo is like this: The son knows all about it. What else is shy? Let's have another three hundred rounds of bed sport tonight!

Yan Mo kicked him, “Get out! Go see where the ship is now?”

Cheers came from the ship.

"Home! We're almost home!”

The warriors of the Jiu Yuan engineering team stood at the airship window and cheerfully greeted the Mo warriors to come to see the Jiu Yuan City.

It's better outside than at home. They go to so many places and feel that they are the best in the Jiu Yuan!

On their way back, Yan Mo brought back the Jiu Yuan engineering team on the way. It's cold and it's not suitable for road construction. If someone in the back needs to study hard, they can arrange some more people to come and continue. But the team has been out long enough. It's time to go home.

A few children rushed out when they heard they were home.

The big screen at the front of the spaceship also shows the appearance of the Jiu Yuan at the bottom.

“Ooh, is everyone coming out to meet us?" Yuan Zhan hugged Yan Mo and tore Wu Guo out of the way and threw him to Jiu Feng.

Jiu Feng grabbed Wu Guo and flew away. They often play this game.

Yan Mo gently inhaled and exhaled, feeling the energy in his body flowing to his lower abdomen.

Yuan Zhan immediately noticed his abnormality, "What's the matter? Uncomfortable?”

Yan Mo shook his head. “It's nothing. Du-du is gathering nutrients again. He may be accumulating energy. He's ready to come out."


“I don't know. He's been like this all this time. I ask him. He says he doesn't know. "

Yuan Zhan gently rubbed his belly. “It's ripe. If he can't come out. I'll dig him out."

“Get out of here!" Yan Mo chuckled.

D.U.O.B.I interrupted the conversation: "Two dads, are we going to land?"

At the moment, the Jiu Yuan.

When the spaceship came from a long distance, all the active people and outsiders ran out, and everyone ran to the square to look up the flying temple.

The moat is full of the Mer-people who come to see the bustle. The dwarfs climb trees and step on the benches are unwilling to let go of a chance to see the bustle.

The square is full of laughter. Everyone is as happy as the festival.

“Look! That's the text of our Jiu Yuan!”

There are four square characters on the huge ship: The Jiu Yuan Alliance.

"The Ancestor God Above, the temple is so big!" this is the most intuitive view when all people see the spaceship.

The huge spaceship almost completely covered the sun, like a city of sky hanging over the Jiu Yuan.

Everyone's head looked up.

If it wasn't for the Jiu Yuan forbidding people from kneeling, maybe everyone would have knelt on the ground and waited for the gods to come.

The gods didn't come, but what the chief and priest Da-Ren are sure to see later will make the Jiu Yuan people happier.


“Priest Da-Ren!”

Yan Mo was going to let the spaceship fly directly to the temple mountain, but the Jiu Yuan people were so excited that they all ran out.

Yuan Zhan saw a large group of people under the light curtain, who were also called and jumped under the pressure of darkness. He thought it was a very good opportunity to establish his and Yan Mo's prestige. “Let's go out to see the Jiu Yuan people without going back to the temple first."

Yan Mo set out from the reality, “It's not easy to land below. The space occupied by the spaceship is too large."

“No, no need for landing." Yuan Zhan said he has a way.

D.U.O.B.I controlled the spaceship to condense midair, and the hatch was opened.

Yuan Zhan took out a box of synthetic metal from the warehouse, went to the side of the cabin, and presses it down.

The metal in the box flowed down the hatch like water, and a metal ladder appeared between the spaceship and the ground in an instant!

The appearance of this metal ladder is even more impressive than that of Yan Mo and Yuan Zhan flying directly from the sky.

The dazzling light material is a material that people have never seen before.

The steep ladder is not only high, but also wide, just like the ladder in front of the temple. It hangs in the sky clearly, but looked very stable.

Mo warriors in battle armor appeared at the gates of the cabin.

Mo army went down the ladder in two columns, but they did not get down from the ladder, but stood on the left and right sides of the ladder in two columns - many of them were afraid of heights and their legs were a little shaky, but they just resisted. This is the first time they appear in front of the Jiu Yuan people. They must not lose face!

Da-da, with his neck stretched out below, suddenly roared.

Meng Er, who was hunched over with him, muttered, "We should be given such a chance to show our face. Mo Mo is biased and didn't bring big ones with small ones."

Da-da's eyes were red with envy, especially after he saw Mo Army, the Jiu Yuan engineering team led by Lie came down the ladder with a smirk and a wave of hands.

“Ou, Ou! Don't stop me, I'm going up!”

Meng Er clung to Da-da's waist to keep him from climbing the ladder. At this time, he must not be impulsive. When he move, he will must have a group of bold followers. What should they do if something happens? He doesn't want to be kicked to death by the Boss Zhan.

Hula, what's over the heads of the people, flying on the ship?

It's The King of Kunpengs! This guy can fly by himself, so he flew by first.

Other Kunpeng wanted to follow suit, but Bing had ordered people to pull up their bows and arrows.

Kunpeng people are not afraid of bows and arrows, but that Bing... It's really bad to offend him. He's not brave enough to catch the King of Kunpengs, who only violates the hygiene regulations of the Jiu Yuan will live in prison for a few days! Oh! The God of Winds above. It's amazing!

Cheers continued, and others were shouting the names of Lie and other warriors.

The engineering team were flushed with excitement one by one, and they were probably the most dazzling and famous people in their lives.

Bing looked up to the spaceship and stood at a high place to control the whole situation. He is working hard with his subordinates to maintain order, prevent all kinds of damage and deal with all kinds of accidents. Usually, the time when he is most busy is when they are all down and celebrating.

The leaders such as Zheng and Sha Lang are standing on the tower. Although they are not envious and jealous like the half young people such as Ye Xing and Sa Yu, they are also very jealous. Who doesn't want to go to the temple?

After Lie led the engineering team, the guard team led by Da-He appeared.

Seeing the priest convoy, the crowd broke out with more cheers. Everyone knew that the chief and the priest would appear in the back!

"These two boys come home from a huge gate and made such a big show!" laughed the Curse Witch Zhou Wu.

The round Grand Witch Xiang squinted at him, “Look at your prideful face."

Fei Shan said slowly, "He's not proud. He's angry that the two little guys didn't ask him to go to the temple first, which made him lose such a big chance to show off."

“Pah! I'm not angry!” The Curse Witch Zhou chuckled, he didn't admit that his old heart was sour, he was proud, he was showing off! Later, he will stepped over the semi-gods, the previous first priest, the important men, and be the first one to enter the temple. Who's Yan Mo? He’s his disciple? Haha!

Yu Wu looked up at the spaceship, his eyes seem to flash a stream of light. He seems to have seen the shape of the "Temple" somewhere. By the way, it is the oldest preserved depiction of the temple of the Mer-people. In the legend of the Mer-people, this is not a temple, but a demon Temple representing disaster and war!

Yu Wu didn't say what he was worried about. He thought the two little guys would tell him the origin of the temple.

Si Tan looked at the sky with a little pleasure in his eyes. He thought again: It's really the best decision for him to follow those two little guys to the Jiu Yuan. He could almost imagine how busy and wonderful his life would be in the future. Well, he has been sleeping for so many years. He used to hate the noise. He got up every day and began to look forward to the little children in the college.

The God of Fire, Seven Colors Parrot, the Dark God, the previous high priest Grand Witch Xiang When semi-god level Da-Rens are all sitting on the highest tower platform, they get the news and come, no one wanted to miss the miracle.

At this time, including the semi-gods, they all thought that seeing the temple was a miracle, but soon they realized that they could not underestimate the Jiu Yuan Mo Da-Ren. Since he could make temple fly, what else could he not do?

Even male children they came out to him!

Yan Mo didn't expect Yan Xu to start at this time. [1] Yan Xu is Du-du name from the previous world.

He and Yuan Zhan were walking on the ladder, surrounded by them.

The King of Kunpengs joined the crowd and insisted on walking behind them.

At this time, a big blessing will obviously work better.

Yan Mo, in the priest suit, raises his scepter.

Tens of thousands of people were quiet together.

“My people of the Jiu Yuan, you are responsible for the future resistance against the demons gods of heaven and earth with me and the chief! By God's mercy, they let us have another dependence. In the future, our people, the Jiu Yuan people, will work harder and become the strong ones of the eastern continent and even the whole Pangu star!”

The tsunami like cheers resounded all over the world, "The Jiu Yuan! Jiu Yuan!”

Yan Mo waved, “And this is just our first step! The world is very big. It goes out of the East, and there are other South, north, West and central continents, as well as countless islands. And even if we're the strongest on this planet, there's an extraterrestrial world too. The people of the Jiu Yuan, hold your heads up and look at the sky, where there are countless stars, each star is a planet, and some of the powerful creatures living on those planets are not satisfied with plundering their own world. They also try to invade other planets and turn our creatures into their slaves, or even food!”

The expression of the crowd changed. It was very quiet.

The semi-gods are all serious.

"We don't know when they will come, and the Ancestor Gods can't predict this, but the gods told me that the demons had attacked us once a long time ago, because our planet has what all those demons most want! At that time, our Twelve Ancient Gods led all the warriors above semi-god in the world to fight against the extraterrestrial demons. The last Twelve Ancient Gods defeated and killed those extraterrestrial demons at the cost of their lives! Now, after 50000 years, when the Twelve Ancient Gods are gone, the gods outside those days have gathered their strength again, and they will come back soon."

Yan Mo raised his voice: "The Ancestor God is the planet itself, he is here, we are here. He raised us with his body and blood. We are his children. But the only thing we can give back to him is to protect the planet and prevent our home from being robbed by the demons outside the sky! Don't let the demons turn us into slaves! Let them not plunder any resources of the planet! Remember, these resources are the foundation to nurture us and make us strong. If we are robbed by the enemy, we will become a weak existence that even insects and ants are inferior to, only for the demons to trample and devour!”

"Kill the demons! Drive away the demons! Protect the ancestors! Protect our home!” I don't know who shouted the first.

The shouts and shouts masked all the doubts.

This is how the Jiu Yuan people believe in their priest Da-Ren!

Yan Mo was moved, “I, the priest of the Jiu Yuan, sacrifice in the name of the Ancestor God and my vitality, bless all the people of the Jiu Yuan, and wish you integrity, strength, kindness, bravery and loyalty forever!"! Go ahead and my people feel the essence of energy!”

Countless light spots burst out from Yan Mo's scepter and spread to the whole city of Jiu Yuan.

This blessing will make you feel the essence of energy. As for how much you can realize, it depends on the individual.

Yan Mo hasn't put down his Scepter yet, and suddenly his slightly bulging abdomen suddenly gives out a very soft but can't be ignored green light!

Green light follows countless light spots to cover the whole city of the Jiu Yuan.

Everyone heard a voice at the moment: "Wow!"

In the green light, their great and magical Mo Da-Ren gave birth to the legendary Son of Life from his belly!

He was not born like an ordinary baby. He was like the blessed son of the gods. He cut himself out of his father's abdomen in the green light.

There was no blood, the wound healed immediately, and their priest Da-Ren put down his scepter and picked up his second son.

Their chief held up another Son of Life, their eldest son, Yuan Wang.

The two children were close to the other person, fingers clasped tightly.

"Hey --!" Human-face Kunpeng Jiu Feng Da-Ren looked in the sky screamed a clear sound.

The sound ignited the whole Jiu Yuan.

All the Jiu Yuan people have exploded!

“The Son of Life! The Son of God is born! Son of God forever! Chief forever! Priest Da-Ren forever --”

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