Banished to Another World Chapter 648: The spaceship treasure


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Yan Mo's palms were inadvertently scratched around his waist, and a drop of blood had been stuck to his fingertips - the blood of a beast he had stored in the space for a short time to kill. He wanted to see if the silver plate could distinguish the blood difference.

Yuan Zhan grabbed his arm. “I'll do it."

Yan Mo winked at him. He didn't dare to use his soul power to talk with him. He was afraid to give the hidden ones any sense of scam. Since the other party can detect and enhance the spirit of the old witch after his death, maybe it is familiar with the wave frequency of soul power?

Yuan Zhan saw his eyes and slowly let go of his hand.

Yan Mo's fingertip reaches out to the tip of the needle in the silver plate. Just as he is about to touch it, a tentacle quickly hits his finger. At the same time, D.U.O.B.I's cry came from all directions: "Don't touch it! Don't give it blood!”

Yan Mo fingers quickly retracted.

The tentacles that came out of the steps shook Yan Mo.

The voice in Yan Mo's mind rings again: "Hand over a drop of blood, or you will lose the chance to test."

"Whatever you hear, ignore it!" D.U.O.B.I's voice became clearer.

Yan Mo, "D.U.O.B.I, where are you?"

“I'm intruding into the system here. This is the living area and the trial area. Since they are separated from the main body, the subsystem here has been made into an independent system. It seems that someone survived at that time. Mo, give me some energy. There's too little energy here. "

Tentacles climb up to Yan Mo's wrists.

Yan Mo didn't refuse. He gave it some life energy.

The voice of D.U.O.B.I, became spirited, "Haha! Now it can't beat me. Give me another thirty No, I can take over everything here in 15 minutes. In the meantime, don't move! Don't touch anything!”

The tentacles and the silver plate were withdrawn, and the voice in Yan Mo's mind disappeared completely.

"What's the matter with this test? Is it convenient for you to answer now?” Yan Mo asked into the air.

Yuan Zhan and the old witch both heard the voice of D.U.O.B.I. Yuan Zhan was ok, but the old witch was very confused.

The voice of D.U.O.B.I came out: "The trial is just a scam, focusing on the verification of the gene of the recipient. If the newcomer is the Pan’a Alien Clan related person, they only need to answer some simple questions to get the control here through trial. If the newcomer is a descendant of a subject like Kongcheng-Air City's Lord, they will receive some real trials, and the passers-by will be brainwashed, and then they will become the guardian here. Some of the smarter ones can receive more systematic education, so that they can help repair and upgrade the contact mechanism, so as to break through the signal blockade, and pass the message from here to the Pan’a Alien Clan. "

“And if not both?"

"Its death, or under control. You'd better not move, that goes for you too Great Witch of the cave people clan. "

The old man was petrified.

Yan Mo and Yuan Zhan didn't touch him.

The old witch's voice trembled. "Who are you? What are you going to do to God?”

Listen to the voice that is a child, see this child is trying to kill the God of death, he can feel the God's cry.

D.U.O.B.I seemed to be in a tense moment, and after a while he replied, "There is no God here. Old witch, why do you think your tribesmen will 'forget' your family's mission? Why are you the only one who has come here to be a guide?”

"... Why?”

“Because your ancestors found that the God here never found the chosen one he wanted to find, while the other were tested under the condition that your ancestors could not contact too many outsiders, the most participants in the trial were you, the Gao-Cave people. When the most powerful warriors of your generation entered the lake for trial and never came back, and the Great Witch was extremely short-lived, a wiser Great Witch in your family finally came out. He stopped the mission of guiding the way and no longer let his tribesmen come for trial, So that your family could be extended for thousands of years. "

"What do you say!" how could God cheat D.U.O.B.I if he didn't believe it?

D.U.O.B.I continued cruelly: "Just because your ancestors no longer continue the mission of guiding the way, the system here has also lost the energy source. There is not much energy left here, and there are few energy substitutes that your tribesmen can find. In the past, you used your own and beast's life to sacrifice and supply the system here. After that, the system has no energy and can only maintain the most basic operation. It can only attract some residual energy, such as the soul of the dead. But most souls can't be preserved after the body dies, which is also a problem that the Bone Sculpting People couldn't solve after thinking for so many years.

Without a complete consciousness, even if there is a "Divine light", it can't let those remaining souls do things for it. Over the years, you are the only one who has come here with complete consciousness. The reason why you can keep complete consciousness is not because of God's love for you, but because you have suffered the pain of tribe extermination and felt you need a punishment, because you are not willing to pass on. Strong emotions are also one of the ways to keep consciousness alive for a while. "

The old witch couldn't understand the system. He guessed it was the name of the blasphemer. Knowing the facts now, he found that he was not sad, but disappointed. He thought his mission was very important, and the result...

"Your mission is really important. It has been going on since the Bone Sculpting People. However, the development of this planet is too slow. When the Bone Sculpting People left the eastern continent, your Gao-Cave people were no different from the savages. You can't leave the tribe and go too far away, you can't reach more outsiders, you can't transmit the information, which leads to the desolation of the "Trial site". According to its calculation, there should be some tester coming here every once in a while, or someone donating energy to it. Unfortunately, it didn't calculate the development speed of this planet, nor did it expect that the Bone Sculpting People would lose the war, or even have to leave the holy land that couldn't be taken and flee to other continents. "

After listening to D.U.O.B.I, Yan Mo could not help sighing: “Maybe this planet is really blessed by God, maybe it is the will of this planet itself, and maybe it is the expectation of the Twelve Ancient Gods. If we really let the system here get a steady stream of energy and talents, maybe it will have already delivered the news and the planet will have had changed its ownership since 50000 years ago. "

D.U.O.B.I didn't speak any more. Fifteen minutes passed.

“All right."

With the sound of D.U.O.B.I just falling, the Bone Sculpting People on the steps are disappearing from bottom to top, as well as the steps.

The lofty temple on the top is also collapsing.

Yan Mo and Yuan Zhan both heard the mechanical sound. That's under the reorganization.

They stood still, and the witch floated.

At the foot of the steps from black soil, the top of the hazy sky opened into the top of the dark sky.

In the distance, the light was on. A spaceship with two corners and a bulge in the middle appeared in front of two people and one spirit.

The spaceship is very large, with a height of about 3000 meters and a width of about 6000 meters, not counting the maximum distance between the two corners.

"The Pan’a Alien Clan has a horn? It's a double horns?” Yan Mo had a flash in his head.

D.U.O.B.I sped out of the ship in the distance and stopped abruptly in front of Yan Mo! The reward is the alien spaceship!”

“No wonder they like the Bone Sculpting People. It turned out that they both have horns, but the Bone Sculpting People are the only one, and the Pan’a the Alien Clan have two." Yan Mo felt his head and was very emotional.

Yuan Zhan is more curious: “Can this ox head fly?"

D.U.O.B.I gave a positive answer: “Can fly. Most of the spaceship’s in the Star Empire where the Pan’a Alien Clan is located adopt the nodal form to ensure that the spaceships can be detached or repaired independently after some parts are damaged, without affecting the use of other parts. The spaceship in this living area and the test area separated early, with no serious damage. It is still intact. As long as there is enough energy, it can fly again. Mo Mo, did you bring that energy converter?”


“Great! After entering the spaceship later, you can use that converter to convert some energy. About a hundred 5th rank coins can be converted to make the spaceship repair and fly to the Jiu Yuan. "

"Where is this? Still in the Niutou Mountain?”

“In fact, the entire Niutou Mountain is this spaceship. At first, it was just to disguise it, so that the ancient gods here could not find and destroy it. Later, after a long time, there was too much earth falling on it, which formed the Niutou Mountain now." D.U.O.B.I answered.

"Then if we take the spaceship away, and the mountain will not collapse?"

"That's impossible."

Yuan Zhan frowned, "Shu Yi can detect where the metal is, so can I, but why didn't I detect the difference under the soil?"

"Hull camouflage. This is the basic skill of life preservation. Compared with the advanced level spaceship, they all have the camouflage skill that can be assimilated with the local illusion, plus a little immature space technology. Even if you know that there is something under the Niutou Mountain, but under the camouflage and space transfer skills, no matter how you dig, even if you dig through the mountain, it will just looked like that. When you go, everything will be the same again. "

"Living Spaceship?" Yan Mo's eyes brightened.

D.U.O.B.I exclaimed, "That's right. However, the technology of a living spaceship was just in its infancy at that time. This spaceship could not be called an organic living spaceship, but only touched a little bit on that side. This is also the reason why the Pan’a Alien Clan cared so much about the active metals found on this planet. The active metals are very important raw materials in the construction of living weapons. Mo, if you let the Pan’a Alien Clan know that you have developed a biological living weapon... "

“After so many years, maybe they have also studied it?"

D.U.O.B.I was silent for a while, and waved his tentacles, "Different, this planet is different, and your ability is different, especially the life energy you hold. The witchcraft you have researched, even though it is very rough, is alive at the beginning. It is really like having life of its own, and can be connected with the user's spirit. The Pan’a Alien Clan only studies the skin deep, they lack the most critical things. "

“Is there any research data of the Pan’a Alien Clan in this living area and the test area?"

“Not much. But you already have me. I am the most precious. "

Yan Mo smiled, hugged the D.U.O.B.I and touched him. "Yes, you are the most precious. Do you have information about the biological weapons made by the Pan’a the Alien Clan?”

"Yes, you didn't say so before. I'll sort it out and give it to you later. In addition, although there is not much valuable information about the living area and the trial area, but... Here is the most precious thing that none of the other wrecks has…”

"What is it?" Yan Mo asked casually.

D.U.O.B.I said “Access port of Interstellar Network"

In fact, in addition to the satellite interstellar network access port, there are many valuable things in this ox-horn spaceship.

In the living area, it may be considered that there will be children on board. There is a complete education system here. Even if it is not connected to the satellite network, the spaceship system itself has the most basic teaching knowledge. As long as the spaceship intranet is used, it can conduct systematic education that is not much different from that in school.

If the offspring of Kongcheng-Air City's Lord and other test bodies are lucky enough to enter here and pass the examination, they will learn all kinds of knowledge according to the instructions of the spaceship.

The test area is for warriors.

In the same way, even without access to the interstellar network, as long as the energy is enough, the training area on the spaceship is actually equivalent to the training area for warriors. The training area system itself has a very targeted training subject, as well as a large number of simulation battlefield and simulation war.

The tester who entered the spaceship will be here to accept the test and be judged the result.

Yan Mo is OK. After entering the spaceship, under the guidance of D.U.O.B.I, he is familiar with them one by one, and his face hasn't changed much.

However, Yuan Zhan is different from the old witch. Yuan Zhan can barely keep calm, but the old witch has been dazzled for a long time and shouted “Miracle".

"This is the access port of Interstellar Network?" Yan Mo entered the captain's rest room. According to the prompt of D.U.O.B.I, press a button on the wall, and a bed that looked comfortable pops up. There is a thin line under the pillow, and it is a film pulled out.

"Yes, if you put this film on your forehead, it will automatically connect with your nerves. If it judges that you are a legal login, you can safely log into the Interstellar Network."

"This thing doesn't bind users?"

"There are binding type and unbound type. Generally, the access facilities in such spaceship are unbound type. In addition, the access end of extraterrestrial network has different shapes according to different purposes and comfort. For example, the game area has helmet type and different in types, which can facilitate more immersive combat and games. And the trial area is more advanced and comprehensive. It's a cabin style, which can connect your whole body and nerves perfectly with the Interstellar Network, so as to ensure that the exercise you get in the Interstellar Network will also have effect in the actual body. "

“I can use it now?" Yan Mo remembers that the dragon face man once told him that to log in to the Interstellar Network, you need to have a legal identity, and that is, the user's civilization must be registered in the star civilization.

“No." As expected, D.U.O.B.I dispelled Yan Mo's dream, “Illegal login will be detected by the Interstellar Network. Once detected, it will not only drive you out of the Interstellar Network, but also damage your brain."

"What if I want to register the civilization of this planet on the Interstellar Network?"

"To this end, the Interstellar Network has special regulations. First, you need to find an access port for the Interstellar Network, which we have now. Second, when you log in, you need to apply for the visitor identity of the new civilization, and you must log in your civilization information in detail. Third, as a visitor of the new civilization, you can't use the Interstellar Network freely. You must take part in the civilization assessment of the Interstellar Network first. You can choose the civilization level to be assessed by yourself. Fourth, if you pass the assessment, not your civilization can be registered as this level of civilization. Interstellar Network will send another reviewer to check the civilization level of your world. Only when the reviewer gives a qualified judgment, the civilization level of the world can be recognized by Interstellar Network. Once the civilization of your world is recognized, your Interstellar Network identity will also be changed into a formal legal identity. "

D.U.O.B.I added: “In order to prevent cheating and to be fairer, the reviewers sent by Interstellar Network will not explicitly contact the applicants of this civilization."

Yan Mo is still a little unclear, “Is there only one chance?"

“No, as a visitor, you have countless opportunities for assessment. But the identity of visitors can only be assessed. You can't use any other functions of Interstellar Network. "

“I see."

“Maybe I can take the exam instead of you." D.U.O.B.I suddenly said, “I am now also a smart life, not just a smart equipment. But if I pass the assessment, but the reviewers come here to see that the level of civilization is not as good as the level of my assessment, it will also not pass, and it is easy to expose our strength, so as to attract more coveters. "

"What should be the character of a primary civilization?"

“It's not a primary civilization. If you want to obtain a complete and protected independent right in the Interstellar Network, you must reach more than 1st rank. As for the difference between the first rank and the primary rank, you can see the difference later when you log in to the network.”

“Are we the primary civilization now?"

“You can count as one."

“It seems that we have to concentrate on development first, and then apply for the 1st rank civilization once again when we are sure."

In this regard, two people and one soul settled down in the spaceship for the time being.

Yan Mo gave the spaceship control to D.U.O.B.I. even if he wanted to learn, he could not learn it in a period of time. It was better to work together. He used the Intranet in the living area to teach children's classes. Yuan Zhan went to the training area and began to be familiar with the fighting methods of other civilizations from the lowest level.

D.U.O.B.I, while converting energy, grasped the old witch spirit and showed off all kinds of interstellar civilization to him.

Old witch... I just think his whole world has been turned upside down!

D.U.O.B.I and Yan Mo also went out halfway to inform the mountain creatures to leave and tell them to stay away from the Niutou Mountain.

Half a month later, and a few small ones agreed time.

This morning, several small and Mo warriors were anxiously waiting for the return of the chief and the priest on the plain far away from the Niutou Mountain. Jiu Feng wanted to fly to the Niutou Mountain several times to look for two people, both of times he was pulled back by Yan Xiaole.

Every tribe living in this mountain area is the same as usual at this time. Only a few tribes close to the Niutou Mountain will find that the Niutou Mountain became very quiet, and all birds, animals, insects and ants seem to have left the Niutou Mountain. However, those who really live in the area are either caught by the Ding Yue or escaped, resulting in no one seeing the changes in the Niutou Mountain for 300 miles.

Suddenly! A small tremor came from the bottom of the earth.

The sensitive birds and animals first found out that they were wrong, and all of them were in a commotion to leave.

The tremor began to become obvious, and the savage tribe three hundred miles away also felt a slight tremor.

The tremor continued, and the savages gathered to ask their elders or witches what had happened.

Because the vibration is not too severe, they are not very afraid.

The nearest small and Mo warriors from the Niutou Mountain felt the deepest, and all stood up and were ready to evacuate quickly.

“Boom!" a huge tremor spread in all directions with the Niutou Mountain as the center!

The Ding Yue's witch Zhe Li's eyes suddenly turned white. He felt that he saw something in this moment, but he didn't have water around, which made him unable to see what God had predicted for him.

"Take me to the holy pool!" ordered Zhe Li.

Shu Yi, who is talking with his subordinates, looked up and saw the change of Zhe Li's eyes. No matter what he thinks about Zhe Li, he doesn't see any hesitation at this time. At the moment, he orders two people to send the witch to the holy pool.

Grand Witch Xiang, who taught children in the Jiu Yuan, suddenly looked out of the window.

The window was clear.

It's in the Niutou Mountain, but the Longevity Pine Clan, who are far away from the Niutou Mountain, also feel it because the Niutou Mountain is one of the mountain in the Nasheer Mountains range.

The Longevity Pine Clan are not as noisy as the Maple Clan. They are always so quiet and you can't hear the thought wave passing between the Longevity Pine Clan: “Is there an earthquake? It's like it's not far from us. "

The Pine Clan old Sa Ma pulled his roots out of the soil and walked step by step to the top of the mountain, looking far away.

The Mo Army closest to the Niutou Mountain was the most responsive and fell down every time they stood up.

Jiu Feng got bigger, grabbed Wu Guo and Sumen, who have the lowest force value, and flew.

Xiao Hei and Yan Xiaole immediately went to reorganize Mo Army, helped up the fallen and took them back to further places.

“Boom! Boom!”

There were two loud thumps again, and the land near the Niutou Mountain began to shake like waves.


Finally, a giant thing rose from the ground, a large number of rocks and earth roll down, just like a giant cow rising from the mountain to the sky.

"Heaven! What's that?!” no matter what kind it is, as long as you see the creatures of the spaceship at this time, they all shout out similar words in their own language.

Mo Army and a few small men raised their heads, their mouths were wide open, and they were all stupid.

Jiu Feng screamed excitedly, carrying two little guys and flew over. No one else could have stopped him.

"Do you want it to be invisible?" D.U.O.B.I shouted excitedly.

Yuan Zhan said: “No need! Let's fly back! I'm in the mood to be showy with those Ding Yue people."

Yan Mo smiled. If you are not invisible, you will not be invisible. The Jiu Yuan has reached the time to declare its strength.

"Why don't we use this ship for driving and camp in the second half of our visit? D.U.O.B.I. can you paint the hull with the four words of the Jiu Yuan Alliance?” Yan Mo's proposal is not too big.

Yuan Zhan happily agreed that he would like to do so. It's better for other people to envy and hate so that all their eyes will fall out! Yuan Zhan felt more comfortable than eating ice in summer when he thought that there would be depression and regret in Ding Yue people!

D.U.O.B.I raises the antennae, indicating that this is not a problem.

Jiu Feng rushed over, and Wu Guo and Sumen are were almost deformed by the speed.

D.U.O.B.I and Yan Mo seeing the larger Jiu Feng. A door opened and Yan Mo makes a sound: "Jiu Feng, come in."

Jiu Feng rushed into the spaceship excitedly.

D.U.O.B.I continues to fly the spaceship to Mo Army camp. At this time, Wu Guo and Sumen are trying to catch air and are chasing after Jiu Feng. Yan Mo and Yuan Zhan come down from the spaceship to try to repair the damaged landform and ecology.

Yan Mo didn't want to be punished by The Guide, so he had to work harder. When Yuan Zhan re inserted the trees into the soil, he would sprinkle the life energy without any thought, so that the plants could recover as soon as possible.

Fortunately, birds, animals, insects, ants and other things that can be transferred have already been transferred in advance. No way, he and Yuan Zhan can save those lives as soon as possible, so that the lives here will not lose their lives because of their actions.

It is easier to destroy than to build.

When Mo Army and several small cheers welcomed the arrival of the spaceship, the two Da-Ren were still busy.

It's strange that Mo Army and a few small people didn't fear the spaceship when they saw it. Instead, they believed that this miracle must have something to do with their great priest and chief Da-Ren. When the Hey! Hey of Jiu Feng shouted and rushed out of the spaceship, they were even more certain.

Jiu Feng was so excited that he grabbed the people on ground for a few hours and threw them into the spaceship without waiting for the spaceship to land. In this way, several times, the ship is still in decline, and Mo Army is only half on the group the rest were propelled to the ship hull.

And all the human beings and the non-human beings entering the spaceship were of the same expression: I bow to the Ancestor God! Are they in the legendary heaven temple?

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