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Airi Sparkes. A silent girl, she was neither popular nor was she unknown. Many students had marked her as the schools top student. Excellent grades, attendance, and quiet personality.

Unlike Jax Atchwood, the schools 'bad boy.'

Witty with words, good looks, Jax was everyone's idol. Despite his bad reputation of engaging in fights and skipping classes, he attained good grades.

Although that's how the local students saw the two individuals, they were clueless about what went on behind the scenes...

Currently, in her lavish bedroom, Airi studies quietly at her polished desk - stacks of books and papers set into neat piles.

Her parents were both successful lawyers, constantly working until night. They rarely appeared home leaving Airi home alone most of the time.

Sometimes going off across the country to work for certain clients.

Not that Airi minded. She enjoyed the silence that settled in the house.

Her dark indifferent eyes stared at the notebook in front of her, Airi's slender jade-like hand moving across the pages releasing detailed notes.

All of a sudden, the faint sound of tapping could be heard on her window.

Not all alarmed, Airi calmly shifts her head towards her bedroom window, before deciding to ignore and continue with her quiet studies.

"Airi, I know you heard me. Open up." A deep husky muffled voice said amusedly from behind her closed curtain window.

Sighing irritably, Airi stands up to gently open her lavender curtains to instantly reveal the view of the gleaming moon.

As she unlocks it, a familiar pair of thin rough lips immediately pecks her round nose.

Widening her astonished eyes from the sudden bodily contact, Airi instantly shoots daggers at the shameless young man by her window.

"Don't pout," He chuckles while willingly entering her decorated bedroom with a thud.

The young man naturally entering Airi's room was precisely none other than Jax Atchwood. The school's considered 'bad boy.'

Unknown to the rest of the school, the two had been secretly dating for five months. How the so-called 'bad love' naturally started was even unknown to Airi.

She wasn't unique in any way. She was aware of what countless others labeled her - 'the quiet girl' or even something on the lines of 'mute.'

She didn't talk much, it was unnecessary to her.

Airi was equally aware of others standards towards looks and knew she wasn't beyond gorgeous like most girls in her school.

She would be considered average to most. Her dark hair and dull eyes were all but normal.

Therefore, the specific reason for Jax's apparent interest in her always entered the back of her brilliant mind.

However, she couldn't help but genuinely feel a sudden warmth in her heart whenever he was nearby.

Initially, it was uncomfortable, but soon it spread throughout her body and instantly became a natural likable feeling whenever he stared longingly at her or just by smelling his familiar scent.

Looking at the towering young man before her with exceptional looks, Airi noticed behind his wavy black hair were multiple bruises along with a cut on his perfectly thin rosy lips.

"What happened?" Airi's delicate voice spoke with a trace of concern.

Extending her small porcelain hand up towards the young man's attractive injured face, she softly touches the bruises and cuts - so soft as if she were nervous she would accidentally hurt the young man in front of her.

As the young girl touched his face with such tenderness, Jax's dark penetrating eyes softened as he stared down at the lovely girl. His chiseled jaw tightening.

Unaware of his soft gaze, Airi quickly retracts her hand from his wounded face and swiftly walks towards her small wooden closet to retrieve a first aid kit.

Airi had recently added it into her closet due to the numerous visits Jax would have with various injuries.

"Sit over here," Airi points towards her bed.

Towards her words, Jax arches an attractive eyebrow up seductively, his black eyes darken with amusement and hidden unbridled lust.

Perceiving the young man's sensual gaze, Airi merely glares at him.

Taking note of her gloomy irritated expression, Jax chuckles lowly while placing his hands up in a surrendering motion.

"Alright, alright, I'll do as you say," He grins.

He then silently walks towards the charming girl's pastel covered bed willingly obeying his girlfriend's direct orders.

Sitting serenely beside him, Airi reaches into her first aid kit taking out a few proper things and promptly begins to carefully tend his wounds.

As she works, Jax heartily admires the girl in of him.

Although many would say the two were complete opposites - she was silent, he was rowdy, she enjoyed the peacefulness of being alone, while he enjoyed the attention of others, his emotions for her would always be strong

Who knows maybe it'd even grow further through the years.

The day their hidden relationship began to bloom could be considered the day Jax's attention was distracted by a small figure working quietly in the school's garden.

He had always passed by the flowers in the school garden with his friends, always noticing how they stayed alive and glowing whenever he saw them.

Jax always wondered how such beautiful flowers could stay living for so long...

That's when one day as he was calmly skipping classes in the nurse's office — the nurse usually had her break then — he noticed while looking out the glass window a small figure quietly watering a set of flowers.

She was peacefully crouched down while holding a bright yellow watering pot.

However, what stood out the most was the girl's serene and gentle smile.

From a distance, he could tell that the girl was Airi Sparks, a girl in their school that everyone knew as quiet and smart.

He repeatedly recognized her name on the published list of names of elite students with the highest grades along with his.

She was notably petite for her age appearing fragile and weak, however, her brilliant eyes were undoubtedly the direct opposite of her seemingly delicate image.

They appeared indifferent and dull with everything she encountered. A sudden fiery flame would always light up whenever she was processing an answer in her mind.

However, she never smiled.

Seeing her tender expression suddenly caused Jax's heart to unknowingly tighten.

He hadn't comprehended why seeing her rare expression had caused him to feel such complex emotions.

After that, his eyes would always wander towards the young girl whenever she was nearby - his heart tightening.

He couldn't follow why he couldn't stop himself from looking at her. She represents an elegant untouchable beauty in his eyes.

Through his observations he found her personality to be one that could only be described as interesting.

She only had two friends and whenever one spoke her words were blunt without any hidden meaning. She was pure whenever it came to social interaction and was extremely straightforward.

Airi was always curious and eager to learn and experience new things.

This caused Jax's interest in her to expand even further...

That's when five months ago, he suddenly asked her out. To say he was completely stunned when she accepted would be an understatement.

If anything he was thrilled but also unsure for her reasoning. He could only guess it was from her curiosity of what being in a relationship would be like.

That's when she recommended the two to maintain their relationship a secret since she didn't relish the attention and new of his popular reputation.

After five months of dating, Jax felt his love for her soon blossomed. He soon figured out all of the girl's habits, quirks, interests, and dislikes.

He knew her as he would recognize himself. And surprisingly she equally started to show certain emotions towards him.

In the beginning, she was indifferent towards him, she treated him like air. However, this never stopped him from pursuing her and getting to know her more.

Although it hurt him whenever he seemed to realize she possibly didn't harbor any romantic feelings towards him, he nevertheless stopped trying.

However, two months after they began secretly dating, he noticed her sudden change in behaviors.

On multiple occasions he caught her staring intently at him.

She would then blush whenever he caught her staring at him for long periods of time. He even caught her stares during school and the gloomy aura she'd send when a female student spoke to him eagerly.

This obviously caused him to feel extremely happy.

Jax hadn't wished to force her to do anything she didn't want, therefore, he'd always ask if he could touch her. He knew these things were all new to her.

Whenever he asked if he could embrace her, she'd flush red but willingly nod her head shyly.

He could always feel her heart racing excessively whenever he held her.

For some reason, this always caused his heart to shudder.

These feelings...He never felt them before and never knew he could.

Through his childhood, he lost his mother at an early age. His father, a well-known successful businessman, had a powerful reputation in the business industry.

Because of this, his expectations towards Jax were always extreme. Always wanting one-hundred-percent out of everything he did.

That's when Jax started picking up fights near the streets...

He enjoyed it honestly. It gave him a sense of power and allowed him to release his pent of frustration and anger.

Airi knew this about him as she'd always see him with multiple wounds on his face.

He tried to avoid getting punched their but in the end, she'd always figure it out by his certain strained movements.

Despite knowing this, she never suspected him. She didn't ask questions when not necessary. She would listen to him whenever he conveyed things that were painful to say. And she never pitied him.

She merely accepted him. A thing that he loved about her.

Wincing at a sudden pressure on his wound, Airi stops her movements immediately.

Carefully noting the concerned look on the usually unreadable face, Jax's humble heart fluttered fiercely.

Suddenly, feeling a mighty tug on her slender arm, Airi falls forward onto the bad boy's firm lap. About to snap at him, she's cut off instantly by a familiar pair of rough lips on her gentle ones.

They fiercely attacked her rosy lips desperately as if she provides his sole source of life.

His fervent kisses were gentle yet rough, as his slick wet tongue invaded her mouth with completion.

The young man's large firm his hands wrapped tightly around her waist - gently pulling her body even closer towards his hard one as if he intentionally wanted to merge the two together.

Airi's acceptingly closes her eyes, while comfortably placing a small trembling hand on his broad shoulders to keep herself up.

Airi gently sucked on his hot wet tongue, drinking everything he willingly gave her. This action of hers naturally caused Jax beneath her to release a deep groan.

After what felt like countless minutes of blissful kisses, Jax pulls away from Airi - eagerly licking her wet swollen lips.

His deep passionate eyes stare fiercely into her dazed dewy teary eyes with complex and strong emotions.

Her soft small body trembled against his hard one as he clutched tightly on her.

The two silently pant heavily, their foreheads tenderly touching as they both feel each other's hot breath against the others face.

"I love you," Jax suddenly whispered hoarsely.

Airi's glittering eyes widen, her round cheeks flushing completely.

Anticipating her answer, Jax grips tightly onto her soft waist - anxious for her response.

"I love you, too, idiot." Her faint angelic voice suddenly spoke.

Heeding her gentle voice, Jax delightedly laughs before pecking her dainty nose lovingly. Airi glares at him but a hidden smile rises on her lips.

They might be complete opposites and considered unperfect for one another, but the truth is...there are no such things as a perfect couple.

The two would remain the other's support and light no matter the situation.

They would appreciate each other completely and even if they discovered something they didn't approve of the other, they'd love them whole-heartedly.

This 'bad love' of their's could purely be considered the promising beginning of a good and loving future.

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