Back In Time: To Be With You Chapter 2: Chapter 2


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Beep beep beep!
Beep beep beep!

Bright light from the opened window felt warm on her face and all she could see was red. With a groan, she turned off the alarm clock by night stand and opened her eyes only to pull the blanket over her head and sleep again. Soon, loud knocks came at the door as a familiar voice rang loudly, "Fu Jiah get up this instant or you'll be late!"

Jiah scrunched her nose. Why was her mother in her apartment? Lazily, she got up and walked to the door. With her eyes still closed and messy hair, her head stuck out into the hallway as she calmly stated, "Mom, why are you here so early? I don't even work today."

Mrs Fu gently slapped her head. "Silly child, what dream did you have? You are jobless. Get ready right now or you'll miss the bus and have to walk, I am not driving you over. Students who are late on the first day will be punished."

"Mom, what are you talking about? I'm 28, not 18. You talk as if I'm still in high school." Jiah groaned, but still walked into the bathroom, her eyes still closed as she turned on the water.

"Fu Jiah, stop that prank this second. This morning your father already played a similar prank on me and I'm not about to fall twice. Look at yourself in the mirror while you're still in there. You are 18, not 28. Stop this nonsense rebellion, you have fifteen minutes."

Sleepily, Jiah used two thumbs to force her eyelids open. When she saw herself, a thunderous scream filled the house. First of all, her crazy nest hair was scary. But, the most shocking was that the her on the mirror looked so young! Her skin was soft and smooth, clear of any wrinkles or blemishes. Her hair was not black, but brownish red. It was also shortened over night!

Maybe she was really eighteen….. was she turning crazy?

"Mom! Mom, what year is it? Jian yelled as her mother rushed to the scene in the bathroom. "What's the date today?"

Mrs. Fu sighed as she saw that the scream was a false alarm, everything was fine. "When will you stop this nonsense act? You almost scared me to death. It's September 4, 2018. It's the first day of senior year for you, which you'll probably fail because of your nonfunctioning brain."

Jiah was frozen as she refused to believe it. Throughout her life, she's had all types of dreams, but never a dream like this. Thus, she stretched her neck forward and said, "Mom, slap me right now. Slap me out of this dream!"

Although Mrs Fu was indeed annoyed, she wasn't really mad. All her life, she's never raised her hand onto her children. She was not a cruel person. "Go change, stop speaking nonsense."

"Mom, slap me," she pondered for a moment before adding, "If you slap me… I'll ask dad to take you on an anniversary date to Jeju this weekend."

Mrs Fu's eyes widen in disbelief, but she didn't doubt her daughter as she's never lied or break her promises before. "Promise?"

"Promise." Jiah's got nothing to lose. After all, if she remembered correctly that year, her father planned a surprise trip to Jeju for her parents anniversary. This time, the trip will just not be a surprise. Opps, sorry, father.


Jiah shook her head and looked around. Everything was still the same, why was she not awake yet? Perhaps the hit wasn't hard enough. After all, she didn't see daylight stars.

"Mom, slap harder. Imagine you're slapping dad since he ignored you this whole week!"

SLAP! This time, the hit was very hard. It was easy for Mrs Gu, who was already mad at her husband for really ignoring her. It's been a week and he barely spent time with her.

Now stars filled Jiah's vision as her lips curved into a huge grin. Quickly, she hugged her mother. "Mom you're the best. Dad must never make you mad or else he might be hospitalize. Be prepare for the most romantic trip you've ever been on, mom!"

With that, she ran into her room and in less than ten minutes she came out through the house and out the door. From afar, she spied that familiar tall figure at the bus stop. He had headphones in as he smiled, dimples dancing on his cheeks.

Unconsciously, a fool's big filled her small face while she watched secretly.

If this was a dream, let her keep dreaming.

If this was a dream, she never wanted to wake up.

If this was a dream, let her sleep forever.
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