Baby, You're Long Gone Chapter 3: What Will Be Going Upstairs


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"Sir, the room is ready."

He nodded and offered his hand to her.

"Come... let's go upstairs, you need to rest."

From his tone of voice, he does not accept rejection from the young lady. It makes her head spinning. This whole situation confused her. It's like he knows her. Does he?

All she could do is stare at him and trying to understand. Is it her lucky day or what? How could this happen to them? To her?

"Can you walk?"

He saw her eyelashes blink twice before she answered him with a soft voice.

"No... I don't think so..."

She still shameless and it makes him smirk.

In their previous life, she was famous because of her seductiveness. She was an evil beauty. She was very attractive and manipulative. She can make every man kneel and give everything to her including their lives. She was the number one player in their circle. And once she captured your heart you can't never run and hide. And too bad Alexander was one of her victims.

"May I?"

He offered himself to carry her upstairs.


He lifted her in his arms gently and she put both of her arms around his neck. Their movement look natural like they are meant for each other.

Everyone staring at them and raised their eyebrows. Who is that girl? Why young master of the Pascoe family carried her like that? How come they didn't know her? She is very beautiful and eye pleasing. Her aura and body looks stunning. And it seems it's not the Vampa girl, young Pascoe soon to be fiance.

Then, who is she?
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