Ascenders Rift Chapter 94: Evan's Questions, The Pendant's Methods


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Evan soon after entered his private room; here, he could look upon the city from a wide window that was made of sturdy glass. He got himself a soda to drink before he took a seat around a sofa and hit the button on a remote to turn on the TV. Once this happened, the channel which was already on the news had begun to share a recent report.

"We are now one day off from the World Briefing, and the councils belonging to each major power have given the word of their attendance. Recently, more and more sightings of the mysterious Planet Devouring Star have been popping up across the various social media platforms; as people begin to feel more unrest, many have even claimed to witness an unusual ray that shines brightly at certain hours during the night. It is highly expected for this star to travel by our planet sometime this week, and hopefully, we will be free from its influence. Meanwhile, more and more cases of vandalism and crimes are on the rise in all major cities, more on this later..." A female reporter said, followed by a series of video shots.

Evan looked at this as he thought to himself, 'Two more days... and everything will change, this short period of peace, I truly wished it could have lasted longer.'

When Evan said this, he shifted from the TV and stared at the glass window, gazing towards the bright scene of the city during the morning. The dazzling lights of the sun caused a vague golden hue to cover its entirety, giving it a warm and cozy atmosphere.

Yet, despite the current view, Evan knew that deep within its radiance, there were dangers obscured in the shadows that were ready to make themselves known.

Evan shook his head before he muted the TV; he then focused on his most pressing matters to handle. He looked at the Void Blood Pendant around his neck and spoke a command, "Core, show me your current Spiritual Power."

[Request acknowledged - Core Power: 150]

As Evan saw the amount of stored-up power, he paused for a bit in thought, 'Good, this means I'll be able to ask a few questions. I'll first ask about how I can further shield both Emilia's and Layla's nightmares, then I can ask about the next issues.'

"Core, tell me how to seal the effects of Dream Devourers more efficiently," Evan asked.

[Replying to Inheritor, prevention methods may vary according to the hosts. Choose the required method based on need, connecting to the Rift System Store: connected.]

[Purchase from the methods listed below:]

[1 - Warding Void Shard - 50 CP]

[2 - Mind Shielding Merit - 90000 CP]

[3 - Spirit Soul Law - 120000 CP]

When Evan looked at the details, his eyes widened as he thought, 'Darn, why does it cost so much? I'll have to see their benefits, at least.'

As Evan said this, his eyes focused on the various options causing their effects to show into his eyes.

[1 - Warding Void Shard - By using special enchantment principles, these shards can ward off susceptible attacks to the mind of its wearer, preventing most mental attacks for a certain duration. For more powerful mental attacks, this artifact can provide a warding effect by lessening their influence.]

[2 - Mind Shielding Merit - A merit law that once practiced, can allow its users to protect their mind with an invisible shield formed by battle energy or any unique combat energy.]

[3 - Spirit Soul Law - A spirit technique that uses Spirit Power to protect the soul of the user, based on the amount of power hidden within their body.]

When Evan saw all these details, his eyes shone when he focused on the Mind Shielding Merit and the Spirit Soul Law while in thought, 'So that's how it is, no wonder they're so expensive. In my last life, the techniques I was shown were different from these, and my privileges were few. I only had access to the Rift System Store connected to the pendant and there was no way for it to answer my questions. Hmm, since I can't afford these, I'll have to work with the Warding Void Shard's for now.'

After thinking this, Evan then made a command, "I'll purchase two Warding Void Shards from the Rift System."

[Request received: purchase completed.]

[ITEM - Warding Void Shard(X2) has been stored in your personal storage space.]

Evan nodded in satisfaction as he heard those words; he then opened his palms and commanded, "Appear."

Following his words, two shiny crystals appeared in his palms; they looked similar to the typical Void Shards but also had differences. From a glance, one would notice they glowed in a blueish hue, as a unique marking of a square-shaped barrier was etched on their surface.

'Perfect, with this, along with our already pre-defined methods. I won't have to worry about them suffering too much from those nightmares. We are still a long way off from becoming connected to that world, so I will still have enough time to gather those two techniques,' Evan thought to himself with a smile.

After he placed it back into his storage space, he then spoke, "Core, tell me how I'll find the True World Source in the Frist Calamities True Superior World?"

[Core cannot reply, does not have sufficient power.]

Evan hearing this clicked his teeth before he asked again, "Is there a way to increase both Battle Energy and Spiritual Power without having to arrive at the realm of an Apex Tier Ascender?"

The Void Blood Pendant remained silent for a moment as if it was checking something before it responded to his question.

[Replying to Inheritor, inherent energies can be increased at the early stages using three methods. Each shall be listed below:]

[1 - Spiritual Sublimation - This is a state by which the host can achieve the enlightenment of the world around them, thereby increasing their Spirit Power. Benefits cannot be sought but only experienced as it will increase by one's comprehensions.]

[2 - Acquiring a World Fruit - A fruit from the World Tree of a True Superior World, it can increase both Spiritual Power and Battle Energy.]

[3 - Stealing Energy - If one has an Apex Artifact, then through using specific means, they can devour a portion of the Battle Energies in the bodies of superior lifeforms.]

As Evan saw the options, his eyes flashed as he carefully looked them over before thinking, 'Spiritual Sublimation…? Is this the reason why I've increased by Spirit Power at that time? Hmm, it seems that it's only up to one's luck. As for a World Fruit, I believe that it will be just as hard as finding a True World Source, that itself will take quite a bit of time. My quickest choice is an Apex Artifact, as I already have one, but I still won't be able to use its power until I am at least a Stage Four or even Stage Five Ascender.'

As Evan thought to here, he checked the Core once more and saw that its energies were only 5 CP. He hesitated for a while as a strange look came upon his face when he spoke, "Core, tell me, why did I return with some of my memories?"

When Evan said this, his eyes shone with a deep light as he knew that something strange was going on since the very time he came back. Even though he made that choice, it didn't say anything about him keeping his memories; he wasn't so naive to think 'that being' would give him leeway. He was even wondering why his memories seem so fragmented as if only somethings were clearly remembered, while a strange person like Amule, is as gray as fog.

This time the Void Blood Pendant remained silent, not answering his words. Evan looked at the dimming lights on the pendant around his neck and narrowed his eyes, before he shows his head and gazed out the window as he spoke, "Fine, I'll figure it out on my own."


While Evan was pondering his issues in his room, Alan had already arrived at the upper sections of the Dyothia Corporation. He was currently standing before a car with his phone near his ears, it rang for a while before a familiar voice sounded from the other line.

"So, you're finally up, are you feeling well?" Nelly asked in a rare tone of concern.

Alan smirked and replied, "I couldn't feel any better, they really did a number on me that time though..."

Nelly, hearing this sighed and spoke, "I did tell you to watch yourself, overconfidence is the leading cause of death on the battlefield."

"Che! I know that I just simply didn't expect someone so strong to appear, it has awakened me to the true situation we're really facing."

"....." Nelly remained silent after hearing those words.

Alan noticing this calmed his mood before getting to the point, "Nelly, I am going to train, even if it's for a day or two, my sources say that we should expect something big on the 31st. So, it's best to get as prepared as you possibly can..."

Nelly remained silent for a moment before he spoke, "I see, then do what you must..."

Alan paused for a moment before he suggested, "Nelly, I know that you are strong, but you also need to increase your power. After all, you are my shadow; you can't afford to lag behind..."

Nelly hearing this then sighed before he spoke, "Since you've made the suggestion then fine, I'll join you in this escapade. However, what will I do with this fellow Cline? Although I had to make up an excuse for that time I went to save him, why did you even ask me to protect him in the first place?"

Alan hearing this paused for a bit before he spoke, "Well, I thought he must have been important in some way as that brat had spoken well of him. Hmm, how about this? Let's just take him with us, we can figure out what to do with him when we arrive at our destination."

Nelly hearing this replied, "Understood."

Following those words, the phone hung up from the other side, Alan seeing this shook his head as he mumbled, "Tsk! Such an impatient fellow."

After saying this, he was about to get into the car and wait for Angeline, but it turned out he didn't have to wait for too long. He heard a set of rapid footsteps coming from behind him noticing that Angeline was coming over with an excited expression on her face.

Alan shook his head and smiled while thinking, "Seems she's managed to convince that old coot..."

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