Ascenders Rift Chapter 93: A Joint Decision, Speaking with Alan


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As Alan had awoken from his slumber, his injuries were completely healed. When he exited the DH Chamber, Hank gave him a robe to put over his body as he looked around in surprise when he saw that everyone surrounded him.

He spoke with a weary smile, "It seems I've made you all worried,"

"Tsk! Like hell you did," Rick said as he turned his head to the side, trying not to show he was affected.

Alan smiled at this scene; he knew Rick well as if he was the one who raised him instead of his father. He turned and saw that Angeline had slightly red eyes while looking at him, even Hank and Thomas had slightly worn-out expressions.

As he gazed at Evan and the others, he noticed that Layla, Joe, and Emilia had somewhat tired looks on their faces as well. He shook his head and spoke, "Everyone, why don't we talk a bit later, when you've got some proper rest? Evan, your group is only now returning from training, I think you guys should also get some sleep, tomorrow is a long day."

Evan looked at Alan and nodded at his decision; he didn't say anything as after all, he only came here to check on his condition. Now that he had awakened and seemed to be in good spirit, he didn't want to linger too much.

"Alright, I'll take your advice. I'll come to see you about that matter in the morning. Miss Angeline, is there a place we can stay separate from here?" Evan said as he turned Angeline.

Angeline, who had only now recovered her state of mind, looked at Evan and gave him a card as she spoke, "Sorry, I had almost forgotten, here, you take one and pass it to the others. Once you go to the elevator, use the card, and it will take you all to the resting quarters for special guests."

Evan looked at his key card and smiled before handing out the cards and replying, "Thanks, let's go, guys."

"Finally, I can get some decent shut eyes, I've been up and running for far too long these days. Hopefully, all that work didn't affect my precious weight," Joe said with a yawn.

"Sister Layla, Emmy, why not come with me? Let's stay at the same place," Breya said with a smile towards Layla and Emilia.

"Okay," Layla and Emilia replied as they followed Breya.

As they all left, only Rick, Angeline, Hank, and Thomas were left. Hank and Thomas looked at each other before excusing themselves, leaving only the trio.

Alan looked at Rick and Angeline before he sighed and walked to a corner and spoke, "Come, let's chat for a bit..."

Following his words, both Rick and Angeline sat down nearby, and the trio began to talk for the remainder of the night.


As the curtain of the night faded, a new day rose in EarlingStar. Joe, Emilia, Layla, Breya and the others were currently sleeping soundly in the resting quarters after greeting Alan last night. Now, only Alan, Angeline, Hank, and Thomas were gathered, having a conversation.

"Instructor Al, are you certain about this?" Hank asked with a look of hesitation.

Both Angeline and Thomas also showed looks of worry when they looked at Alan, who seemed to be dressing and arranging his things. His previous severe burned wounds were nowhere to be seen on his body, as his eyes though series, carried a hint of a determined spirit.

Alan fastened the lace on his boots before he looked at the trio and spoke, "I have to do this, I can't afford to fall behind, especially now that we've come across such a threat. I must use the rest of this time at least to make some more preparations and at least try to increase my level by 1. After all, I'm only 100 EXP away from achieving it."

As Hank and Thomas heard this, they sighed and shook their heads, knowing that they couldn't change his mind. Angeline, on the other hand, looked at Alan deeply before she spoke, "Then if you're going I am coming too,"

"Huh? What are you saying? You still have to worry about the MSS's affairs after all; you're their second most influential elite officer."

Angeline shook her head and looked at him with an expression of not backing down as she spoke, "No, I've already made up my mind, my level is also a bit off from achieving Level 3 as well. Plus, even if I am not here, Hank and Thomas are more than capable of handling any extra affairs, right?"

When Hank and Thomas heard their names being called, they couldn't help but sigh to themselves as they thought.

'Blast! I knew it would come to this, and here I thought I could've at least spent this last day in peace...' Hank thought to himself as he shook his head.

Thomas merely shook his head and said nothing, when Angeline turned and saw that they were quiet, her face turned cold. Hank seeing this started to sweat as he promptly replied, "Ah, yes, haha, but of course! We'll handle everything else on your behalf, Ange."

Angeline snorted as she replied, "I hope so,"

Alan looked at her for a moment before he shook his head and spoke, "Fine, since you want to come so bad I won't turn you down, but I'll have to leave it to you to convince that boss of yours to allow me entry into the MSS's Lesser Space."

Angeline was only happy that Alan accepted her request; she smiled and replied, "Leave it to me, Instructor Al."

Alan nodded at this sight, he then pick up a bag and started to walk towards the door as he spoke, "Let me know when you've got through to him, I'm going to give a call to a partner of mine."

 "Yes, sir!" Angeline replied with a salute, her eyes flashing with excitement as her lips curved into a beautiful smile.

Hank noticed this and couldn't help but mutter, "As usual, she'll forever remain fascinated by the Ex Instructor."

"Indeed, some things never change," Thomas added with a look of regret on his face.

"What was that, you two?" Angeline asked as she turned and looked towards the two of them.

"I-It was nothing, of course," Hank replied with a straight face.

"Yes, we were only discussing how to apportion the rest of our duties," Thomas said with a smile as he scratched the back of his head.

Angeline looked at them suspiciously before she snorted and walked away, both Hank and Thomas looked at her distant back with relief in their eyes before they quickly went to handle their affairs.

At this time, Angeline had entered the private room, where she took out her cell phone and dialed a number. The phone rang for a while before it was picked up on the other end as a gentle middle-aged voice sounded, "Oh, Ange, what's wrong has that bastard kicked the buckets?"

"Section Chief, you know that won't happen, ever!" Angeline said in a slightly angry tone.

"Hahaha, of course, of course... I was only pulling the leg of my best officer, that's all, come now, tell me why you have called me so early in the morning?" The voice said.

Angeline hesitated for a moment before she spoke, "Section Chief, Instructor Al wants to use our Lesser Space to train. I think he should about be ready to level up again, and he's most likely a bit uncomfortable about his previous loss."

The voice on the other side of the replied in an annoyed tone, "There you go calling him Instructor Al again, have you forgotten that he's no longer apart of the MSS? Sigh... I'll talk about this later, you say that he wants to use our Lesser Space, but why are you the one calling me instead of him?"

Angeline, hearing this promptly replied, "Well, that's because I'm going to enter it as well, I am only a little way off from leveling as well."

"...." The voice behind the phone remained silent for a while before it spoke with a compromising sigh, "Alright fine… since things are as they are what's the use in me trying to make things hard for you. You can both go, report to the Sector by noon,"

Angeline, hearing this was happy, she smiled and spoke in a cheerful tone, "Thank you, Section Chief!"

"Haha, see you when you get here," The voice said before the phone hung up.

Angeline couldn't seem to hold back her mood, she pocketed her phone and raised her fist in the air as she shouted inwardly, "Yes, this time, this time I won't fail again!"

Her eyes shone in a determined light as her thoughts descended into a realm that no men could ever understand.

Outside of the Resting Quarters, Alan was now making his way through the hallway. He was about to arrive at the elevator, but before he could reach it, he saw Evan standing by nearby.

Evan looked at Alan as he spoke, "So you're just going to leave with no word, huh? Hmm, I'm curious, how did it feel to be overwhelmed?"

Alan, when hearing this, gripped his fists before he replied, "Tasteless..."

Evan looked at Alan before he laughed, as Alan saw this, he could not help but laugh as well. Evan knew what Alan felt as he had experienced it many times. The bitter taste of defeat against an overwhelmingly powerful enemy.

Evan, then looked at Alan with a smile, noticing his bag and clothing as he spoke, "Looks like you're not planning on sitting around, that's good, where do you plan to train?"

As Alan heard this, he couldn't help but find Evan to be even more interesting as it seemed his entire thoughts and actions were already laid out before him. He shook his head and replied, "That depends, If I can get through to that old friend of mine, then I'll be using a Lesser Space that's not too far off from the city."

When Evan heard this, he thought for a moment recall an area as he pondered, 'Oh so it's the one from the MSS headquarters, it seems that he's thinking of integrating with them again, it's pretty wise, now that the spies have mostly be cleared out it makes sense that he just works with them full time.'

As Evan was thinking, Alan, looked at him before speaking again as he walked away, "Well, kid, I don't have time to keep you company, I have to deal with some matters so take care now."

Evan quickly cleared his thoughts and spoke as Alan was about to reach the elevator, "Alan,"

"What is it?" Alan asked once more, pausing his steps as he pushed the button calling the elevator.

Evan hesitated for a moment before he spoke with a slightly grateful tone, "Thanks for taking care of the matter with my aunt on my behalf."

Alan, hearing this smirked and replied, "Ha, so it was that don't worry about it, my partner even had a bit of fun for that slightly break."

"Hmm, I see," Evan replied with a strange look on his face, before he spoke again, "I'm a bit curious about one thing, however, I know that my aunt was bailed from the group, but I've heard that not only her but my cousin Susie has vanished. What do you know of this?"

Alan frowned when he heard this; he replied, "Oh, so they as well? What I do know is that even though we tried to prevent them, RADA has still taken quite a bit of student from your school. Even that son of the Keller Family has gone missing. If anything, they are probably related in this case too."

When Evan heard this, a dark look came over his face, although he didn't want anything to do with Susie, he knew she was still innocent compared to her mother. He gripped his fist while cursing, "Darn! These bastards are too much..."

Alan was about to say something, but soon, the elevator made a loud 'ding' before opening. He then promptly entered it prepared to push the button to go upwards.

"I'll be going now," Alan said.

Evan looked him for a moment before he nodded and spoke, "Good, but remember to be back by the Thirty First."

Alan was a bit confused as he asked, "Why?"

Evan's eyes grew deep as he spoke in a solemn tone, "Because that is the day our world will change..."

When Alan heard this his eyes widened, as the door began to close before it was sealed shut, he gripped his fists tightly before replying in a voice that faded away, "I... no, we'll be sure to return by then."'

Evan looked at the closed elevator door for a moment as he recalled Alan's words, he muttered, 'We? I guess that partner of his is probably going to train with him, all the better to have more capable people at our side.'

When Evan thought to here, he showed his card to the elevator and waited for the door to open as he entered it. The door soon closed carrying him towards a different section of the Dyothia Corporation, but it was at this moment his mind flashed recalling something.

"Oh crap, I had forgotten to ask him about the results from my parent's accident. Shit, well, I guess It can wait until he returns, right now, I have to figure out some answers to a few questions."

Following Evan's words, his eyes shifted towards the Void Blood Pendant that rested around his neck, shimmering in a reddish light vaguely, as if it was waiting on his will.

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