Ascenders Rift Chapter 92: Discussion of Partnership, Rick’s Identity


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 A few minutes had passed since Angeline had recounted the circumstances of their raid against one of RADA's bases, which resulted in not only them capturing most of the MSS spies but also sealing off certain information from their ranks. She then recounted how Alan had gotten seriously injured by the female called Silver, and that Alton, Donna, and Marcus had escaped by her odd powers to shift and switch objects.

When Evan heard this, he nodded while in thought, 'It was indeed her, and that ability is of the highest class, by now she should probably be at an extremely high level, she is most certainly not a human.'

Rick and the others remained silent as they pondered her words, Angeline looked at everyone's expression and sighed before speaking, \"Come now, there's no need to be so serious, we're still in one piece, and like I said, based on the loose mouthed Alton and the woman's actions. They won't be able to strike us anytime soon with their full strength; for now, we should focus on meeting this disaster with our full strength while increasing our power.\"

Evan, who heard this quickly cleared his thoughts as he spoke, \"Right, that's the only feasible solution at this time.\"

\"That's right, we won't lose to any of them, with my current power I'll take them down if they dare to bar our paths!\" Joe said with a strong voice as if he was a typical protagonist in a series.

\"Hehe, big brother, you shouldn't be so loud, or you'll be deployed again,\" Emilia said from the side, as she teased.

\"Ah... yes, that's right, haha, I was only speaking in a non-literal sense, of course,\" Joe quickly added while scratching the back of his head.

Evan, however, merely patted Joe's shoulder and giving him a knowing look as he spoke, \"I know Fatty, I know... that's why there's no one else but you who can be our vanguard.\"

Layla looked at Joe with a hint of pity in her eyes, while Rick sneered inwardly, 'Hmph! Serves you right, especially for dangling bait last time.'

It seemed that Rick didn't forget that last moment, as he was one to hold his grudges deeply due to his princely pride, he won't accept a loss from anybody in this world.

Angeline looked at everyone's reaction in surprise, she thought that they would be more depressed, but it seemed that they were more mentally adaptive that she'd imagine. Suddenly, she heard a snicker from her side and noticed that Breya was laughing while looking at Joe's predicament. Her eyes flashed when she noticed the unusual look Breya was giving Joe, unaware of her observing.

Angeline's mind exploded in alarm when she thought, 'This... how did this happen?'

She thought as she knew what that look meant, the festering interest of a young woman towards a man. No one knew just how much Breya was falling to the enemy, despite his meaty features.

Angeline glared at Joe for a moment while she thought, 'This bastard, how did he do it? Sigh... I guess it can't be helped; I'll have to give her some more advice later, no one will get my little sister so easy.'

As Joe had a dark look on his face due to Evan's words, Angeline soon cleared her distracting thoughts and spoke, 'Well everyone, now that you've made up your mind we can get to the heart of the matter. I'm sure you all must have heard by now, but something strange will be happening in a few days, we are not sure exactly when, but we are certain. While I am not certain as to what it might be, Alan had determined it has to do with some calamity that will change our world. Presumably, it is related to that Star Devouring Light that had been popping up more and more from our detection satellites and telescopes.''

As everyone heard this, they remained silent as a few of them looked at Evan, recalling his previous words. Angeline continued as she saw their focus, \"In light of this threat, we of the MSS would like to officially invite you to join our sector, as this time, we could be said to be the only force that is acting in the interest of humanity on the whole. RADA is too obscured, its members are humans that have turned their backs on society, and their goals are yet to be revealed, even their core executives can't be considered as people of our world.\"

When Angeline said this, she was expecting them to show shocked expression, but what she saw only made her surprised herself.

Evan and the others remained calm as they looked at her and listened, Angeline seeing this pondered, \"This... how can they be so calm? It's as if they already know of this information.\"

Angeline halted for a bit before asking, \"You all seem to be quite knowledgeable of this information, then should I continue?\"

Evan smiled as he heard this, he replied, \"No need, you can say that we already know a great deal, if you're objective is to form a partnership with us, then we can do so, but as for joining the MSS, I don't think we can do that right now.\"

Angeline looked at Evan deeply before looking at everyone around him, noticing their silence it seemed that they were taking his words as theirs as if he was their leader.

Angeline sighed before she spoke, \"Fine, let's discuss you joining us at another time, we can as you say work in a partnership.\"

Evan hearing this nodded and replied, \"Good.\"

Angeline shook her head before she spoke, \"Now that we've gotten initial concerns out of the way, I'd like to address a few issues.\"

When she said this, she glanced at Rick as she made a slight bow before speaking, \"Prince Ivan, I would like to know of the matters of the palace, why are your royal guards not allowing for our forces officers to visit the king? We've heard that he wasn't feeling well, but the royal palace seems to be in a strange state of lockdown as if only a few key personnel can enter.\"

As Rick heard this, he frowned before he replied, \"I'm not sure, but the last time I had spoken with my father, he had given me a few warnings. Since things are now as such, then I can only assume that his warnings are coming to fruition. The palace might no longer under the jurisdiction of my father, but another.\"

\"What? Who could do such a thing? Are you telling me that RADA has hands inside of the palace?\" Angeline asked with surprise.

Rick shook his head and spoke, \"It might be RADA, but I don't think it's as simple as them having hands, after all, our palace forces are in no way weaker than the MSS. We have our own special devices and means to defend against outside threats. If there were anyone in the palace that could prove to be a threat to my father's rule, it would be none other than my brother...\"

\"Huh? The Crowned Prince, are you serious?\" Angeline said once more in surprise; she didn't even think things would go so far.

\"Yes, I am...\" Rick said with a complex look on his face, his thoughts unknown to the world.

\"This isn't good, if the palace is as you say under the Crowned Prince's control, and it is working in tandem with RADA, then even with the evidence we have, we won't be able to hinder their influence by much. We can only stick to the side and do our best to keep them in check...\" Angeline said with a pensive expression.

\"That's the only option left; it's as you've said as we don't have the power to do anything at this time directly. For now, self-preservation is the most crucial objective,\" Evan, who had been silently listening for a while, replied.

Rick and Angeline, hearing this looked at each other before nodded as they replied, \"Indeed it so...\"

At this time, the faces of Layla, Emilia, and Joe were one of shock as Joe trembled when he looked at Rick and spoke, \"Rick! Y-you mean to say that you were a prince!\" Rick hearing Joe's words and seeing their expressions of surprise sighed before he replied, \"I'm sorry I hid it from you guys, I only wanted to lay low to a certain extent, but it seems that things aren't going the way I've planned. Plus, with both RADA and the palace working together hiding, it would only turn out to be a foolish errand. So long as I use my identity and show that I am in support of the MSS and our group, then neither my brother or RADA can directly do anything against us and would be forced to act in secrecy to preserve their public impression.\"

As everyone heard this, they felt it was reasonable, but both Joe and Emilia had begun to have different kind thoughts.

Joe looked at Rick while sweating before he gripped his fists tightly as his look became even firmer when he thought, 'You may be a prince, and I might indeed have been a bit harsh before, but don't think that I'll hand over my Emmy so easily, humph!'

Emilia, on the other hand, had a strange look in her eyes when she pondered, 'A prince was stalking me, hmm... this isn't the kind of fairy tale I read in my childhood. Maybe sister Breya was right; I must change a bit...'

Rick felt uneasy when he was stared at by Joe and Emilia; he promptly added, \"Well, I've still grown fond of the name Rick, so if you would all please continue calling me as such then I'll greatly appreciate it.\"

Layla laughed as she spoke, \"Okay, that makes things a lot easier, Rick.\"

\"Sure,\" Emilia said with a sweet smile, her eyes shining as her thoughts remained unknown to everyone.

\"As Prince Ivan wishes,\" Angeline added with a respective full tone.

Evan and Breya nodded in silence, but when it came around Joe, he snorted and spoke, \"Hmph! As if I'd call you by anything else, it's good that you gave us that choice.\"

Rick, hearing this did not like Joe's tone, he turned and looked at him as he thought, 'Why does it seem that he's even more irritated by me?'

Rick was about to question him, but suddenly, the voice of Hank as heard, \"Ange, come quickly, he's waking up.\"

Angeline hearing this became surprised, her face showed a bright smile as she quickly left them and headed towards the DH Chamber.

Evan turned and noticed that the chamber was showing odd signs as it glowed in blue lights, he smiled as he spoke in a voice that only he could hear, \"It's about time...\"

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